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  1. 6 minutes ago, jbnews said:

    That's a NICE set. Dang.

    I don't think it's too shabby. Down the road, KCCI's new set seems...small. I don't get that feeling with this set. Wish I could have grabbed a shot of the entire thing.

  2. Shortly after Nexstar got the keys to WHO, I noticed that a few elements of their set disappeared. My assumption was that a new set might be on the way. Today, their new set made its debut. I think it's a step up from their final Tribune set. Although, I don't think the weather center is new -- it looks like a chunk of the old weather center, just placed behind bars. The skyline behind the anchors is video -- not static.


    Forgive me for the lousy cell shots.










  3. A few weeks ago, KIII's (Corpus Christi) Chief Meteorologist, Bill Vessey, suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. An interview on last night's 10 PM news showed him up and about with the help of a walker. He seemed to be in good spirits, and his speech was clear. He continues to work on building the strength in his right arm and leg, but he was able to give the reporter a hearty handshake.

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  4. 3 minutes ago, TheRyan said:


    Is there a tape of that somewhere online?  That would be very interesting to look at. 


    The only reason I know that is because it was mentioned in their 35th anniversary special back in 1988. I'm not sure that I digitized that portion of the special. Several years back, I posted a short clip of station IDs, image campaigns, etc., from the program.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, TheRyan said:

    Good to know.  I wonder if it's possible that it started even before the 80s.  It makes sense that they have been running lake levels for a long time.  The market is heavily agricultural with lots of places to boat on.

    I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I think one of the first things KY3 videotaped (not filmed) was the dedication of Table Rock Dam. Those lakes have played a major role in the history of the Ozarks.

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  6. 3 minutes ago, oknewsguy said:

    So that's been going on since at least the 80s/90s

    Yup. For a time, KOLR was splitting its weathercasts into two segments, with the first segment being the guts of the cast: maps, satellite, etc., then there would be a commercial break. Lake levels were shown going into that commercial break. After the break, the detailed forecast, extended forecast, etc..  When they weren't breaking the weathercasts into two segments, I want to say that they showed lake levels at about the midpoint of the commercial break following weather.

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  7. I lived in southern Missouri from 1986 until 1992. For most of that time, all three of the Springfield stations were showing lake levels during the newscasts.  KY3 and KOLR used simple chyron graphics (with a generic shot of a lake in the background), with KY3 showing the levels going into the commercial break before weather. It seems like KOLR showed the levels in a couple of different places over the years. KSPR, like KY3, showed the levels going into the commercial break before weather, but the levels were plotted on the weather computer -- a map graphic for Missouri lakes, and a wipe transition to a map graphic of Arkansas lakes.

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  8. why are they changing logos that don't need updating?? If anything, KIII needs it the worst... Leave poor WFAA alone... Seriously...


    I don't totally disagree with that. Yet, at this point, wouldn't it almost be the same as WPVI ditching Move Closer to your World? I expected the logo (and the old set) to go soon after Gannett bought KIII.

  9. And now...a song image promo...


    I don't know about the logo just yet...it looks awkward.


    The dark outline around everything is a bit much, and I'm really not digging the gold ellipse behind the 5, or the line separating "NEWS" from "WKRG". I guess that doesn't leave much that I DO like about the logo. I've been pleased with the graphics and logos that have been appearing on other Nexstar stations. It just doesn't seem like a lot of effort went into this one.

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  10. here's KYTX look at the font! now that is very unusual.



    It's been showing up here and there on KIII for a few days now, but they're still not using the new graphics package (at least as of yesterday).

  11. One market I do wonder about is Corpus Christi, given KIII essentially was handed down WUSA's old set I am told and is using a vastly different cut of "This is Home" for its newscast. Anything on the horizon down there as far as changes?


    Unless something has changed today, KIII isn't using anything different than what they had been using. I think they have always used cuts other than what other stations tended to use (from This is Home).

  12. ...Me thinks this coooo clap ohhhhh clap ahhhhhh coooo clap coooo coooo oooooooohhh cooooooo clap clap clap musical branding and cheeky approach will firmly place them in a #3 position over the long-term. Get ready to FINISH watching the slow, painful, derailment of WWL. I seriously hope I'm WRONG!


    It's rather cute that Tegna is trying to act all young and hip, but eventually "real news" is going to be a thing of the past. It seems to have become a race to see who can turn their traditional newscast into an episode of Seinfeld.

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  13. The singer solo on the front part sounds like Wayne Nelson of Tuesday Productions to me. This must have been some sort of TV sales revenue generating campaign. Years ago, I saw a "Buy the Pinebelt First" spot for WDAM in Hattiesburg, MS with full vocals, so I'm guessing this campaign made its rounds during the late 80's and into the mid 90's across many smaller to mid-size markets. I remember that same logo/animation layout, so this was perhaps, a turn-key deal that involved music, animation and related material for a set price.


    It's in a landfill now, but around that time KSPR had a flexi disc insert in the Springfield News-Leader. I think its main push was their "Spirit of NewsTeam 33" image campaign. But, if I remember correctly, it also explained what the "Buy the Ozarks First" campaign was about. The things I wish I had held on to...

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