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  1. Or stations have been replacing local infotainment shows with newscasts. I know WOIO has dropped Cribbs in the CLE and Sunny Side Up for a traditional 9am newscast. The only brightside to this virus is that it has made WKYC's newscasts more watchable with them focusing on the news.
  2. I know that WOIO and WJW are at least keeping everyone at the station. WJW: The anchors are sitting farther apart, but business as usual otherwise. WOIO: One anchor is on the main desk while another anchor is in the streetside studio.
  3. I wonder if the Detroit stations will possibly devote SOME time to news in Windsor since Windsor has now lost its only source of news.
  4. Zion7 Reports might be one of my favorite fictional themes. It was a Bible lesson disguised as a news report and came out in the late 90s.
  5. Hate to say it but this look is already outdated. Had this come out a few years earlier, maybe it would be okay, but now? It won't age well AT ALL.
  6. My question is how WoF and J! are doing on their new stations (WOIO, KDVR, WBFF, etc.).
  7. That's the Coming up L3 and the FSGs. Everything else is unchanged!
  8. Kill it...WITH FIRE!!!!!
  9. KEYC is using Metropolis...in 2020! METROPOLIS...IN THE YEAR 2020!
  10. It's like Sinclair wants to out-News Now Gray.
  11. If Nexstar just kept the KDVR's opens but changed the music to Beyond and refresh the L3s to WJW's graphics, then Fox 31 should be okay. KWGN? WISH package with a new logo. Enough said!
  12. To tie this in, I'm praying that WEWS can make this package look much better. The Cleveland stations (with an obvious exception to WOIO) tend to punch at the weight class, so let's see what the graphics weasels at "LottoBall 5" can cook up.
  13. This is a legitimate question: Where did KGBT move to on Dish and DirecTV? I'm looking and it says channel 4 is EstrellaTV.
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