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  1. does this push the OU-KU bball game to the middle of the afternoon? not everyone has MLK Day off
  2. staring just before the Olympics and 2 Chiefs pre season games they'll air
  3. will they ever simulcast the CFP and CFC on both ABC and ESPN?
  4. local teams will still get an OTA simulcast people complain about TNF but enough still watch, they could put pre season games on Thanksgiving and people would still watch
  5. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/media/rush-limbaugh-conservative-talk-radio/2021/02/09/97e03fd0-6264-11eb-9061-07abcc1f9229_story.html
  6. Will the Disney channel simulcast MNF?
  7. will ESPN find some FCS conference that has decided to play to fill Tuesday & Wednesday nights?
  8. KSDK has some unmarked SUVs parked outside their building, but they still have personalized plates
  9. don't they late night shows have a week off next week?
  10. KSHB put their decorations up about a month ago
  11. CBS only airs 1 SEC football game a week, sometimes 2
  12. why'd they leave the tapes? same reason why medial records are often left behind at abandoned hospitals?

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