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  1. Anything but burnt orange... even those white letters for 5 seconds over video 70’s style... An alternate package would be an intriguing idea...
  2. At this rate graphics will be like cars... are they really all that different looking we’ll be asking soon... thanks for pointing out the differences, 6 years after I made that video my memory is a tad foggy... That is kinda odd... they must be close to ready to go with it...
  3. It’s the original refresh of the L3’s for promos previewing an upcoming newscast... at least that’s what WXYZ used them for but those have been gone for a couple years now. It’s a little odd to see them as actual L3’s during a show. Took me a minute to place where I had seen those...
  4. Then enlighten the rest of the class. “Oh my god! It’s terrible, god help their souls” really doesn’t tell anybody a thing. So no I don’t know what you’ve seen and heard, you never said anything but some vague whining which I responded to by trying to politely tell you to chill. Now I can’t speak for a 2nd rate station like KMGH but it’s a basic fact that the third rate stations are going to do a far worse job applying the graphics than the 2nd rate ones and the 1st rate better than the 2nd. Or are you really gonna have everybody believe that they literally have 1 cut of music, 1 L3, 1 OTS, 1 Weather graphic, 1 open and 1 full screen graphic and that’s the whole thing? You usually come in here trashing whatever they come up with next... I want to see how a larger station actually applies them first and each will apply them differently by the way. Relax.
  5. With the current graphics package they have been VERY flexible and giving on individualized graphics, transitional elements and localized weather backgrounds. I doubt that would stop with a new package. It seems more like a company policy. I just think that station in Tallahassee isn’t very good and that really hurt the implementation and influenced, perhaps unfairly, our perceptions of the implementation of the new look. That’s the real problem here me thinks.
  6. You’ve heard 1 cut from the music package and seen graphics on a third rate station in a small market... Could you at least wait till WXYZ, WEWS, KSHB or the like adopt the look before declaring it to be so terrible? Even then I can think of much worse they could have done than these...
  7. I’m gonna second Midwest on the animations that love way too slowly. I screen mirrored WTXL onto my TV and it is annoying how slow they are. They needed to leave a blue box up on the right side behind the logo. Not only does it disappear at times but the temp bug said 69 and it blended right in with the upper 60’s that Tallahassee has right now, I almost couldn’t figure out it was the temp bug. They also get cluttered up with any kind of social media posting and it becomes unreadable all the way around.... that shouldn’t even be a discussion item it’s so basic. My other comment would be that there must be several faster paced actiony cuts of this theme that WTXL just doesn’t use. I know it’s Tallahassee but their newscasts are really awful...
  8. You can only have a package that looks like the old one for so long... 7 years later those design elements just aren’t fully workable anymore. You could always have the burned orange V1 Graphics if you really want... this new package certainly moves things forward rather than back to the dark days of late 2009.
  9. A lot of that has elements some of these stations would have used individually without group graphics... like the station logo ghosted in the background on the full screen shots. These are a huge upgrade. I think some of you guys are having trouble with how simple they are but mobile app style graphics are where the world is headed... the old package had no individuality at all. Somebody at Scripps realized that it can’t be completely one blanket design with no individual elements.
  10. Some of the elements vaguely remind me of the graphics WLS has for some reason... it’s a very nice look. The larger stations will implement it better than this undoubtedly. This is a small market station and the implementation is done accordingly.
  11. ns8401

    Out & About

    If the millennium is in a small geographic area... I still don’t even know what city we are talking about let alone whatever little announcement they are making could be...
  12. Probably a lot of them after November sweeps or quietly before or after the holidays me thinks. I hope more customization is possible with them and that damn flying box on the left is toast.
  13. Random thoughts while passing through... She needs some work on her annunciation... did you know the word filed ended in T? The new weather guy they got is pretty good. They don’t always hype the accuweather alert days do they?
  14. — James O'Keefe (@JamesOKeefeIII) October 14, 2019 Ahhh... Project Veritas... they of editing videos together out of context and calling it legitimate journalism? James O'Keefe is a con artist political activist with an axe to grind... If you are gonna quote things... use some actual sources and not some guy with a website and a desire to see an agenda fulfilled... thanks.
  15. Yeah it’s a little small market... but before you criticize YouTube style graphics... the interwebz be the way of the future and with that comes internet quality graphics...
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