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  1. According to his Twitter, he was on MSNBC this afternoon after Alex Witt.
  2. I'd honestly like to see Ken Smith get to take Bill Leslie's spot in the morning. He's been the weekend evening co-anchor for ages it seems, incredibly good reporter, and very well liked among the viewers. Regardless of who is picked though, I'm sure Capitol Broadcasting has enough common sense to promote within and not hire from the outside, unless they were able to snag someone from WTVD or WNCN.
  3. In the next 5-10 years, I honestly won't be surprised if Greg Fishel decides to call it a career. How can you "replace" a guy like the Fish? Granted I think someone like Mike Maze or Elizabeth Gardner would be promoted, but still... it's crazy.
  4. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1572731756130351 Longtime WRAL morning/noon co-anchor Bill Leslie will retire on June 30th, 2018. David Crabtree also said recently that he'll be retiring at the end of 2018.
  5. WUSA airs their own ticker during CBS TM, but it looks like WTVR uses the standard one. Do CBS affiliates have the option to override the main one? I know WTVD always ran their own ticker during GMA, but most ABC affiliates I've seen run the standard one.
  6. WRAL weekend evening co-anchor Kathryn Brown will take Lynda Loveland's place when she leaves the station in December. Nice to see they're promoting from within. http://www.wral.com/kathryn-brown-to-take-daily-anchor-spot-beginning-in-december/16967230/
  7. I remember that shooting quite well, but didn't remember when it was.
  8. Been thinking lately about WRAL and the Olympics this year, I wonder how they're going to handle the Raycom ACC package during prime time? I assume they could send basketball over to FOX 50, because putting it on a subchannel would piss a lot of people off, especially bar owners that have Directv/Dish Network and no subchannels, and I can't imagine NBC would be too happy about them delaying/moving the Olympics to a subchannel either. Food for thought lately.
  9. WUSA morning anchor Mike Hydeck joining WVIT effective October. Also leaving the WUSA morning team is Allyson Rae who will be going to WBBH. Lately I've seen Larry Miller fill in for Mike and it was already announced that Miri Marshall will be taking over for Allyson. So in the better part of a year or so, the morning team at WUSA has essentially been 100% replaced. Jan Jeffcoat moved to mornings, with Andrea Roane demoted to noon/evening fill-in duties, plus what I mentioned above. [MEDIA=twitter]907369109893021697[/MEDIA]
  10. As a kid growing up in Northern VA, today's a bittersweet day. I was never 100% loyal to any news channel, but when it snowed, I always loved watching Doug Hill, especially because I thought the "ABC7 Snow Machine" was the coolest thing ever. Best wishes in your retirement, Doug! Feel free to come back and bring Bob Ryan with you when it snows again!
  11. DCRTV reports that WUSA morning meteorologist Allyson Rae is leaving the station to rejoin WBBH in Fort Myers FL.
  12. She's starting this weekend because of Irma and from what I gather, WUSA will go with two meteorologists in the morning as the other DC stations do. (WRC has Chuck Bell & Sheena Parveen, WTTG has Mike Thomas & Tucker Barnes, WJLA has Eileen Whalen and Veronica Johnson).
  13. He's retiring in a couple weeks, I think he announced it in May sweeps. Lately he's only been working the noon, 4, and 5pm shows.
  14. Former WBAL meteorologist Miri Marshall announces she will be taking over in mornings at WUSA https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1213485848757258 I wonder what that means for Allyson Rae?
  15. Really would have rather seen Steve Rudin or Veronica Johnson get the big promotion to take over for Doug Hill.
  16. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1126654984102870 WNCN weekday morning meteorologist Alyssa Corfont announces her departure from the station effective next Friday.
  17. We have CNN-I on FIOS here, but it's in the very high end package that we don't get, which also includes BBC World News (only SD), the HD feed of Oprah's channel, GSN in SD/HD, Logo, and a few others. Surprisingly, we get OWN in our package, but only in SD.
  18. HLN announces that Carol Costello and S.E. Cupp's shows will debut on August 21st. The new HLN weekday schedule (per AdWeek) will be 6a-11a: Morning Express with Robin Meade 11a-1p: Across America with Carol Costello 1p-3p: On the Story with Erica Hill 3p-5p: Michaela Pereria 5p-7p: Forensic Files and/or CNN/HLN original series reruns 7p-8p: S.E. Cupp Unfiltered 8p-9p: Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield 9p-6a: Forensic Files (all times Eastern) http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/carol-costello-and-s-e-cupps-hln-shows-launch-aug-21/337420
  19. There might be on Roku or something LMAO. Then again, they do have a dog channel on DIRECTV, which didn't do shit for my dogs.
  20. To be fair, the Sewing Channel does have some captivating story telling. Mrs. Edna's show has reduced me to tears at how much she has uncovered in the raw & gritty world of competitive sewing.
  21. The NoVA News airs at live at 7, I think the 11pm is a rerun.
  22. We've had WDVM/WHAG on Fios for a few days now, but only in SD on channel 31, and I gotta say I do enjoy hearing about different stories you won't hear on the big 4 in DC, plus I have family in West Virginia so WV Tonight Live is a good resource to hearing about news in their area.
  23. Former WRIC reporter Candice Cole has resurfaced at WDCW. I guess they're holding their own in the ratings against FOX 5, hopefully they'll soon move full production to DC and expand to an hour.
  24. Pam Saulsby (former WRAL & WNCN anchor) and Bill Leslie (WRAL) are the only names that come to mind for me.
  25. Someone forgot they were signed into the WVEC Facebook before posting this. EDIT: As soon as I posted this, it was taken down.

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