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  1. Some markets are like that... they will use Channel x or just the number when referring to a station. The ABC7 thing shouldn’t be a one size fits all if it really doesn’t fit with the market or the audiences attitudes towards the station very well. Channel 7 emphasizes the local aspect... ABC7 emphasizes that they are abc and the 7 is secondary to that so it’s really all about who the audience is and how you want to present the station’s identity to that audience.
  2. You say you want weather and traffic in the morning... what you really mean is consumer issues you are too tired to think about or comprehend... what a goofy strategy..
  3. A: Not nearly that late... that’s ridiculous. B: 4 and 7 copy each other in Detroit. C:: New VoiceOver guy.
  4. ns8401

    Out & About

    I’m not a lawyer but that argument doesn’t sound like it would be easy to prove... at the same time I know of at least one guy that offered to work for $1 and was rebuffed... at a certain point you almost have to take that kind of offer... at least until you can properly ease them out. So how about not renewing at the end of a contract?
  5. ns8401

    Out & About

    Has anybody simply tried offering the veteran talent less money to stay? Sure you can purge them but if you can make them cheaper instead of canning them I’d try that...
  6. Yeah but the whole point of the channel used to literally be weather forecasts on a rotation with segments at set times every hour... not reality based programming with some weather here and there... I get that the internet can give you a forecast but it doesn’t explain it nearly as well as a human... so they could have doubled down on the cool explanations but instead they started showing “when weather changed history” while tornado outbreaks were happening...
  7. Not DIN! Oh the humanity... I still wish they had a 24 hour weather wheel... you knew what time to tune in for a storm update or a tropical update no matter the hour... their graphics were unbelievably simple at the time though...
  8. They last got some in 2014 so I think wondering a full 5 years later is fair game and they were preview graphics and not topicals used regularly in newscast when going to break. That said it’s fun to have something different to look at regardless of whether it tells the future...
  9. Perhaps you have a new definition of flat you would like to share with the rest of us? It’s a damn sight flatter than: These have 3D elements galore... where do you see a similar element in the new version? I don’t even see a single rounded edge or deep curve or anything...
  10. What prey tell is non flat about it?
  11. Screen shots are always better: Somebody should tell them to update the computer that runs their livestream... wouldn’t want it unsupported or anything... that message disappeared when the newscast actually came on so it was only on this placeholder screen during breaks. The new graphic is also used as a headline card on monitor shots and it can turn red for breaking news.
  12. Note that I said “direction”.. 2012 is when the current Scripps graphics were introduced and this paper flat look wasn’t even in then anyways... but it’s way in now...
  13. ns8401

    Out & About

    Ok I’ll bite... what about in Oklahoma? Does the demographic shift peter out as you move north in Texas to the point that it’s not much of a factor once you cross state lines?
  14. Here’s WXYZ’s new 11pm teaser graphics... the cities scroll at the bottom. There’s a cityscape “next on 7 action news at 11” graphic that comes before this, I’ll try to grab a shot of it. Maybe this is the direction Scripps will go later this year?
  15. The KABC ones have better animations and transitions... I think much of that is due to the small time nature of the company that made them. It's like using a small budget effects company instead of Industrial Light and Magic.. You're gonna get lesser results. I think the WABC package could be better if somebody like Renderon or one of the other major graphics companies had made it... Linear Drifts other big brag is the CBS O&O look but they just don't have much else major... WOIO maybe?
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