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  1. WUSA weekend morning anchor Nick Giovanni leaving for an (as of now) unnamed station in Boston.
  2. He's been doing a lot of fill in work over at WTVR as well.
  3. Not to mention all the work she does for the DMV, especially with Buddy Check 9. It seems to be like they're putting her out to pasture like JC Hayward (who never should've been terminated either).
  4. DCRTV reports that longtime WUSA 9 morning anchor Andrea Roane has been demoted from the morning and noon news, to strictly doing the noon news. As a DC native, this one really pisses me off. I grew up watching her originally on the 6 and 11pm news with Gordon Peterson, later moving to mornings with Mike "Buck" Buchanan, later Mike Walter, and I was so happy to see her again when I came back home for good last spring.
  5. Enjoyed her when she was chief met at KTLA for a period of time, glad to see her doing well!
  6. I worded that wrong, my apologies (it never does me any good to watch baseball and type LOL).
  7. Hell, if push comes to shove and they don't have anyone in New York or LA to do an overnight break in (we see how ill-prepared CBS was for Muhammad Ali's death, having KCBS' Paul Magers anchor an impromptu special report)... is there anyone in the London bureau overnight?
  8. Beginning to wonder if the "CBS Overnight News" needs overhaul already. With what happened last week in Dallas, NO mention of it at all that I can recall, whereas World News Now covered it live(Nightline wasn't much better, to be fair). I know they covered it on CBS Morning News, but one would think they'd have the anchor for that show at least record some kind of update, or hell even simulcast CBS-N.
  9. I had an affair with Matt Lauer and Tiger Woods.
  10. You kids and your dadgum vidya games and the pokiemans catching.
  11. WCCB in Charlotte has had that bizarre "WCCB News Edge" at 10:35p for as long as I remember. You'd think once WJZY launched, they'd ditch that concept to compete head to head with WSOC's 10pm show on WAXN and WJZY as well.
  12. According to DCRTV, WJLA has picked up rights to air the Redskins appearances on Monday Night Football from WDCA/My 20. Interestingly enough, WJLA also airs Ravens preseason games in the DC area. WRC will still carry preseason games that aren't nationally televised. Looks like the lynch mob of DWTS fans will flood the WJLA Facebook when their precious show gets interrupted.
  13. That they are, I really like them so far based on what little I've seen.
  14. You did a damn good job with that write-up, Roly.. proud of ya!
  15. Since WNCN followed suit with WRAL and airs Y&TR at 4pm, I'd like to see them move Judge Mabalean from 9-10am, do an hourlong noon news to fully compete with WRAL and WTVD, air a Judge Judy episode at 1, before B&B at 1:30.
  16. I'd assume that's what they'd do, seeing as before they became a CBS station they had two double runs of the show IIRC.
  17. WNCN has cancelled their mid-morning lifestyle/paid programming show, My Carolina Talk. No word on a replacement as of yet, although TitanTV listings still show "new episodes" to be aired through at least the next week.
  18. WRAL's Tom Suiter to retire after 35 years. He went part time in 2008 and continued to host Football Friday and his Extra Effort Award, along with the occasional fill in at the main sports desk. http://www.highschoolot.com/after-35-years-of-football-friday-tom-suiter-to-retire/15753833/
  19. DCRTV now confirms that Veronica Johnson will be joining ABC7/News Channel 8 as a morning meteorologist, working alongside Eileen Whalen. Jacqui Jeras will be leaving the station in July to return to Atlanta with her husband who was just transferred back there. Also in ABC7/NC8 news, weekday evening anchor and DC/Baltimore news veteran Morris Jones announces his departure from the station.
  20. DCRTV's sources reporting that Veronica Johnson will indeed be going to ABC7/News Channel 8 and take over for Jacqui Jeras, who is reportedly moving back to Atlanta.
  21. Forgot about that, by that time we usually have the Nationals game on here.
  22. Interesting. In DC Steve Harvey's talk show is on at 2pm on NBC and FF has a double run at 5pm on My20, in Richmond the talk show airs at 4pm on CBS6 and a FF double run at 6pm on FOX. When I lived in Raleigh both shows were on the same station (FOX 50)
  23. The only other similar situation I know of with personalities appearing on competing networks is when Oprah was still on. In markets where she and Dr. Phil were on different stations, there was a rule that the two shows could not air opposite each other, and I assume it's the same for markets where Steve Harvey's talk show and Family Feud aren't on the same channel.
  24. I know back when Meredith Viera was on the Today show and hosted Who Wants To Be a Millionaire, she agreed not to be on the third and fourth hours of Today (outside of breaking news coverage), since a lot of stations aired Millionaire between 9 and 11am.
  25. We had Comcast when I was growing up and it was a living Hell to call them for anything. I got better customer service talking to my cat than anyone from Comcast. We now have FIOS and I couldn't be happier with what they offer us.

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