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  1. Congrats to Sue Palka on 30 years this week of being chief meteorologist at FOX5. I've watched Sue ever since I could remember the names of on-air personalities on TV, and even through the 9-ish years I spent in North Carolina, I usually always checked her forecasts when things got crazy here in the DC-area!
  2. WTVR announces Candace Burns will permanently take over the 6p & 11p co-anchor position with Bill Fitzgerald. Candace came to CBS6 last year when the late Stephanie Rochon took her medical LOA. I'm happy they're giving it to Candace, while we'll all miss Steph, Candace is great and deserves it.
  3. Couldn't have happened to a better guy, congrats to Bruce.
  4. Three big stories from DCRTV: Derek McGinty announces his departure from WUSA, but will continue to host Capital Download. Erica Grow also announces her departure from WUSA to take a weekend weather position at WNBC. Scott Smith is leaving WTTG in three months after his contract expires as the station is "de-emphasizing" traditional sports.
  5. CBS6 dedicated their newsroom today in honor of Stephanie Rochon. Watched some of the ceremony online, she would be proud.
  6. Steve Daniels interviews Larry Stogner and gives us an update. This was hard to watch, Larry's once booming voice is slowly declining. http://abc11.com/news/larry-stogner-to-take-part-in-ice-bucket-challenge-/948584/
  7. Not confirmed yet but a post on DCRTV mentions that Tom Kierein will be moving to weekend mornings at WRC and Chuck Bell will be taking over Tom's position as morning/11am meteorologist. Not sure what's going on over there or if this is even Tom's choice, but if not, that's gotta be an insult to him... after all those years working in the morning..
  8. WTTG adds Erin Como as a morning traffic reporter, replacing Caitlyn Roth who moves to the weekend morning newscasts as a meteorologist.
  9. DCRTV reports that longtime FOX5 reporter Beth Parker put in her two weeks at the station.
  10. Lynda Loveland moves to weekday evenings at WRAL/FOX50 to take over for Jackie Hyland who departed last month.
  11. WWBT in Richmond also aired some form of a newscast however I couldn't tell if it was live or Memorex, seemed to be a basic check of headlines and quick WX rundown.
  12. As of 1:47a EDT, the NASCAR race is STILL on. I wonder how many NBC affiliates in EDT/CDT are actually planning a live newscast tonight and if they use the weekend PM crew or just have the morning crew anchor an abbreviated broadcast? WRC already said they aren't going to, interesting to hear from you guys watching if your NBC affiliate is going to go live this morning after the race.
  13. Came across this interview with Larry Stogner from the Raleigh News and Observer about his time at WTVD and their competition with WRAL. Very good interview, check it out.
  14. Jackie Hyland out at WRAL/FOX50 http://www.newsobserver.com/entertainment/tv/warm-tv-blog/article25472437.html
  15. I don't know how bad the reaction was for breaking in to the Cubbies game, but God forbid WRAL break into Bold & The Beautiful to cover a tornado warning. You'd think Greg Fishel slaughtered the family dog on the air with how shitty people get about the coverage.
  16. My thoughts and prayers to Bob's family as well as the KFOR family.
  17. Per a FB post from Steve Rudin, Jonathan will also anchor the 10pm show on News Channel 8. EDIT: I wonder what this means for Morris Jones?
  18. I wonder if that's where Fred Shropshire is headed?
  19. Heartbroken to pass this along to you guys, Steph Rochon from WTVR has passed after a courageous battle with cancer. http://wtvr.com/2015/06/03/goodbye-stephanie/
  20. WCIA's Dave Benton passed away after a remarkable battle with brain cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with his family as well as the folks at WCIA.
  21. Longtime WTVD ND Rob Elmore leaves for the same position at KABC. http://abc11.com/news/abc11-news-director-rob-elmore-heading-to-la/733375/
  22. Chris Hohmann updated his post to say Fred & Sheyenne Rodriguez (also a WTVD reporter) will be moving to Charlotte. No word on what station as of yet.
  23. Fred Shropshire announces his departure from WTVD effective Friday. No station/city announced publicly except that he will be a main anchor at "another station", which leads me to believe he'll be staying in the Triangle.
  24. WNCN is getting a lot of negative feedback for pre-empting the Caps-Flyers game this afternoon (being aired as part of Hockey Day in America) to air the funeral for the late Dean Smith. Strangely enough the game wasn't even delegated to 17.2, viewers were just told to watch the game online.
  25. WOWK/WVNS weekend meteorologist Kristin Ketchell announces via Facebook she'll be joining WNCN. Her last day at WOWK/WVNS is February 22nd. Former WOAY chief meteorologist Heidi Moore will replace Ketchell.

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