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  1. and blonde, going for the elderly angry white Fox News demo?
  2. you think TV was better when when the networks programmed under the Least Objectionable Program strategy?
  3. there's always traffic in SoCAL
  4. what happens to sports recap shows many stations have after the Sunday night news?
  5. in geographically wide but population sparse markets, one station may dominate one part of the market while another station dominates the other part
  6. they probably expect Spectrum Sports KC to go away soon, and most of it's content has been reruns for the past few years, but why launch it during the slower time for sports in KC? why not wait until football season? https://www.kansascity.com/sports/article213963899.html
  7. the fake news school is what they call it
  8. Mizzou has already had budget cuts due to an enrollment clash that occurred after the 2015 protests, how much could they get for it?
  9. Isn't it self funding like the athletic programs?
  10. how places places does a Big4 station rank below a CW/MNTV/Indie station besides in Memphis and STL?
  11. KNPN, KNPG, and KCJO bumped KCTV, KSHB, and WDAF off cable and satellite due to the protectionist policies of NBC, CBS, and FOX about stations with significantly viewed status although KMBC and KQTV co-exist. The DMA is close and small enough that the KC stations can be picked up with a good antenna. What is ABC's policy about stations with significantly viewed status or do the cable and dish companies not want to pay retrans fees for those stations even though they might be better ratings than the low budget monopolistic LPTV stations. Same policies have kept many Packers games off in parts of Wisconsin in Minnesota DMAs. Parts of far northwest MO might be out of OTA range of the KC stations although that's in the KC DMA instead of the St Joseph DMA
  12. might happen to WGN after they lose the Cubs
  13. that's still only 10 hours, maybe they could try a Bozo reboot or just dig out Bozo reruns?
  14. what do they replace the Cubs with?
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