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  1. At least he seems to be taking it in stride.
  2. The folks in Roanoke shouldn’t jump the gun then.
  3. That’s what I was looking for. So for on air purposes he was just Mark Giangreco with Sports or something to that effect?
  4. What was the title they used on air for Mark if any?
  5. So Jim Rose is signed until 2023 it looks like when he will be 70. I’m gonna take a chance and guess it’s his last contract. Is there any chance Dionne Miller is in line to get the top job beyond that?
  6. Detroit Among total viewers: 6am: WDIV News 49,000 HH WJBK News 44,000 HH WDIV Is also claiming Women 25-54. 4pm: WDIV News 88,000 HH WJBK Judge Judy 55,000 HH WXYZ News 38,000 HH 5pm: WDIV News 120,000 HH WXYZ News 72,000 HH WJBK News 60,000 HH 6pm: WDIV News 160,000 HH WXYZ News 109,000 HH WJBK News 47,000 HH 7pm: WDIV Wheel/Jeopardy! 168,000 HH WXYZ News/The List 73,000 HH WJBK TMZ/EXTRA 35,000 HH 10pm: WJBK News 58,000 HH 11pm: WDIV News 110,000 HH WXYZ News 63,000 HH WJBK News 37,000 HH https://www.clickondetroit.com/news/loc ... platforms/
  7. Well that’s quite a doozy...
  8. I’m gonna guess a lack thereof. But if she doesn’t realize she’s a ditz then she’s the only one which would be appropriate I suppose. Still not the most professional thing to do on his part. My guess would be that this was the straw that broke the camels back.
  9. Do they really need to move?
  10. They dwelled on Tiger Woods a little much last night. Why do we need a rehash of the guys last win at the Masters and how everybody felt about it that lasted almost as long as the original report? The other issue is revealing so much in the teaser they are literally repeating themselves word for word in the newscast. I’ve been watching some of the old ABC newscasts lately and this kind of sloppy stuff sticks out like a sore thumb.
  11. It also clutters the screen to no end. That’s good the way it is... it reads “Live ABC News Special Report” there’s nothing to lose there especially with Breaking News in a big red box next to it which draws your eye left and then you start reading right and run right into the live bug. Doing it your way is unnecessary precisely because they managed to build this the way they did. That you have.. shall we say... odd ideas... about how graphics should look isn’t my concern.
  12. I remember it well actually. I grew up watching Nickelodeon between say 95 and 08... so I remember the concept well. I just don’t think an NFL game is a place for kiddy stuff. These are 22 big burly 300 pound men dropping multiple f-bombs per play. Real kid friendly. I remember that from slime time live too... oh... wait...
  13. Not terribly impressed with the idea of using slime in my NFL animations...
  14. That time the 1980’s called and tipped their hat to your logo design... Anytime a circle 7 doesn’t have an abc logo attached to it is a win.

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