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  1. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Today Show

    When Ellen first started, she was on from 11am-noon on WRC and was later moved to her current 3pm timeslot when Dr. Phil moved over to WTTG and later WUSA.
  2. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    CBS This Morning

    I like Maurice, I think he'd do great.
  3. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Out and About

    Angie Goff leaving WRC effective today. I'm honestly surprised, I know she's definitely a viewer favorite here in DC, going back to her days across town at WUSA. https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/local/Angie-Goff-Says-Goodbye-to-News4_Washington-DC-502874451.html?_osource=SocialFlowTwt_DCBrand&fbclid=IwAR20wvwLO2nRBMEMWUjMc6FF6pFMYAsBx825V8j6Qmt91AMiuieA2YJkWSY
  4. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Are there plans to launch this in other O&O markets? I would lean towards LA or Chicago starting next if this works out.
  5. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    There we go, thanks! . Hopefully they'll update the CBSN apps for this, I just checked my iPhone and Xbox One, nothing there yet.
  6. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    I'm getting the main CBSN on both links. I wonder if it's restricted to the NYC DMA?
  7. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    WCBS - CBS2 News

    Just tried to watch it, couldn't find any link.
  8. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Today Show

    I don't know how Regis' health is these days, but I'd love to see him come back and co-host with her during her farewell week. Hasn't he filled in for Hoda in the past?
  9. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Today Show

    Kathie Lee Gifford announces her departure from The Today Show effective April 2019. https://variety.com/2018/tv/news/kathie-lee-gifford-to-leave-nbcs-today-1203086628/?fbclid=IwAR3UF_gCwqgAN0xjtB-oYL8hLDsCvbjwYVMD45k3R8wJ3XUvNPXZFMdqsbI
  10. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    2018-19 Syndication News

    Are they as crazy as some of the 90's era Springer topics such as "I Married a Horse" or "Daddy, Will You Marry Me?"
  11. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    CNN Evacuated for Bomb Threat

    All clear given shortly before midnight, glad everyone is okay.
  12. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    The Caps honored President Bush this afternoon before their game with Anaheim.
  13. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    Out and About

    WSBK had it during their UPN years IIRC.
  14. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    Would not be surprised to see the network morning and evening shows going with the weekday crew later on today.
  15. TriangleTriadMediaNews

    George HW Bush dies at 94

    CBSN has been back and forth between their own coverage and simulcasting KHOU.

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