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  1. Or, a person could blow the minds of some over on the TEGNA Graphics thread and say that they're going with this logo:
  2. I don't totally disagree with that. Yet, at this point, wouldn't it almost be the same as WPVI ditching Move Closer to your World? I expected the logo (and the old set) to go soon after Gannett bought KIII.
  3. The dark outline around everything is a bit much, and I'm really not digging the gold ellipse behind the 5, or the line separating "NEWS" from "WKRG". I guess that doesn't leave much that I DO like about the logo. I've been pleased with the graphics and logos that have been appearing on other Nexstar stations. It just doesn't seem like a lot of effort went into this one.
  4. It finally happened, huh? They were still using the old graphics last night. I'll have to tune in tonight at ten.
  5. It's been showing up here and there on KIII for a few days now, but they're still not using the new graphics package (at least as of yesterday).
  6. KY3 in Springfield, Missouri, too.
  7. Unless something has changed today, KIII isn't using anything different than what they had been using. I think they have always used cuts other than what other stations tended to use (from This is Home).
  8. It's rather cute that Tegna is trying to act all young and hip, but eventually "real news" is going to be a thing of the past. It seems to have become a race to see who can turn their traditional newscast into an episode of Seinfeld.
  9. It looks like KIII's Katia Uiarte is moving to KRIS. I wondered why Joe Gazin was flying solo with no mention of her. I always figured that she would outlast Joe. https://www.caller.com/story/news/local/2018/03/20/katie-uriarte-changes-call-signs-leaves-kiii-tv-kris-tv/441988002/
  10. This occurred recently. It wasn't there last week. My parents live in the area, so I check out the website to see what their weather is like, and to make sure that they haven't been thrown in jail.
  11. It looks like KIII has launched the new website design. The word "minimalism" comes to mind.
  12. It's in a landfill now, but around that time KSPR had a flexi disc insert in the Springfield News-Leader. I think its main push was their "Spirit of NewsTeam 33" image campaign. But, if I remember correctly, it also explained what the "Buy the Ozarks First" campaign was about. The things I wish I had held on to...
  13. KSPR in Springfield, Missouri had a "Buy the Ozarks First" campaign back in the late 80's. The music used here sure sounds familiar. Until now, I had always thought that this was strictly a KSPR campaign.
  14. Ah, yes. This sickeningly perky music makes it so much easier to stomach video of cars of a passenger train dangling from an interstate overpass. And pictures of a body covered with a sheet, in the background a car is wrapped around a telephone pole -- still, the music makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Mmmm, bop, bop, mmmmm.......
  15. WOI has been using the same ticker for some time now. Nothing new and/or exciting has followed.
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