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  1. No different from when GM sent a memo to Chevrolet dealers to stop saying “Chevy”
  2. Except for possibly the First Alert logo, this is a 1:1 preview of WOIO’s take on GrayONE.
  3. Ball is in KDKA/WPKD’s court since they are neck-and-neck with WPGH at 10pm in spite of going independent.
  4. I got money on WPKD (aka KDKA+) airing Talk Pittsburgh at 8, Nightly Sports Call at 9, and expanding the 10pm news to an hour.
  5. And local ACC markets like Atlanta and Pittsburgh can benefit from this package, as well.
  6. That promo is impressive for a televangelist show. Usually, promos for televangelists are rudimentary with the most basic of promotions. Whoever is working at Daystar’s promo department needs a raise ASAP if they were able to do the CBS look in-house.
  7. Same with KDKA. Hell, I don’t think they’ve ever used the “2” verbally since maybe the 90s. I would say it’s a Group W thing, but KYW hasn’t used its call letters in a long time.
  8. Will WFMJ pull the trigger and begin Youngstown’s first 4PM newscast? Or will they take the easy route and air Dr Phil’s reruns? Find out next time on **Youngstown Newscasts Z”.
  9. “Cleveland’s Own Channel 8” Nexstar would be doubly stupid to basically gift wrap the Fox affiliation to WUAB.
  10. ie… WUAB could go back to its pre-CW scheduling (CLE43 II: Electric Boogaloo).
  11. It was more to appeal to advertisers than anything else. Rural folks will save a special day to go into town and not spend as much, whereas city folks can go at any time and get what they want.
  12. WYTV is putting Jennifer Hudson at 9am, which will replace Rachael Ray, which according to TVPassport, will be going to WKBN at 3pm on September 5th. Sorry @24994J but I wanted to piece together what’s happening for the Youngstown DMA. Also for WYFX on September 6th (due to Fox doing Drag Racing on the 5th), Judge Jerry will be dropped at the 3pm hour for another hour of Friends, at least until Karamo debuts on September 19th.
  13. If it wasn’t for WFMJ wanting to counterprogram WKBN at 5pm with Maury, then Oprah, then Ellen, WFMJ would’ve done it YEARS ago.
  14. Here’s the thing, we should know when the new graphics will launch if/when CBS News Detroit launches.
  15. I’ll add my two cents: INSP buying OTA stations still sounds like a sick April Fool’s joke to me. I will say this, even if they’re a ex-Godcaster, they could take the Angley approach and “air as-is”. It’s the same approach that KSL is using (when was the last time they preempted ANYTHING?!?) and it’ll be the same approach they’ll use for “INSP OTA subsidiary “. Or, Myron and Weeters could be right and INSP becomes the new Pax. If it’s the latter, I have my barf bag on standby.
  16. Which begs the question: how bad were the ratings and revenue to justify WPGH getting News Central?
  17. Honestly, if Meredith hadn’t sold WPGH, Gray would’ve made it a KPTV clone sooner or later.
  18. That was the last set before going to Lakeside IIRC. If WKYC hadn’t moved, I could’ve seen that set lasting until Gannett decided to go HD.
  19. I think you mean that they’re not using the CBS Mornings time/temp ticker.
  20. I wonder if Nexstar will actively move the CW affiliations off of competing stations and onto .2s or junior stations they control.
  21. Again, it’s Meridian. Considering the competition, WTOK has a serviceable set.
  22. Surprised WJW isn’t taking RewindTV to replace Charge or Comet.
  23. It would complete the Portage Crossing development if they went through with redeveloping WBNX/Grace Cathedral.
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