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  1. What are your thoughts on there being a NYC Bureau according to FTVLive when there’s no Nexstar station in New York City, that they want to get WPIX?
  2. I noticed NBC CT started a weekly kids show? Any other NBC O&O doing this? Seems like a great idea during this time and looks very well done, 2 episodes are on their YouTube page, the guide says it airs Fridays at 11:30.
  3. Normally when a special report (weather mostly before this) is on WTEN it’s also on WXXA. Yes, WTEN and WXXA have poor daytime lineups. I would infer they would have to add news at 9am when Mel Robbins leaves.
  4. Lately, WTEN and WXXA have been airing paid programs where there should be syndicated shows and the syndicated show title are still on the guide. Last week they put a paid religious show in place of “The Doctors” and today, posts on their Facebook page said WXXA put paid programing where People’s Court should have been. Not sure if it’s because of COVID and the shows are re runs or if this is a Nexstar-wide thing? Normally stations do this on holidays or weekends, but this does seem odd to me.
  5. I am noticing this on NBC mostly. I assume it’s because they don’t have anything to promote. And it seems certain shows are trying to stretch their seasons a little longer because they don’t have much new content. You do have to wonder if this continues will local news try to put some update during the credits? Or why doesn’t the network just promote the next show during the credits?
  6. Ok this would explain why more “Spectrum News 1” reporters have been appearing on Spectrum News Capital Region/channel 9, I had thought they were from NY1 but the content wasn’t city related, good to know.
  7. Also interesting the old and new WTEN logo are there. The old one was used for a live shot yesterday.
  8. This is a really good take on WNYT and even if you look at the new set they got a few years ago, it still resembles the old one in many ways and I do wonder how long before it starts to look dated especially with what WTEN & WRGB have. The lack of WNYT produced content on WNYA is shocking compared to what the others do on their sister station, though they do produce local sports shows on Saturday AM highlighting college sports teams for WNYA. Outside of this, their newscasts still place a much greater emphasis on national news than what WTEN produces, where 98% of the time national news/politics isn’t covered. The 2 new meteorologists will split Saturday and Sunday mornings and during the week, which is about the same shift Greg had before he left, according to posts from WNYT on social media.
  9. WTEN actually updated the monitors on set to include Christmas graphics, no actual decorations.
  10. WRGB got these today. Not so sure about the chimes they’re using in between stories. Handful of negative comments on their Facebook page too. 000DCCAE-041B-4CC8-9B83-9AB758041250.MOV 52200541-08CF-4876-AF8A-1D646BFBF2D9.MOV
  11. I noticed this today too in a promo for the sports team and a proof of performance promo. His voice sounds so fresh and new.
  12. Yea i guess I just like logos with some style I think my issue is with the boring “23” font
  13. Also they totally changed the WXXA logo it looks terrible compared to the original.
  14. It looks very nice. The new logo reminds me of the old green/yellow logo.
  15. I saw this too and I have to assume it’s because ratings must’ve been so bad for their 10pm on My4 that they decided to put a newscast on when there’s no other competition?
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