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  1. NEOMatrix

    New WXIA Set and Logo

    For once, Tegna actually did a decent logo. Granted, I would've preferred using the KARE "11", but considering how they could've went with the KTHV "11", I'm happy.
  2. NEOMatrix

    Nexstar to acquire Tribune

    Plus, WTTV and WXIN are in the Top-4, while WISH and WNDY are 5th and 6th, respectively.
  3. NEOMatrix

    Out & About

    Congratulations to Rich Morgan for sticking it through thick and thin. Through good owners (Williamson, Media General) and bad (Piedmont), he has been a legend at WKBN.
  4. NEOMatrix

    Today Show New Graphics - January 7, 2019

    If it's true, then that means that NBC will finally be the last morning show to go 16:9 on the L3s.
  5. NEOMatrix

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    I wonder if Gray will expand "MeTime with Frangela" to the legacy stations if it's doing ok on the ex-Raycom stations.
  6. NEOMatrix

    Retransmission Consent squabbles

    Too bad I can't pull in WJW with said antenna.
  7. NEOMatrix

    WGN Sports Loses White Sox, Bulls, Blackhawks

    More than likely Ricketts and Sinclair will work something out that'll get Marquee into as many homes with cable, satellite, and U-Verse as possible. AFAIK, the Dodgers fiasco is due to Spectrum wanting a reason for customers to get their TV service.
  8. NEOMatrix

    Report: Charter launching new Spectrum News channels

    It doesn't really surprise me since Spectrum News 1 was never meant to compete with OTA newscasts. It's mostly meant as muzak for doctor's offices and bus stations. Going in with that low expectation, it's does its job damn well.
  9. NEOMatrix

    Out & About

    No surprise there since the past year or two, they've been pushing Tiffani Tucker and Chris Tanaka as the main anchors, while Mark Nolan and Romona Robinson felt they were being phased out.
  10. NEOMatrix

    CBS and Viacom seeking to merge... again

    Hell, James Corden is more in line with Kimmel and Fallon than Colbert is.
  11. NEOMatrix

    CBS and Viacom seeking to merge... again

    In Viacom's defense, CBS did maintain being #1 under the first go-around. Hell, they were starting to shed UPN's "black WB" image before the split. For all we know, Viacom might be able to turn itself around since it's under Bob Bakish instead of Phillipe Dauman.
  12. NEOMatrix

    Out & About

    And I have Spectrum only because I can't get some OTA (particularly WJW) in good. So, this whomps.
  13. NEOMatrix

    KTNV Getting New Set

    It's not a spectacular set, but it's not small market (better not be! Vegas' DMA rank is in the 40s). That being said, the lighting could be a little brighter but I guess Scripps wants to save on electricity so the sales weasels can have ice cold A/C.
  14. NEOMatrix

    Disney Execs reported to be visiting Cox stations

    Compared to Marvel, which brings in space shuttles worth of moola.
  15. NEOMatrix

    CBS This Morning

    Or revive game shows. Now where's that Spectrum27 guy?

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