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  1. I think I’ll stick with what we have... however I like the music on the French one... I can’t stand all the junk floating above the lower thirds as an intro with the bubbles and arrows.... it’s much more cluttered than anything you get here... American consumers would find this... boring... they aren’t really interested in straight news as much as confrontation and excitement... that’s the part that really needs changing before we talk graphics... I actually ended up not going into the business because I got to see the sausage being embellished to dress up a story and it didn’t feel right... the photographer I got to ride around with was from Britain.. didn’t get along with him often but I did manage to get him to talk about the differences between his time at the BBC and his time state side... fascinating conversation...
  2. ns8401

    Out & About

    Ah Randy Bhirdo and Syma Chowdrey were involved in that if I remember correctly... Syma is now at WXYZ and I think Randy still does traffic at WWJ-AM...
  3. ns8401

    Out & About

    It’s most likely just a political ad ploy... it’s unlikely they’ll start any kind of news department at all...
  4. ns8401

    Out & About

    WKBD last had a real newscast of their own when their news department was shuttered in 2002... then WXYZ ran it as “UPN Action News” until 2004. Nobody around here really counts “First Forecast Mornings” as much of anything and that was on WWJ as I recall...
  5. Maybe Inergy can be kept around some of the stations at the rate...
  6. Getting closer... WXYZ debuted a new investigative promo to go with their new logo I posted last week... here are a couple images. They did use a variant of the ghosted circle 7 as a background. This logo ghosted behind almost anything actually looks pretty sweet. I still can’t stand all the lower case for their slogan... it looks unprofessional...
  7. WXYZ has a new investigative logo that matches the new look: Not too shabby... Still V2 as of now but clearly it’s coming soon.
  8. What has improved? They all look identical outside of the bug thing...
  9. So they can put the logo in a box during the tease... this is the payoff for all the small ball executive hires to oversee their news operations as a group...
  10. So did they literally pay $.50 for a single cut of music? That’s all they seem to have is the single slow plodding cut. I don’t get it...
  11. It really does seem to matter what’s behind that bug... this is the poster child for why clear bug graphics in a newscast were abandoned around 1995...
  12. I’ll second the “This Morning” branding rather than “In The Morning” which sounds like its going to happen tomorrow rather than now... My, Ravi is rather outnumbered on the set tonight isn’t he?
  13. On several stations it was renamed, for example we now have 7 Action News at 4... the lame nationalized cut-Ins are exactly the same, they just don’t use the graphics from The NOW and don’t call it that... In fact they don’t use graphics during the National segments or name the show at all but they use the V2 graphics for the local parts. It’s all a nice slight of hand but the ratings are no better with the name change. An actual full local normal newscast is apparently too much to ask for I guess...
  14. WXYZ now has the new Scripps music signature for the slate. I don’t think there is any requirement to use the slate or the signature though. It seems to vary by show and producer...
  15. WXYZ just started using the regular upbeat Inergy theme over the slate instead of the normal slate chime or just a regular L3 with copyright information instead of the slate. They are not using the Inergy signature for it, just the midsection of the theme. No sign of anything new in Detroit yet but the slate is worlds better with Inergy as the theme playing during it for what it’s worth. What’s got us thinking Indy may be next?
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