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  1. I’m more disappointed that they’re reverting back to “Q13 Fox”. I know when KTVU rebranded from “KTVU Channel 2” to “Fox 2”, everybody was up in arms in San Francisco, so they revised it to “KTVU Fox 2”. Let’s see how Seattle will react to “Q13 Fox” making a comeback.
  2. That’s a no-go! WJW already uses fox8.com.
  3. That was the problem in a nutshell. ABC didn't really know what to do with the show and whether it wanted to be a part of the "GMA" brand. It'll be interesting as to ABC's plans in the fall for the 1pm timeslot, but I honestly hope they keep the current "GMA3" format.
  4. I guess ABC (and Fox) is making them have one newscast on the station in the affiliation contract.
  5. If you want any proof how this is going down, look no further than Alaska, where KYUR and its ABC satellites do only one newscast at 10pm. Oh, and a 9pm newscast on the Fox subchannel.
  6. IIRC, WOIO is actually now a competitive 3rd or 4th thanks to WKYC’s mishaps. Honestly, I don’t think Gray has done that bad of a job at WOIO so far compared to the Raycom days.
  7. IIRC, I know that Dish has 100% local channel availability. AFAIK, DirecTV has a few markers where local channels aren’t available, like Glendive, Alpena, and even Presque Isle.
  8. Looks like WGBA went the WTXL route and went without a voiceover this time.
  9. I would imagine as long as there’s support for the graphics, WISH will keep them.
  10. Dear Gray, Please end this charade and just “News Now” already in Springfield!
  11. I see where everyone is coming from. Hell, Columbus is the largest city in Ohio and Franklin County is the the largest or close. The reason why the Columbus DMA is 32nd and the Cleveland DMA is 19th is because you also have the Akron/Canton region and also suburban sprawl out in Lorain and Lake counties. Outside of Columbus, it’s pretty much rural counties.
  12. Not just the TV industry, but white collar jobs in general.
  13. I know that WOIO (yes I know its not an O&O) has been doing streaming a "story time" and a "weather school" weekdays in the 10am hour. Also in partnership with Cleveland Metropolitan School District, WUAB airs content for the kids weekdays at 9-10am on TV.
  14. And Nexstar won’t let go of WJW unless Fox made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
  15. Pretty much every reporter is working from home. The anchors are usually at Reserve Square, with one in the Sunny Side Up studio and another in the main studio. AFAIK most of the weather folks are still at Reserve Square, with the exception of either Jason Nicholas or Samantha Roberts alternating from home.
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