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  1. Schedule could’ve been this: 4:30-7: Good Morning Show 7-9: CBS This Morning 9-10: Good Morning Show: 2nd Cup
  2. According to Zap2it, Waynesville's Comcast system carries NBC from Jacksonville and CBS/Fox/ABC from Savannah. Plus, the system apparently goes only up to Channel 61, so it's a system Comcast never upgraded.
  3. If it was any other shop, they would’ve re-read the rules to her and suspended her AT WORST. I’m actually glad she took the high road, but STILL...
  4. Back to WOIO’s woes. From relegating Jeff Tanchak to mornings, to firing or forcing out almost every anchor and reporter worth a damn, WOIO is definitely a shell of its former self, all because Raycom wanted to “borg” WOIO into one of its stations, which itself isn’t bad. The problem is that the product was so dumbed down that WOIO now feels bush-league compared to the others. The set is nice and the graphics are nice, but WOIO doesn’t have the “faces” to be competitive, with Chris Tanaka needing a Red Bull and Tiffani Tucker STILL trying to be “Great Value Romona Robinson”.
  5. Ewww! On a more serious note, it’s replacing 4 episodes of Family Feud, so WUAB isn’t losing much. And that’s another thing! What is it with ex-Raycom stations and crappy syndication lineups?!?
  6. Honestly, I like KIRO’s Tonight attempt. Looks clean and simple without being drab. WPXI? Their attempt was good too and yes, the current graphics have serviced WPXI long enough.
  7. It looks fine but it’s going to be pretty dated a few years from now.
  8. WGBH and WBZ have been able to (sort of) successfully capitalize on call letters. This move keeps the brand equity but brings the brand into the future.
  9. Only a matter of time until all of the ex-LIN shells go to Nexstar. Don’t be surprised if Vaughan is next.
  10. And they did it WITHOUT fake brick or rock walls
  11. That’s shocking if KYES is going to air separate newscasts. Kind of thought that Gray would attempt the “News Now” route, so this is impressive.
  12. They’re not great but they’re not awful. They’re there.
  13. Back to Drew Barrymore, WUAB, NOT WOIO aired a promo announcing that they’re airing her talk show in the 5pm slot on September 14th. Not surprising WOIO didn’t take it considering almost every talk show that goes to 19 USUALLY BOMBS WITHIN TWO SEASONS. If Barrymore has any modicum of success, Gray may move it to WOIO to bolster the newscasts but take it with a grain of salt.
  14. WUFT called. They want their logo back!

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