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  1. most of the original building has been renovated since 1941... most... one corner has been mostly left to time... the walls and floors of the hallways are still original tiles... the tv sports office and radio networks sales office are old radio studios (the "B" studios, B1, B2, B3, B5). tv sports was 620's studio (b1) until they built the studios in the old auditorium space in the 80s... radio networks sales was one of the "big" studios (B2)... they put up drywall and a drop ceiling... scoot a tile aside and you can look up to the old studio ceiling and the
  2. you win the prize... ask yourself how many nexstar stations are doing local news at the same time... how many of those stations are airing the same pkgs from their sister stations... how many producers, technicians, and talent are involved in all this... and how much all of this costs... then consider how much they could save... one national show that covers the same material... rather than 100 stations duplicating efforts... newsnation is not a cable news network... newsnation is an incubator to implement cost-saving measures down the li
  3. please show me the fcc regulation that covers a hired goon shooting someone... i'll wait... please... research what you are talking about before you come on here spouting off crazy stuff like this... the FCC won't touch this... nobody is going to get sold... you people really hate TEGNA don't you???
  4. of course it costs money... everything costs money... trying to get sales to sell spots nobody wants ain't free. time and money spent trying to sell local spots nobody wants to buy... bad investments!!!
  5. i see the new "CNN" (Canned NewsNet) has claimed another victim... funny how mister eric "low power station of the year" wotila has turned his quaint little operation into something that allows owners to threaten their employees... hope its all worth it, assholes... these stations will have NO newscasts once CNN cuts off the newsource gravy train... do they even know...?
  6. noone is saying everyone will work at home... but the people who can, will... if you give them the option, some will take it... and some will not... their choice... as long as the work gets done, who cares??? it is a benefit that makes the job enticing... there are reasons why "tv people" leave it to work in other industries...
  7. how come when a station gets a corporate graphics/music pkg it's lamented as a loss of local identity... but when a station adopts a unique logo brewed up locally... it's "slapped together"??? nobody else in town has a logo like that... and that is the point...
  8. you forgot the asterisks... #1* in their market!!! (*using the measurements that are useful to them...) there will be other things happening to the o&o's much sooner than this sale will... you all will not like them...
  9. so... what is with your obsession with mr. Kim??? never see anyone saying "Leon Black is trying to take over Cox"... same for Dave Lougee... "Dave Lougee is buying up Raycom..." mr. Kim is the only executive you all mention by name... hope it's not race related... just saying...
  10. you people are all off your rockers... this is not what is on bryon allen's mind... period... end of story... this isn't lifetime movies presents tvnewstalk's collective wet dream... maybe TEGNA is appealing to these people because of the way they do things... mark my words... some day you will wish more owners were like TEGNA... when those other stations are going DARK!!!
  11. you said the secret word!!! today's secret word is.... mandate... i guess they forgot about the "mandate" when they gave KVUE a new logo... and WCNC... need to impress tvnewstalk??? use the word "mandate!" works every time...
  12. the ratings will surely surge under the eyewitness news brand.... nothing better than a 70's gimmick to bring the viewers in...
  13. i am going to share something with you... some FACTS... you might want to sit down... are you sitting down??? many of the people making decisions inside tegna came from belo... i know... how could this be?? tegna stations are basically autonomous... but everyone is trying to outdo everyone else... what you are seeing are "belo people"... unleashed and encouraged to try something new... very few things have come down from the top... almost all decisions are made LOCALLY!!! sometimes by former "belo people"...
  14. the plan for new graphics was underway at the same time the journal stations were picking up the previous generation of graphics... by the time it was KGUN's turn planning was already underway... it just took them longer than they expected to get to this point... this roll out is over a year behind the original schedule... not sure what got them so off track... the acquisitions likely...
  15. only a handful of their nbc stations used the nbc version of inergy... not worth the extra expense for two stations to use... always enjoy this site... quick to say stations need local flavor... while also saying all stations need to "look/sound like" their affiliation... there are lots of sleepy fox affiliates out there... not everyone is wsvn...

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