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  1. Million-dollar question is how does KWGN run One Magnificent Morning on Saturdays.
  2. Part of the reason might've been KDVR aired FoxBox/4KidsTV at the time so it would be a little difficult for KDVR to program around that (sister station KTVI was able to somehow).
  3. In everyone else's defense, some groups like Tegna and Gray were quick to bring new graphics to the ex-Raycom stations. Although, I think that some stations like WOIO were planning new graphics since the Raycom era and Gray approved the funding.
  4. Imma just leave this here:
  5. It helps the font choices are much better.
  6. I got some names: 5pm: "Watch Us After Ellen" 7pm: "At Least It's Leas Boring than Wheel of Fortune" 11pm: "At Least Fox 8 Isn't Here...Yet" Weekend Mornings: "Go...Back to Sleep!"
  7. If WKYC does't use this song for "GO!", I'm gonna be pissed! Hell the band is from NE Ohio for God's sake!
  8. As creepy as this sounds, the age of consent in Ohio is 16. So if Mike Jones had relations with the 16-year-old, then technically he would be off the hook. However, him getting a "picture" of her is a no-no. Hell, there have been cases of children getting slapped with a kiddy porn charge for sending their "privates" to another person, so the laws are pretty rigid in a lot of cases.
  9. I wouldn't be disappointed if KOIN got the standard-issue CBS graphics. However, these topicals do look worthy of a bigger market such as Portland, so kudos to Nexstar.
  10. Not that Nexstar would be bad stewards of WJW.
  11. That's a unicorn compared to a Youngstown station finally adding a 7pm newscast.
  12. And somehow I already see puddles of salivation coming from Dick Goddard Way, E 30th, and especially Reserve Square. This is madness. THIS. IS. TEGNA!!!!!
  13. Meanwhile in the Yo: WFMJ: No Changes WKBN: Tamron Hall at 4pm, THAT'S IT!!!!! WYTV: Mel Robbins at 3pm, Kelly Clarkson at 4pm, 25 Words at 5pm, 33 NEWS @ 7 AT 7PM, moving ET to 7:30pm. WYFX: Judge Jerry at 3pm, likely changes overnight. WBCB: Family Feud at 4pm, Personal Injury Court at 1pm, Protection Court at 2pm.
  14. In Cleveland: WKYC: Kelly Clarkson at 2pm, replacing Wendy Williams (which moves to WEWS) WEWS: Wendy William's at 10am, replacing Pickler and Ben. Tamron Hall at 3pm, replacing Right this Minute. WJW: Mel Robbins at 11am, replacing Dr Oz (moves to WBNX) WOIO: Cribbs in the CLE (local show) at 9am, reducing Sunny Side Up to 30 minutes at 9:30am. WUAB: Infomercials at 7am, Personal Injury Court at 9am, Judge Jerry at 1pm, 25 Words at 5pm, repeat of Cribbs at 7pm (moving Inside Edition to 11pm). WBNX: The Verdict at 9am and 3:30pm, and Protection Court at 9:30am and 3pm (no more 90 and 9 club at 9am!). Dr Oz at 11am, Doctors at Noon, Dateline at 4pm America Says at 8:30pm.
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