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  1. Isn't it self funding like the athletic programs?
  2. that's still only 10 hours, maybe they could try a Bozo reboot or just dig out Bozo reruns?
  3. what do they replace the Cubs with?
  4. the younger generation, liberal or conservative, doesn't have any need for cable news with social media
  5. will the younger alt-right crowd replace them?
  6. but who will replace them after they die off, younger tech savy viewers don't really have any need for TV news, the younger alt right crowd doesn't even watch FNC
  7. people want news that fits their bias, one way or another
  8. the demographic that grew up with "fake news"
  9. getting out before Sinclair makes him deny global warming
  10. they probably weren't interested since they had Cardinals and Blues games and WB didn't program 7 nights a week like ABC
  11. the Koplars, who owned KPLR at the time, were never interested in selling until the late 90s when they sold it to Jamie Kellner, it also had the Cardinals and Blues that would have pre-empted a lot of ABC programming, KDNL had just formed a news department before it switched to ABC under a local company that $inclair later bought
  12. what about CBS, FOX, or NBC affiliates in the top 100 with fewer followers? are there any ABC (or CBS, NBC, FOX) affiliates where the CW or MNTV affiliate ranks higher than them? $inclair claims KDNL is ranked 5th, below CW affiliate KPLR, it had the Cardinals and Blues games before most of them moved to cable, doesn't have any sports now
  13. although the Roseanne reboot premiere did well in STL http://www.kansascity.com/entertainment/article207310634.html
  14. how does KImmel do in STL compared to other places?
  15. didn't Sinclair just sign another long term agreement with ABC?
  16. my guess is Tim Jones, the current fill in host on 97.1
  17. what weather in San Diego besides everyday sun and 70 degree temps?
  18. will be Sinclair continue to pay for expensive sports rights? what does WGN have without sports and news?
  19. http://www.stltoday.com/business/local/goodbye-tower-tee-and-hello-subdivision-developer-wants-to-build/article_a27043cd-d53d-59c7-b424-224c36550426.html
  20. a new bozo might be coming to WGN (Mark Hyman)
  21. what are the national ratings for the reruns that replaced the 9PM news?
  22. national advertisers are more interested in reruns they think will get a bigger national audience than targeting snowbirds in Florida and AZ, and local Chicago advertisers won't pay more to reach those, they still stream the news
  23. if they really wanted to separate WGNA from the local WGN they really should just change the name
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