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  1. I remember it well actually. I grew up watching Nickelodeon between say 95 and 08... so I remember the concept well. I just don’t think an NFL game is a place for kiddy stuff. These are 22 big burly 300 pound men dropping multiple f-bombs per play. Real kid friendly. I remember that from slime time live too... oh... wait...
  2. Not terribly impressed with the idea of using slime in my NFL animations...
  3. That time the 1980’s called and tipped their hat to your logo design... Anytime a circle 7 doesn’t have an abc logo attached to it is a win.
  4. Detroit, big news here is that WDIV beat WJBK at 6am. Otherwise the status quo holds with WXYZ up slightly compared to where they have been and WJBK continuing to decline: 6am: WDIV News 2.9 / 15 SHR 49,000 HH WJBK News 2.8 / 14 SHR 46,000 HH 4pm: WDIV News 5.1 / 14 SHR 86,000 HH WJBK Judge Judy 3.6 / 10 SHR 60,000 HH WXYZ News 2.3 / 6 SHR 36,000 HH 5pm: WDIV News 7.4 / 17 SHR 125,000 HH WXYZ News 4.5 / 10 SHR 76,000 HH WJBK News 3.9 / 9 SHR 65,000 HH 6pm: WDIV News 9.7 / 20 SHR 163,000 HH WXYZ News 6.7 / 13 SHR 112,000 HH WJBK News 3.0 / 6 SHR 51,000 HH 7pm: WDIV
  5. That explains why I hadn’t seen it. My earliest recollection of watching it appears to start with the 1998 format. I was 8 at the time so I’m sure I saw some older shows but I don’t remember it if I did. It’s a little eerie how good everything seemed then and the way it’s being presented and comparing that to now... a lot can happen in 20 years I guess...
  6. Silly question: How long did they use the non-Kalehoff theme and rainbow-ish graphics in the 90’s? Found a newscast from 1997 that uses a theme I’ve never heard before and I wasn’t aware they had gone away from the well known theme for a time.
  7. Not until ratings tank... don’t hold your breath. “Breaking As We Come On The Air Tonight!! That girl, dunking her chicken nuggets in what she thought was ketchup, that moment she realized it was blood, horrified onlookers calling the police. And later that moment that everyone realized that I learned to talk like this from William Shatner, the story, that Will warm. your heart.” Whatever happened to anchoring like they used to do? It’s not like talking conversationally is THAT hard. I don’t know a single person that speaks like David Muir. Nobody. It can be distracting.
  8. If I was an advertiser I would be cautious.. there must be some drop off in viewers from the extended teaser... “well I guess that’s the news on to something else!”.. and then 2 or 3 17.575 second stories with 2 minutes of commercials between each... Clearly this is working in the ratings but it almost feels like a waste of time to not just run 6 minutes of ads after that 18 minute block. Maybe with everything going on in the world and how little attention they can give to things this argues Strongly for a full hour long newscast.
  9. I felt like they gave us every story in the newscast in that teaser...
  10. Is the old Jennings theme just in the open or is it in the teases to commercial and the close as well? Those long form closes with the old music were incredible.
  11. What we have now was the old standard prior to World War 2. The “Just the facts ma’am” thing came along after that and I have the feeling like most things of that era it was an offshoot of the war in some way. Maybe the controlling of information by the government during the war. At any rate much is made of losing “objectivity” despite that being a short lived anomaly...
  12. WXYZ Has a bolder bug now that doesn’t disappear into the background... it looks really nice..
  13. That looks pretty good especially the ticker setup.
  14. You would also be out of business.
  15. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    Oh I get it now... for some reason I was under the impression this was on the air.
  16. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    The bug is also missing so that's one indication of part of the problem. I would assume they do the graphics locally but the bug is beamed in from Indy if I understand the system correctly.
  17. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    That sounds like a master control issue. With that function hubbed odd things happen...
  18. *cough* The demos they are looking for and will need to survive past about 2035. *cough*
  19. Clearly my comment went right over your head but thanks for showing how “Easy” it is... I don’t do art, never could, so this means nothing to me. I just know what it looks like and how it behaves.
  20. While that’s largely true the same basic design principles apply. Boring flat bars and large full size rectangular graphics. Tabs galore. Ghosted logos in full screen graphics. There’s a lot of we do that too just not as well in there. It isn’t as flashy, there’s are also older.
  21. Not bad... the 5 looks halfway decent like that.
  22. From the viewer end I’m hearing a lot of positive things.. if you’re Management who’s opinion matters more? The employees or the viewers? Plus like the previous package these will be modified over time as stations adapt them to suit their needs.
  23. Over just how wide of a sample?

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