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  1. The fancy arrows DO have a purpose… they “move” the little line below the headline in the previews… you know… like you do in an app! Kinda like tabs that look like text boxes… it’s what all the kids are into right? I swear these ideas are from somebody about to retire who is about as hip as a heart attack.
  2. I managed to fire up the online newscast on my Apple TV so I can see what this looks like on a TV vs. my phone… the lower thirds owe royalties to somebody in Fargo, ND. There is no separation to the names of someone being interviewed and where they are from. A thin line between top and bottom would be awfully nice. The transitions where the graphic swings in and swings out again (weather for example) looks familiar… like 2012 familiar. Making your audience dizzy trying to read your graphic still isn’t in style. The best part of the package is probably the weather graphics. I never thought I would have a use for this but… *Cough* Why do TV news people have to have the same hard headed product philosophies as car executives? Keep it simple and don’t try to overflash or make it harder to read a graphic or see an image in an open. A large chunk of the viewers are older and may be turned off by it.
  3. I think I prefer something simpler. I’d rather have the Scripps package than this. There are too many elements moving all over the place, the mashup music is jarring and strange. The live bug is weird looking and reminds me of something CNN might use. For spending years making it the whole thing looks like a ridiculous rush job. Color me disappointed. WLS downgraded big time. I’ll second whoever said it looks like WABC’s package.
  4. Have they caught 20 yet? I kinda have my doubts…
  5. Asking for a friend… doesn’t anybody proofread anything or understand what the edit button does?
  6. I was more referring to changing the name of the show and the format to be more like GMA… they can play 3rd wheel anchors if they want and probably be ok. I’ll bet there are a lot of rusted in place dials out there that won’t care.
  7. Los Angeles isn’t New York. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it. All those people that tune in expect the same basic product they are getting now. What you are suggesting is like New Coke.
  8. There could be a thousand reasons why someone would move to a local station from a national one that don’t involve pay. When it comes down to it these are still people and despite the minor fame it works exactly the way it would in literally any other job.
  9. WXYZ can get away with that with no station slogan and the alternating designations WXYZ, 7 and Channel 7 used interchangeably in their advertising. They’ve been using those three as their main branding since the 1970’s and maybe longer. CBS has the problem of it being too new and sharing call letters with WWJ 950AM… they already brand themselves starting with WWJ. So this is very unlikely.
  10. So you didn’t ask the $64 question about how well it’s really doing?
  11. Growing fast by what sort of measure? If it’s 0.2 to 0.4 that’s not exactly celebration worthy…
  12. The format itself is known for what they call “happy talk”… things like “gee it’s a shame that happened” or “let’s hope they get those guys!”.. are you suggesting it goes beyond innocuous comments?
  13. Editorial contributions on every story were once a standard operating procedure some places you realize…
  14. WTMJ Morning Meteorologist Marisa Woloszyn is leaving for WXYZ in Detroit. She will be doing weekend evenings and during the week fill-ins. She starts in late May. Meanwhile Mike Taylor was promoted from weekend evenings to weekday morning meteorologist replacing Kevin Jeanes who just left for WMAQ in Chicago. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2023/4/13/headed-to-motown
  15. Probably the latter is more likely than the former.
  16. Fair enough. I would have liked to have discussed the wisdom of that sort of business decision which isn’t geared to maximize profits but I’ve got a sour taste in my mouth now so forget it.
  17. That’s fine. There’s a better way to approach people here. Whether he’s right or not is immaterial. Being right isn’t a license to flatten people in a condescending manner.
  18. Pandemic winding down playing a role as people find other things to do?
  19. Whether you appreciate it or not your smug know it all attitude isn’t really welcome. Knock it off. I would try to rebut this but why bother? It’s not like you politely listen anyways.
  20. Not everywhere they don’t. No way.
  21. There can’t be much profit in a show that nobody watches. You could probably make more money with a test pattern.
  22. At least he seems to be taking it in stride.
  23. The folks in Roanoke shouldn’t jump the gun then.
  24. That’s what I was looking for. So for on air purposes he was just Mark Giangreco with Sports or something to that effect?
  25. What was the title they used on air for Mark if any?
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