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  1. I love these words! Totally agree!!!
  2. it was, indeed, a bad era. There was a live on air fight between Steve and Bill Evans. There was the day he was passed out at his desk and missed a live broadcast. He was notorious in Chelsea, the NY gayborhood where he lived. I think there was a combination of shell shocked faces and celebrations when he was finally fired. A real shame.
  3. Fascinating to learn that the numbers are up during this period. I agree about the chemistry between Ken and Michelle... and that she should have gotten the job in the first place. I wonder if the powers that be will acknowledge Michelle’s contribution to the ratings spike, or if they will attribute the numbers to Sam. I do enjoy Shirleen, but I will miss Michelle when this period is over.
  4. Michelle is subbing for Shirleen until later this month. Rob posted on social media that is taking time off as his partner is giving birth. I hear they’re all back sometime next month.
  5. That last part is a fun idea... except I've seen Candace McCowan sub on the weekend anchor desk a couple times. Sadly, it wasn't great. And if you can't pop on screen with Rob Nelson (who can spark chemistry with an inanimate object), it's not going to happen with anyone. She is a terrific reporter, though. I would love to see Derek Waller on the desk, though...
  6. Forgive my snicker at this comment... after all, isn't this entire site "inside baseball"? I mean, I've seen pages of debate on fonts used on-screen! LOL! As for the rest, you certainly make a fair point. But I respectfully disagree. As a broadcaster, myself, I can tell you first hand that older viewers/listeners are laser focused on their favorite programs, especially those they trust to provide information. They tend to be far more critical and cognizant of absences than younger audiences. They are most sensitive to imbalance and will complain the loudest... these are actual rela
  7. I actually shared some thoughts about this on the station forum, but I'll share here, too. The problem for me with this 4-day schedule is what I feel is a palpable shift in energy between his days on and off. Sam is a big presence. And it feels like two difference shows. Also... and this will sound like quibbling, but Sam has to better time his lounging in Miami posts on Instagram. To my mind, it directly conflicts with this "we're all in it together, trying to wake up and work" tone that he's been very aggressively trying to promote when he's on the air. Suddenly, it's Friday, and
  8. So, Sam Champion has confirmed that he is only working a 4-day week. Good for him, though am I the only one noticing a palpable shift in energy during the show on Fridays? Also... I know that I am just being Mr. Jealous Boots, but can someone tell ol' Sam to at least wait until after morning broadcast hours before he starts posting Friday pics of himself lounging in a Miami pool on Instagram? It feels a little "eat it, you working suckers," to me. Again, I realize that envy is at play here for me. I mean, who wouldn't love a 4-day work week? But from a programming point of view, it also seems
  9. You cannot deny the chemistry is spot-on with this team.... and Heather has become my edgy MVP!
  10. Intriguing... whom do we think is moving/leaving???
  11. I'd like to see Michelle Charlesworth finally get a weekday spot. I think she'd excel at 12noon with David Navarro and at 5 with Diana Williams.
  12. There is definitely a need to pull the trigger and make some hard decisions. Several of the spots seem to have been a bit unstable for a long, long time.
  13. Did anyone else see Michelle Charlesworth's Instagram live broadcast yesterday? Amid the usual quips about the story she was covering and random small talk was a pretty strong declaration about the "really big ratings" her broadcast on the weekend gets. She went on to talk about how the weekend team (her, Rob Nelson, Amy Freeze, and their one writer and producers) is small, tight, focused, and super happy, seemingly implying that they function in a way that is unique from the other broadcasts. Yes, this micro analysis, and maybe even over-reading into comments that are innocuous. But this
  14. If I'm being honest, I have never been the biggest fan of Laura Benkhe. I'm sure she's a lovely person, but her style just doesn't work for me. All of that said, it's seems likely that she has been treated unfairly. It also seems like the powers that be tried to throw her a bone by giving her more air time during the week with remote reports... but that's all it is... a bone. A small one, at that.
  15. Catching up on the board after a couple weeks away, I'm heartened to read that I'm the only one doesn't think that Michelle Charlesworth was robbed of that weekday morning job. I'm curious to know, however, what the reviews are for Shirleen in the spot? I'm a fan of her work, overall, but I kind of found her a bit cold at first in this spot. She seems to be working HARD to lighten up and fit in. For me, it's working about half the time. I do think that Shirleen has far better chemistry with David Navarro than Ken Rosato, who also seems to be working hard to build chemistry. Meanwhile, I c

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