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  1. Fox and Nwxstar are not done yet! (another Paywall article from FTVLive): https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/11/7/sources-fox-and-nexstar-are-not-done-yet
  2. By that logic, WJW should've thrown out the O&O set when Fox sold it off to Local TV. Graphics? Yea give it a year or 2.
  3. Fixed! CBS may want out of Seattle pretty soon unless KSTW is somehow immensely profitable.
  4. A shakeup? I didn't think KTLA was doing THAT bad. Sure it's probably getting beat by KCAL, but last I checked, 5 was beating KTTV in most timeslots.
  5. All we need is gramite countertops on the desk and we have an all-in-one set.
  6. It looks more WJW than anything else.
  7. There's actualy a forum for that:
  8. Million dollar question: Why isn't it on KMGH? Unless Nexstar came to Katz with a boatload of cash.
  9. As Weeters would say: "It's a perfect logo for an app."
  10. I guess "Wake Up Central" as in, KTHV is central to waking up. Question: Who is number one in the AMs in Little Rock?
  11. The new logo is much better, moreso because the last one SUCKED!!!!!
  12. It was 27-7 Cowboys by the time the tornado warnng came out, so I'd imagine a lot of people might've been turning away already. So a pox to KXAS for keeping with the game. Again, if KXAS went split-screen or moved it to 5.2, it would've been better what happened.
  13. The question I have is if what the score was for the Cowboys-Eagles game around 9pm. If it was looking like a blowout (which it was), KXAS should've went to weather fully or at least attempted a split-screen on 5.1.
  14. That was just pure disrespect on the reporter's front. Glad he is gone. As an aside, has CBS ever considered airing Good Day Sacramento on both KMAX AND KOVR?
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