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  1. Well here’s a new graphic being used in sports on WXYZ, from home I would say. This will be used the same way in the studio. All sports intros and other graphics remain V2:
  2. We all need to remember that objectivity is largely a postwar modern era invention. Journalism Spent most of its first 200 or so years as a partisan exercise and many of the “reporters“ were beholden directly to one or the other side. Heck some newspapers were at one time nearly party Appendages. We are going back to that slowly but surely for whatever it’s worth.
  3. I suppose that might be a question for a court. In extraordinary circumstances courts have been very lenient on that sort of thing especially in a public welfare situation. It’s pretty easy to argue that is where we are now. That’s the same reason Freedom of speech and assembly don’t apply in these quarantines. Knowing 100% of exactly who has it would make stopping the spread pretty easy.
  4. In theory if it finds a positive it isn’t a waste of a test. The problem is we don’t have enough tests. Ideally we would be going door to door across the country testing mandatorily.
  5. ns8401

    Out & About

    I’ve always been skeptical that someone like that really believe 100% of what they say... Is she really Actually that much of a conservative that she believes in virus as impeachment ploy Or could she have been faking it because that’s where she was and what that audience wants to hear?
  6. Their studio isn’t big enough to put them at opposite ends of it?
  7. That’s from an employee at WXYZ... they have too much going on right now to mess with it with the statewide lockdown and all the precautions going on so it’s on indefinite hold until this blows over. They have all the promo graphics and bumpers switched over now including the sponsored by bumpers which are the newest thing. It all looks really good.
  8. WXYZ was supposed to launch tomorrow.. Corona Virus has put everything on hold. We have had the new promo packages here for weeks too so KSHB is probably right there as well waiting to launch.
  9. ns8401

    Out & About

    It's probably toast...
  10. I don’t think that was it...
  11. It looks perfectly normal... most stations are doing that now.. instead of giving me hints why don’t you describe what you are complaining about?
  12. If they don’t incorporate the world into their reporting or tell David Muir to talk like a normal anchor and not some theater dropout they’ll have a complete package... can we also not do weather with “millions impacted” every time a rain cloud rolls by?
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