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  1. I know back when Meredith Viera was on the Today show and hosted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, she agreed not to be on the third and fourth hours of Today (outside of breaking news coverage), since a lot of stations aired Millionaire between 9 and 11am.
  2. We had Comcast when I was growing up and it was a living Hell to call them for anything. I got better customer service talking to my cat than anyone from Comcast. We now have FIOS and I couldn't be happier with what they offer us.
  3. This past winter during that crazy blizzard we had here in VA, WDCA took on airing regular FOX programming so WTTG could keep running non-stop news coverage.
  4. I know WBAL has a 10pm show on their MeTV affiliate and while not Hearst owned, WBTV in Charlotte has an 8pm newscast on their Bounce as well.
  5. WUSA simulcasts their 7pm news on their Bounce subchannel and also will air regular CBS programming over there in the event of longform breaking news coverage or when a Nats baseball game is on the main channel.
  6. I can't stand the sidebar graphic, it reminds me of ESPN.
  7. My thoughts/observations on DCW50's new 10pm news (so far) They're using CBS6's main set and graphics, obviously using a DCW50 logo, though. "Top 10 at Ten": Top ten stories in the first ten mins of the show, however the graphic kept on the left of the screen is obnoxious. Overall, I think this will be a refreshing alternative to FOX5 and News Channel 8, given time I think this could gain some sort of traction and hopefully develop into an hour-long show all from DC and eventually a morning newscast as well.
  8. WDCW's new 10pm newscast debuts tomorrow night. I gotta say I'm excited for this, thankfully it's not going to be one of those "Newsfix" or "News w/ a Twist" type shows. It'll be interesting to see how local Tribune is going to make this, especially with it being produced from WTVR's studios down in Richmond.
  9. I stand corrected, I follow one of their new reporters on Twitter and he tweeted the two new promos that're supposed to start running this week.
  10. WJLA/NC8 weekend meteorologist Devon Lucie has announced his departure from the station to take over as weekday AM meteorologist at KTVX in Salt Lake City. Devon's wife, WUSA9 reporter Surae Chinn is expected to join him as well. (credits to DCRTV)
  11. They did actually and that's the only time I've seen it mentioned on their FB at all. At this rate people expecting to watch the 10pm Seinfeld rerun are gonna be in for a huge shock come next week.
  12. I find it interesting that DCW50 has done little to no promotion for their upcoming 10pm newscast. No on-air promotions and nothing on Facebook outside of the question I asked them as to when it started (granted I already know it starts 4/18, but I wanted to see if they'd actually respond).
  13. WWBT in Richmond also has Inside Edition at 4:30 after their 4pm news.
  14. Cameron Thompson joins DCW50 as an MMJ for their soon to be launched 10pm newscast. Thompson previously reported for WNEW-FM until the station flipped formats to business talk.
  15. Marcella Raymond gets a letter from a "fan" telling her she needs to lose weight. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10209009211692571
  16. Will Thomas exits FOX5/WTTG after 19 years (via FTV Live) http://www.ftvlive.com/todays-news/2016/3/11/well-would-you-loo
  17. I hope this works out for them. WTVR is a great station (living in Fredericksburg I get DC and RVA channels) and I think if this is promoted right, it could impact FOX5 eventually.
  18. Taking over for Mike Gonzalez who has been named evening co-anchor at KAPP/KVEW (ABC) in Yakima WA. Seems like a huge demotion, going from mornings in market 25, to a B-level station.
  19. Off the top of my head, the only other I can think of is possibly WPLG? I know WJLA technically has one, by way of News Channel 8.
  20. The last time they had a newscast was in 1991 when WRC produced a 7:30pm show for then when they were WFTY (IND). If this all falls into place, I hope they take a harder approach than WTTG and for the love of God, none of that NewsFix or News with a Twist shit.
  21. WTVD named their main studio in Durham after the great Larry Stogner. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10153672115952550
  22. Reminds me of when Pam Saulsby left WRAL to "pursue other interests", when in reality, WRAL had shit-canned her over her age and appearance, among other things.
  23. Tamara Gibbs leaves WTVD to take a job with the Durham County Sheriff's Department as a Senior Public Information Specialist.
  24. Jim Connors, sports director at TWC News NC/Raleigh passed away after a sudden illness, he was 51. http://www.twcnews.com/nc/triangle-sandhills/sports-news/2015/11/22/twc-news-remembers-sports-director-jim-connors.html
  25. I had been wondering about that myself. I thought we'd be subject to more Law & Order reruns or whatever the hell WGN-A airs these days.

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