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  1. Nobody bothers staying over when this kind of weather is forecast?
  2. Regardless of language? Why do these bit-player Spanish language stations insist on doing the deception thing?
  3. Some of Scripps quality is lower than that... coincidence?
  4. Dignity where? Endless repeats of forensic files?
  5. Ah so not really an editorial director... Was this an on-air position?
  6. What is a community director?
  7. That’s true and pretty obvious from the graphic... I was driving at the possibility that the bi-lingual speakers have a choice between all the stations and the other folks don’t so there isn’t a lot of overlap between the audiences... that makes a comparison kind of ridiculous...
  8. Thats not a fair comparison... not even remotely... That’s the Telemundo station saying “look at me!”...
  9. That is by far the best color scheme on an ABC O&O package in that style...
  10. All I can think is that their technology guy is partial to mac’s or they got a good deal from Apple... When I was at WDIV briefly all I saw there were PC’s... I don’t think there was a Mac in the house...
  11. So what this appears to be is simply renaming The NOW, using the regular news graphics during local news, filling most of the show with the usual national cut-ins (no graphics used) and then some nifty green-screen graphics customized for the station. So The NOW is alive but in another form that folks can identify with. Some of the new custom transitions look pretty nice actually but overall this is a letdown.
  12. I’ve seen rows of iMacs in newsroom live shots before... surprising for a company that does everything else el cheapo...
  13. Oddly Scripps is the only place I’ve seen macs en mass in a newsroom...
  14. Smells like a Scripps corporate decision...
  15. WXYZ has begun running promos for “7 Action News at 4pm”... looks like somebody got the memo about “The NOW” and it’s going bye bye...
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