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  1. S Super bowl 65 and 66?!? Are you sure the broadcast networks will be around for that? Hell, even Netflix might not be around.
  2. NEOMatrix

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Depends on if the station is a union shop and known ratings and network approval. IIRC, no CBS affiliate starts at 4am, so that's why WOIO will be the last affiliate to start at 4am in Cleveland. Plus, WOIO is infamously a ratings laggard in the mornings, hence why they were last in expanding to 4:30am. Finally, IIRC WOIO is the only unionized station in Cleveland, hence why the other stations have more leeway with newscasts.
  3. NEOMatrix

    Out & About

    Valley of the Dolls in 1994, however that aired mainly on New World's stations (ie WJW)
  4. NEOMatrix

    Out & About

    Honestly, The Chew was taken down by the Mario Batali sexual harassment claims. If Mario hadn't been accused, then The Chew would still probably be on the air.
  5. NEOMatrix

    AT&T buying Time Warner?

    Does this mean that Teen Titans Go! is now a CN original? Also does this mean that the Miller era of CN is over?!?
  6. NEOMatrix

    Gray selling WCAV/WVAW, buying WVIR

    Sounds like the equivalent of Nexstar selling WKBN/WYTV/WYFX in order to get WFMJ. If I had to guess, it sounds like Waterman is putting all of its eggs into Ft. Myers.
  7. NEOMatrix

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Depends on if Gray can defy reputation and run a top-20 market station, especially since WJW may finally break under Nexstar (or Fox). If Gray can take advantage of Tegna-itis infesting Lakeside, then WOIO will be competitive finally without needing the crutch known as Action News.
  8. NEOMatrix

    February 2019 Sweeps Roundup

    Plus, stations are learning to supplement their newscasts with a presence on said rectangle. Hell, KentBrockman has mentioned that WSMV may experiment with exclusive digital-only stories. The industry is trying to adapt to how we view our media.
  9. NEOMatrix

    Gray Television - General Thread

    No. I do think it might be more of a Nexstar thing than a Gray thing. If I took a guess, I'd say that Nexstar wanted to be exclusive CBS for Lafayette, so bye-bye WAFB.
  10. NEOMatrix

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    And don't forget KIRO, although one could make the argument that KIRO rose out of 3rd place thanks to Sinclair and Tegna botching KOMO and KING, respectively. Whether KIRO can maintain a competitive edge depends on Apollo's management and if Nexstar (or Fox) can finally make something useful out of KCPQ.
  11. NEOMatrix

    Cox sells majority TV interest to Apollo

    I'll put my two cents in. Cuts are going to be inevitable no matter who ran the show at the ex-Cox stations. The main question is how bad the cuts are going to be. Some stations do have a chance to maintain dominance (WSB, WFTV, WHIO), while others have a chance to overtake the competition (*cough* KIRO *cough*).
  12. NEOMatrix

    Sets that need replacing/oldest sets going

    And WBBM's 2006 set. Seriously, I vote it as the most underused set EVER due to how mutilated it was for most of its run. May this current WBBM set be used to its utmost potential.
  13. This idea, if done successfully, may make it's way to other markets. I wouldn't be surprised if Nexstar does refocus CLTV (WGN's 24/7 news channel) into something similar to KRONon. Then again, we all said that NewsChannel 8 would be rolled out nationwide and look what happened.
  14. NEOMatrix

    WIVB New Set, Graphics and Music.

    This is a decent set for Buffalo. Nothing spectacular, but nothing chintzy either. My takeaway is this: as long as stations take the WISH package, they can avoid the Dalek desk.
  15. NEOMatrix

    2018-19 Syndication News

    With MeTime being relegated to overnights on WUAB, that leaves Family Feud and the Sony game shows as the only syndicated fare on WOIO. To be fair, WOIO has always had scheduling issues dating back to its early years as a CBS affiliate, when Malrite owned the station. Raycom just never resolved them under its stewardship (partially explains why Action News had lousy ratings in the 4-6:30pm slot once Guiding Light ended and Let's Make a Deal went to the 10am slot). When your lead-in to a 4-6:30 block of newscasts is FAMILY FEUD, you're in trouble.

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