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  1. So... “Ah the next newscast is starting... better tune out because they are introducing people”? That’s some odd reasoning... People are far more likely to keep watching if they want more news or tune out if they don’t... 20 seconds of talent open won’t make or break you or everybody would do what you are describing...
  2. So much happens there that you might as well call it that...
  3. ns8401

    Out & About

    If said veteran talent is willing to take a pay cut (I know at least one guy was willing to work for $1 per year but to no avail) they should be allowed to continue until they are ready to go.
  4. The transitions on the L3’s are extremely simple too...
  5. So you lose one or two and keep thousands... those are numbers anybody can live with...
  6. So you are suggesting somebody might say “That rat bastard! Spending his Friday in Florida instead of on the morning news! I’m switching to GDNY!!!!!!!”? Said person would have a rather tenuous connection to the program if that swayed them away from it... they might envy the idea of being in Florida but c’mon... and as to your point about lineups changing... if it happens every week then they’ll get used to that arrangement and go “oh.. no Sam... it must be Friday already” and that will be about all it’ll rate....
  7. Or to the majority of viewers too old to notice or care... well... they don’t notice or care as long as they know the weather... where he is on his days off is extremely inside baseball don’t you think?
  8. ns8401

    Out & About

    Sarcasm is not your strong suit apparently...
  9. Probably a matter of months... WPLG is their graphics hub if i remember right...
  10. Detroit: 6am (44 SHR): WJBK News 4.4 / 18 SHR WDIV News 3.5 / 15 SHR WXYZ News 2.6 / 11 SHR 4-430pm (31 SHR): WDIV News 6.2/ 16 SHR WJBK Judge Judy 3.9 / 10 SHR WXYZ News 2.0 / 5 SHR 5pm (35 SHR): WDIV News 7.3 / 17 SHR WJBK News 4.2 / 10 SHR WXYZ News 3.4 / 8 SHR 6pm (36 SHR): WDIV News 8.0 / 17 SHR WXYZ News 5.4 / 12 SHR WJBK News 3.4 / 7 SHR 7-8pm (31 SHR): WDIV Wheel / Jeopardy 9.0 / 18 SHR WXYZ News / The List 3.6 / 7 SHR WJBK TMZ 2.8 / 6 SHR 10pm: WJBK News 4.5 / 8 SHR 11pm (27 SHR): WDIV News 6.0 / 13 SHR WXYZ News 3.4 / 7 SHR WJBK News 3.1 / 7 SHR https://www.clickondetroit.com/station/wdiv-tv-detroit-triumphs-with-ratings-victory-in-may
  11. But it’s apples and bananas... the English only viewers that watch the English speaking newscast don’t have a Spanish station as an alternative... they don’t speak Spanish... but many of the Spanish speakers also speak English and have a choice. This means that the English speaking stations are at a disadvantage in the comparison. The Telemundo’s of the world are hoping nobody actually spends 5 seconds thinking about that.. ”Despite language” seems to imply that the language is a choice for everyone... but it’s not... Its kind of like comparing Greyhound buses to budget airlines... sure both do cheap travel but are they really competitive? Is a 7 hour bus ride from Detroit to Chicago really competitive with a 65 minute flight? So I would argue that these stations are not actually competitors... they merely have a viewership overlap... Telemundo: “Most watched in town regardless of language” English-only viewer: “Guess I better learn Spanish so I can find out what the top news people are saying”... This stuff just isn’t reality...
  12. Huh... I’m used to folks sticking around till about 2am if there’s a chance of something interesting then handing it off to the morning person and going home... same crowd that breaks in for Severe Thunderstorm warnings on the other hand so maybe overkill is the policy... also different market so YMMV...
  13. I know what it means... it’s also an absolutely meaningless claim. I mean “Hey, don’t forget the Earth is flat” level meaningless...
  14. Nobody bothers staying over when this kind of weather is forecast?
  15. Regardless of language? Why do these bit-player Spanish language stations insist on doing the deception thing?
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