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  1. I like it for CBS-TM, but it doesn't feel right for the Evening News, nor do I particularly care for it during special reports.
  2. WRC & WRAL are both airing the countdown show, but no special programming before it.
  3. WRC usually goes back to News 4 Today from 8:30-10am, WRAL does the same for local news, but from 9:30-10 as they normally start Weekend Today at 8am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday.
  4. I wasn't pleased with Mark & Micah during the coverage of the Cubs World Series parade, so I can't blame WGN for the decision.
  5. "As fulfilling as my work here at WTTG has been, I am very excited to begin this new journey that involves my passions and will make a difference in our community. I am proud to have been part of such an awesome team of creative and motivated journalists." Also says she'll make her announcement about her plans soon. To me, that translates into her contract not being renewed.
  6. DCRTV reports that Laura Evans will be leaving WTTG effective 12/2.
  7. When Bob Ryan moved to WJLA, he was given the title of "senior meteorologist" while Doug kept the chief title.
  8. I think WGN-A still airs the parade on Thanksgiving day.
  9. Those damn libs wanna take away my Matlock!
  10. MLB Network is airing it as well, however it doesn't look like ESPN is.
  11. For those interested, WGN America will be simulcasting the Cubbies victory parade tomorrow morning starting at 10am EDT. (Info accurate as of 7:30 when I called WGN themselves to confirm).
  12. Leon Harris' final broadcast was tonight. I certainly hope he remains in the area, definitely one of the good guys.
  13. He'll get it over the next 3-5 years.
  14. Outside of New Orleans where CBSTM airs on WUPL/My and Greensboro which airs the show on an hour delay from 8-10, are there any other markets where the weekday show is preempted or delegated to another time/network?
  15. Good question. The only thing I could think of off the top of my head is keeping him at 5 with Lesli Foster and team him up with Andrea Roane to co-anchor the noon news as well, along with being Leon's backup. I don't see Bruce Johnson retiring anytime soon as he just got the 7pm newscast to himself (haven't watched it yet to see what it's like), so if Leon did come to WUSA, it's really difficult to figure out what the hell WUSA would do.
  16. I know there's no chance at this happening, but I would love to see WUSA team Andrea Roane and Leon Harris up for the 6 and 11.
  17. DCRTV reporting that WUSA is axing their 7pm newscast in favor of a show titled Off Script, featuring veteran anchor/reporter Bruce Johnson. I wonder if this will be along the same lines as Next w/ Kyle Clark on KUSA? Also in WUSA-related news, it seems evening anchor Jan Jeffcoat's move to the morning newscast has been made official, as they've been airing TNF promotions featuring her with Mike Hydeck.
  18. Propane and propane accessories I tell ya hwat.
  19. Looks like all Tribune-owned stations along with WGN America have returned to Dish Network.
  20. DCRTV reports that Leon Harris will be leaving WJLA/NC8 in October after 13 years. EDIT: <blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">13 great yrs at ABC7 are not enough, but will have to be. Thanks for the support, all! Not my choice, but it's now my challenge. Much love!</p>— Leon Harris (@LeonABC7) <a href="[MEDIA=twitter]771730256998854656[/MEDIA]">September 2, 2016</a></blockquote> (sorry if this is jumbled up, I'm not familiar with HTML.)
  21. Do any other Tribune owned stations have something similar? When I moved back here from NC, it used to basically be their radar with NOAA WX radio, along with the required E/I programming. WRAL used to have something similar until it was canned in favor of MeTV.
  22. WTVR has CBS 6 Xtra on .3, which airs previous newscasts on a continuous loop 24/7. For example, they rerun the 6am hour of the morning news until noon, 12:30-5pm is the noon news, so on and so forth. Plus they'll air regular CBS programming in the event of longform breaking news coverage.
  23. Reminds me of WNCN's rebranding since they became a CBS affiliate. I would have rather seen them keep the WNCN branding or revert to "CBS17 News". "CBS North Carolina" sounds horrible.
  24. Godspeed to an incredible journalist. Bob is definitely one of the good guys in broadcasting, he will certainly be missed.
  25. I'm assuming she's also on standby to anchor any NBC News special reports if needed, at least until they can get Lester in if it was something requiring long-form coverage.

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