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  1. It was looking tired when KCCI was using it in the early 90s.
  2. Aaaand WHO now has a brand spankin' new Nexstar website.
  3. A few weeks ago, KIII's (Corpus Christi) Chief Meteorologist, Bill Vessey, suffered a hemorrhagic stroke. An interview on last night's 10 PM news showed him up and about with the help of a walker. He seemed to be in good spirits, and his speech was clear. He continues to work on building the strength in his right arm and leg, but he was able to give the reporter a hearty handshake.
  4. The only reason I know that is because it was mentioned in their 35th anniversary special back in 1988. I'm not sure that I digitized that portion of the special. Several years back, I posted a short clip of station IDs, image campaigns, etc., from the program.
  5. I wouldn't be a bit surprised. I think one of the first things KY3 videotaped (not filmed) was the dedication of Table Rock Dam. Those lakes have played a major role in the history of the Ozarks.
  6. Yup. For a time, KOLR was splitting its weathercasts into two segments, with the first segment being the guts of the cast: maps, satellite, etc., then there would be a commercial break. Lake levels were shown going into that commercial break. After the break, the detailed forecast, extended forecast, etc.. When they weren't breaking the weathercasts into two segments, I want to say that they showed lake levels at about the midpoint of the commercial break following weather.
  7. I lived in southern Missouri from 1986 until 1992. For most of that time, all three of the Springfield stations were showing lake levels during the newscasts. KY3 and KOLR used simple chyron graphics (with a generic shot of a lake in the background), with KY3 showing the levels going into the commercial break before weather. It seems like KOLR showed the levels in a couple of different places over the years. KSPR, like KY3, showed the levels going into the commercial break before weather, but the levels were plotted on the weather computer -- a map graphic for Missouri lakes, and a wipe transition to a map graphic of Arkansas lakes.
  8. It looks like KIII's Katia Uiarte is moving to KRIS. I wondered why Joe Gazin was flying solo with no mention of her. I always figured that she would outlast Joe. https://www.caller.com/story/news/local/2018/03/20/katie-uriarte-changes-call-signs-leaves-kiii-tv-kris-tv/441988002/
  9. This occurred recently. It wasn't there last week. My parents live in the area, so I check out the website to see what their weather is like, and to make sure that they haven't been thrown in jail.
  10. It looks like KIII has launched the new website design. The word "minimalism" comes to mind.
  11. It's in a landfill now, but around that time KSPR had a flexi disc insert in the Springfield News-Leader. I think its main push was their "Spirit of NewsTeam 33" image campaign. But, if I remember correctly, it also explained what the "Buy the Ozarks First" campaign was about. The things I wish I had held on to...
  12. KSPR in Springfield, Missouri had a "Buy the Ozarks First" campaign back in the late 80's. The music used here sure sounds familiar. Until now, I had always thought that this was strictly a KSPR campaign.
  13. Man, you're fast. I've got a couple of topicals from WHO from around the same time that I'll be uploading at some point, too.
  14. I think Walt's mouth is agape because he just can't believe it either. I guess they could have used Comic Sans.
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