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  1. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    Oh I get it now... for some reason I was under the impression this was on the air.
  2. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    The bug is also missing so that's one indication of part of the problem. I would assume they do the graphics locally but the bug is beamed in from Indy if I understand the system correctly.
  3. ns8401

    Oops, WFTS

    That sounds like a master control issue. With that function hubbed odd things happen...
  4. *cough* The demos they are looking for and will need to survive past about 2035. *cough*
  5. Clearly my comment went right over your head but thanks for showing how “Easy” it is... I don’t do art, never could, so this means nothing to me. I just know what it looks like and how it behaves.
  6. While that’s largely true the same basic design principles apply. Boring flat bars and large full size rectangular graphics. Tabs galore. Ghosted logos in full screen graphics. There’s a lot of we do that too just not as well in there. It isn’t as flashy, there’s are also older.
  7. Not bad... the 5 looks halfway decent like that.
  8. From the viewer end I’m hearing a lot of positive things.. if you’re Management who’s opinion matters more? The employees or the viewers? Plus like the previous package these will be modified over time as stations adapt them to suit their needs.
  9. I think it depends on the station and the person. Some like it and some hate it. Same as everything else on earth. And there’s a lot of stations and people to ask too so opinions will vary.
  10. As far as I understand from everything said on here it’s their own creation.
  11. Nah... but from what I’ve heard from others people are warming up to these... If done right they look darn good, it’s really time for you to embrace the dark side my friend...
  12. Giant Octopus at work. Beats the pants off what you’ve been trying to get me to buy... actually the graphics I showed don’t look bad at age 11... They aged well on my TV too when I screen mirrored them. I’m not a graphic designer I’m a News consumer... There’s a reason they don’t just let the graphic designers work and see what happens...
  13. If I wanted it to do all that I would have stuck to the V2 graphics... they already did all that spinny 3D stuff. A different live bug, some highlighting flashes on the L3’s and a background behind the bug and maybe some darkening of the gradient in the background logo on full screen graphics and it would be an excellent look. It doesn’t need many tweaks to look really good. You’re showing me a lot of small market looking stuff that was cool in major markets a long time ago... any comment on my original suggestion? Flashy but not overly so with 3D elements and flatness...
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