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  1. Other than WOWK, Nexstar hasn't done much to the ex-WVMH stations. They're STILL on the KTLA look from long ago.
  2. Logo reminds me of that fake "News 8 Now" that was on Facebook for a while. Othe than that, not bad.
  3. Somebody at KNXV must've messed with the transparency on the bugs.
  4. Meanwhile in Cleveland: https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/12/26/done-in-cleveland
  5. Same reason WKYC dumped the Helvetica "3" for the Elevator 3, BECAUSE TEGNA!
  6. Before Fox regularly started showing college football, they had the rights to the BCS bowl games and BCS championship from 2007-2010. Only games they didn't air were the Rose Bowl and the BCS title game if it was at the Rose Bowl.
  7. And MSP has 4, 5/45, 9/29, 11, and 23! What's the excuse?
  8. No surprise there! All those markets are traditionally basement-dweller markets for CBS.
  9. It might've been due to WATL being owned by Fox at the time. It wouldn't make sense for Fox to run a Fox-turned-CBS affiliate, especially if WATL needed to start up a news department. Luckily, WGNX (WGCL) had a news department, and DID reconsider joining CBS, otherwise we would've had another WWJ on our hands. Speaking of the 1994 affiliatiion switches, was WAKC EVER in the running to become a marketwide ABC or CBS affiliate for Cleveland? I'm talking about an alternate timeline where WOIO and WUAB both said NO to CBS.
  10. Believe it or not, WBRE/WYOU is the only legacy Nexstar news operation takes the simulcast approach. And before you say KSNT/KTKA, that was done in the New Vision days and carried over into LIN, Media General, and now Nexstar. Most news ops like WKBN/WYTV, KODE/KSNF, KRBC/KTAB, etc actually air two SEPERATE newscasts but use the same reporters. Therefore, KWGN and KDVR could maintain seperate branding for a long, long time.
  11. Well it wasn't so much that Tribune wanted the swap, it was CBS that wanted the swap. LIN was simply unwilling to pony up what CBS wanted WISH to pay, but Tribune was for WTTV, plain and simple. That's why MG made a deal so swap out NBC for CBS on WNCN, because Capitol balked at paying what CBS wanted for its programming on WRAL. As far as news on WTTV? It helped that sister station WXIN has a news department, so Tribune can put newscasts for CBS4 together in a broom closet without spending boatloads of money.
  12. I would love to see a JV with an affiliate, like a CBSN DC, CBSN Tampa Bay, or (gasp!) a CBSN Cleveland.
  13. And guess who's leading the massacre at WXIN/WTTV? DOMINIC MANCUSO! The same GM that brought the beauty that was "Cleveland 19" to WOIO. All I have to say is: Good luck!
  14. WOIO is in a similar boat. You have: 19 News This Morning (4:30-7a) Cribbs in the CLE (9-9:30a) Sunny Side up (9;30-10a) 19 News at Noon (12-12:30p) 19 News (4-6:30p) 19 News at 11 (11:1135p) Outside of Family Feud at 3p, the Sony game shows at 7p, and an infomercial after Corden at 1:37a, most of Gray's syndicated inventory is either on the weekends or on WUAB. Speaking of syndicated inventory, I'll give WJZY this: they do have a solid syndicated inventory, even if the news ratings suck. Nexstar could impove some of the numbers if some programs were moved to better timeslots.
  15. I'm not the biggest fan of these graphics by any means. However, I do think that Scripps has a shot in Miami if they play all their cards right and position WSFL as the anti-WSVN. At the very least, it'll give Scripps a chance to experiment with giving viewers an alternative to the gaudiness that's 7 News.
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