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  1. Should be an interesting show. I love when they're on Stephanie Miller's radio show.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=2350047018357454 This picture says it all. So happy to hear some good news about Bruce Johnson.
  3. WITN's original facilities in Chocowinty NC will be demolished this week. They operated from that building from their sign on in September 1955 until June 2013 when they moved full-time into their Greenville facilities http://www.witn.com/content/news/WITNs-original-building-being-demolished-by-current-owner-488399631.html
  4. Longtime WTTG weekend PM anchor/reporter Matt Ackland leaves after 16 years at the station [MEDIA=twitter]1018310684172578817[/MEDIA]
  5. Watching Match Game reruns on BUZZR this afternoon and apparently they now stream online, along with being available on DISH Network. I knew they were on DISH, but how many of the diginets stream online, outside of some of the smaller/lesser-carried ones like Heartland?
  6. I think he does have 100% control though. His posts are all 100% him, nothing seems to be corporate bullshit.
  7. Longtime DC sports personality Chick Hernandez has left NBC Sports Washington, this is a bummer. [MEDIA=twitter]1003991077009977344[/MEDIA]
  8. WJLA/NC8 morning and 5pm co-anchor Larry Smith's contract was not renewed, he had been with them since 2015. [MEDIA=twitter]1002848667425034240[/MEDIA]
  9. I don't know where FIOS gets their guide info, but wherever they get it from still thinks James Adams and Mary-Alice Salinas still anchor WRC's 6pm Saturday show and also that Barbara Harrison & Joe Krebs do the 11.
  10. I'm surprised they didn't do an entire newscast like WRAL did in 2006 with Charlie Gaddy, Bobbie Batista, Bob DeBardelaben, and Tom Suiter did. They did the 6pm show and it was a fairly heavy news night for them, so it wasn't a lot of reminiscing.
  11. WUSA 9's Bruce Johnson spoke to DCRTV to say that he's finished his first round of chemo and is doing well. So happy to hear this.
  12. Karla Redditte will be taking over for Sabrina Squire at WWBT. I'm glad they decided to promote from within, rather than an outside hire. It seems more natural to have an already familiar face to viewers take over for a retiring anchor, meteorologist, etc. http://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2018/5/8/you-redditte-right-richmond-station-has-a-new-anchor
  13. Verizon FIOS and Xfinity have added it as well, so it has a lot more reach than it did in the WHAG days.
  14. Nothing too big out of DC or Richmond yet, but WDVM is getting the new Vivica A. Fox show. I'm interested to see what WTTG is going to replace Harry with. WRLH delegated him to overnights shortly after the new year in favor of a second run of Wilkos.
  15. Patrick and Megan McGrath (father and daughter). Patrick was a longtime anchor/reporter for WTTG, retired awhile back. Megan is still a morning reporter for WRC. The late Stan Chambers and Jaime Chambers (grandfather and grandson) Lester and Stefan Holt (father and son) Robin and Sally-Ann Roberts (sisters) Dr. Frank and Storm Field (father and son) Sue and Liz Palka (mother & daughter) Those are the few I can remember off the top of my head.
  16. I'm fucking heartbroken to pass this along, but longtime WUSA anchor/reporter Bruce Johnson has been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma.... Bruce will be taking an indefinite LoA from the anchor desk to battle this. http://www.wusa9.com/article/news/local/wusa9-anchor-bruce-johnson-diagnosed-with-cancer/65-546664972
  17. Eat, didn't we have this talk a couple weeks ago? Humans are friends, not food!
  18. WRAL evening meteorologist Mike Maze sat down with the Raleigh News & Observer about some health challenges he's currently facing, very good read to learn about a rare condition. http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/article209622484.html
  19. Is there any local TV station in the US that airs more news than KTLA? I swear it seems like they have more than anyone, not counting local cable news nets like NY1 or News Channel 8 of course.
  20. Former WTTG weekend sports guy Brody Logan signs on with KUSA as their new sports director. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=1645088628913483
  21. I know WUSA moved golf or whatever else was on over to their old Bounce subchannel, but now that Bounce is affiliated with WFDC, all WUSA has is Justice Network and I'm not sure how friendly they are with their programming being pre-empted.
  22. I've said the same thing. They could even get MASN 2 in the deal because this time of year, there'll be a need for a third NBCSN Washington channel to help cover early playoff matches for the Caps and Wizards, as well as early season Nats games.
  23. BaltoMedia.net reports that for the first time in decades, the Orioles will not be aired on OTA TV, leaving all games exclusive to MASN (excluding those picked up by ESPN, MLB Network, and FOX. The Nats are also out of an OTA home. So for cord-cutters in Charm City and the DMV, unless WTTG and/or WBFF pick up some games, you're out of luck, and MASN has no option for in market streaming.
  24. CNN-SI and CNN-FI send their regards too.
  25. WJLA meteorologist Josh Knight helped out WBFF about a year or so ago in their time of need. Not to mention, the occasional fill-in WX gigs during network morning shows, they usually poach from the O&O's. Similar thing happened when Paul Magers did an impromptu SR when Muhammad Ali passed. Unrelated but while I'm thinking of it, are network O&O's basically considered de-facto bureaus for their parent network? Not talking about NYC, DC, Chicago, or LA, but say Raleigh for WTVD/ABC, Austin for KTBC/FOX, etc?

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