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  1. I'm familiar with the guy who submitted the audio file.
  2. I didn't even make it that far. It's definitely not Springfield, is it?
  3. Maybe KOLR is going to use Overture, maybe not. They'll certainly need to make other changes to the open. It's been awhile since I've lived in the market, but unless all of the talent has undergone major cosmetic surgery and/or sex reassignment surgery, none of the pictures used match up with the names in the graphics or voice over.
  4. Typical Nexstar or not, what I've seen (set, graphics, music) looks miles above what they had with Citadel.
  5. I think you can add WHO-TV to that list, too.
  6. WOI started in with the "Forecast First" shortly after Nexstar took over. The midday newscast, too. I'm not sure about mornings, as I seldom watch local news in the morning.
  7. It appears to be OurQuadCities.com.
  8. Just stumbled upon last night... WOI's website will be WeAreIowa.com. And, Nexstar's Android apps for WOI are available from the Google Play Store.
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