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  1. I thought the same, biggest change since Lydia was let go. I wonder what it will do to long term ratings in the long term?
  2. I’ve often said this before, no focus on digital or streaming. I will say WTEN does often does online only (political or entertainment) specials but there’s not a station wide focus on digital.
  3. Do any other ABC stations (on the east) start The 10 Commandments on at 8 instead of 7? WTEN has ALWAYS done this, so the 11pm News won’t be on until 12:44 and it is Sam DiMascio’s last night anchoring, she is leaving to be with her family.
  4. I asked a meteorologist about this and the one on top is for TV and bottom is for social and apps. So no, no new look.
  5. I’m actually surprised Nexstar doesn’t have a nightly program across the state, now that they have an affiliate in every market. Empire State Weekly (from WTEN) airs on the weekends across NY. A 5:30 show called Empire State Tonight would seem logical on all NY Nexstar stations.
  6. This I don’t know why Nexstar doesn’t have an app for Roku, etc where you can watch your local Nexstar station and the News Nation broadcast. CBS is doing it very well and they must make a profit to continue it.
  7. In Albany, she goes from 11am on WNYT to 7pm on WNYA. That seems like a downgrade to me, especially opposite Wheel&Jep! on WTEN.
  8. Probably the worst View logo they’ve ever had in my opinion and I didn’t think they needed to change the logo. https://logos.fandom.com/wiki/The_View
  9. If you notice on the live stream it’s only “free” for a limited time. I really don’t understand Nexstar’s hesitancy to stream news? Nexstar should be working on one steaming app where you can stream your local station AND the national network. So only if you have cable and get WGN America will you be able to watch, after a certain date.
  10. I honestly haven’t seen anything promoting it other than on WGN America in commercials on WTEN. Are they planning a Roku app...it’s shocking to me Nextar’s stations don’t have Roku apps...still
  11. I was going to say Nicol and Christina have been on the constant on the morning news. Sad to see her leave. Hope they pull from within for the third anchor.
  12. What are your thoughts on there being a NYC Bureau according to FTVLive when there’s no Nexstar station in New York City, that they want to get WPIX?
  13. I noticed NBC CT started a weekly kids show? Any other NBC O&O doing this? Seems like a great idea during this time and looks very well done, 2 episodes are on their YouTube page, the guide says it airs Fridays at 11:30.
  14. Normally when a special report (weather mostly before this) is on WTEN it’s also on WXXA. Yes, WTEN and WXXA have poor daytime lineups. I would infer they would have to add news at 9am when Mel Robbins leaves.
  15. Lately, WTEN and WXXA have been airing paid programs where there should be syndicated shows and the syndicated show title are still on the guide. Last week they put a paid religious show in place of “The Doctors” and today, posts on their Facebook page said WXXA put paid programing where People’s Court should have been. Not sure if it’s because of COVID and the shows are re runs or if this is a Nexstar-wide thing? Normally stations do this on holidays or weekends, but this does seem odd to me.

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