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  1. KRGV could help with coverage since they're co-owned with WBRZ but that's definitely about it.
  2. So the main channel can air 2 hours of E/I and shift the third hour onto a subchannel? Dear Gray Please give WOIO this Saturday schedule: 6-8am 19 News Saturday Morning 8-10am CTM Saturday 10am-Noon E/I
  3. Sorry to bump, but when SmackDown debuts on Fox, it'll likely have a TV-14 rating: https://comicbook.com/wwe/2019/07/06/wwe-tv-pg-rating-being-dropped-/
  4. Million-dollar question, did the Nexstar shells (Mission, Vaughan, Marshall) get pulled off DirecTV and U-Verse as well? Or just the Nexstar-owned stations?
  5. I'm sorry, but did General Hospital get cancelled?
  6. Two Words...TRIBUNE CHRONICLE! (even if they're technically a Trumbull County newspaper)
  7. And could get KDVR and WJW as well.
  8. ...which will replace KARE and WUCW on channels 11 and 12 on Spectrum, respectively.
  9. i doubt the ratings are THAT bad unless KTTV is somehow beating KCBS/KCAL in timeslots outside of mornings.
  10. Graphics are okay, but they were better off recycling the Limerick graphics for WWSB. I know they're on the way out for the ex-Raycom stations, but they would've still been serviceable for WWSB.
  11. Now what happens to Sunny Side Up?
  12. I half expected Sinclair to bring this tradition back, but good for Gray. IIRC, before XETV went Spanish, they played the American and Mexican national anthems at 5AM, even after they went 24 hours. At some point, they went to solely playing the Mexican anthem (I assume it's law in Mexico!) even to this day.
  13. P&B comes on at 10am on WEWS, so that may be where Tamron Hall goes. As far as WEWS running news 3-6:30pm? Ehh. Only because WJW can somehow run news at 4-7:30pm well do I have hope, plus WEWS' "News 5 at 4pm" is basically the "News Central 2.0" Sinclair always wanted to do.
  14. My guess is that Wendy Williams is going to WUAB to fill the 9am hour vacated by Steve Harvey while Live on Lakeside is reduced to 60 minutes. AFAIK, Sister Circle may be taken off the schedule and replaced with DBL come January.
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