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  1. Nope. Looking at the schedule for next week, it appears this week's preemption was just a schedule Conflict with USL Soccer, as KFMB is scheduled to air the ACC Game next weekend. The only CW affiliate that straight up preempted ACC Football is WCIU.
  2. Plus, even though its' the second tier series, it still draws 750k-1 Million viewers. Getting this package may be what's needed to get affiliation groups on the fence on renewing to renews, since even if they only get 500k-750k, it's still better than what The CW typically draws, and better than the typical Weekend filler on CW/MyTV affilates.
  3. Not just WFAA, but KHOU and KVUE also. But they are able to keep WFXT, and made nearly a half of Billion by way of selling their dead weight stations (other than WHBQ and the Tulsa Duop) to Imagicomm.
  4. I agree, since based on some of the reports on the strike is that the film side has enough scripts written for the Late 2023-2024 film releases to stay in production until September.
  5. Combination of WCJB-TV being a 500 lb elephant in the market, and Gainesville being between Orlando and Jacksonville... and WJXT out of Jacksonville providing decent coverage.
  6. Remember, Sinclair has been wanting to do something similar to TND for decades, starting with the NewsCentral concept.
  7. WXLV in Greensboro. Yes, NC is a hot political market, but like with WNWO, most of the newscast is produced by an outside station (KABB), and only do a 6:00/11:00, with the Morning slot taking up by TND. Plus, having to compete with WXII (WFMY and WGHP to a certain extent also) in market, and WSOC/WTVD in the outer bands of the market mean that the station likely isn't drawing much viewership. Plus, for some reason, Sinclair has their Sister station WMYV air TND in the 11:00 slot, directly competing against WXLV.
  8. Shoot, I've been thinking every time CNN did a reboot of their morning program, just move Morning Express over to the mothership from HLN.
  9. True, but nobody's buying. We are in the beginnings of a recession in a economy where banks are risk adverse, and in this media landscape, taking on Cable/OTA station is one of the most risky ventures for a financial institution. Private equity isn't interested because unlike in 2008, interest rates are high for the banks who are willing to lend.
  10. I think that NBC is only using USA to honor legacy contracts that require television coverage. A-10 Basketball, EPL, NASCAR, Indycar are all contracts that USA inherited from NBCSN. The only non NBCSN content on USA is the USFL, and cable coverage of the Golf Majors, and even then NBC moved the majors from Golf Channel. I think going forward, NBC is going to fully focus sports rights with Peacock.
  11. That is why in the MG era, WNCN's newscasts were 6:00, 7:00 (instead of 5:00) and 11, and with neither WRAL or WTVD doing a 7 at that time, it gave them a way to catch viewers who otherwise watch one of WRAL or WTVD.
  12. I think the reason they that CBSTVD/Sony is so strict about Wheel, when compared to Jeopardy is the fact that Wheel of Fortune started as a daytime show on NBC, and the original contracts were written to protect the versions from clashing with each other. Although the Network version of Wheel of Fortune hasn't been on air for over 30 years, they most likely kept the language in the Wheel contract to limit the timeslots which it can be aired (either out of laziness, or the fact that because of essentially being limited to prime access is why the show skyrocketed in popularity), and is likely why the Saturday rerun slot was created for the show, to give affiliates the ability to air shows preempted earlier in the week. The current version of Jeopardy started out as a syndicated program, and since there wasn't a related network version on air, the distributors let affiliates show Jeopardy in any slot. That, combined with the aforementioned returning champions, and the fact an repeat block was created for daytime, is why affiliates are able to air Jeopardy at any other time if preempted, and why 99% of the time Jeopardy is given higher priority over Wheel, even when Wheel has slightly better ratings.
  13. If moving Shep to MSNBC is to happen, I wouldn't expect it until mid-January, instead of the beginning of the year. The reason? The Olympics. Instead of starting CNBC's coverage at 8, I can see them starting it at 7, pre-empting "The News"... coincidently to the vacated 11:00 MSNBC slot for two weeks (The News with Shep already has a midnight repeat on CNBC).... and just never move him back to the 7:00 CNBC slot. Honestly, IMO, Shep's CNBC slot always seemed to be a stopgap until either a slot opened up either on NBC or on one of the few hard news slots on MSNBC
  14. That is why in the shut down of NBCSN, I would suggest that CNBC, not USA, become the primary home for sports for NBCUniversal, and use USA for overflow. Most of NBC's live sporting events occur after 5:00 anyway, and it will prevent CNBC from being nothing but informercials during the weekend. FNN knew that their market was niche, that is why they set up a sports channel sharing the same space after market close.
  15. Something that people are forgetting in the speculation about Fox buying back WJZY/WMYT for NFL reasons... although they sold those stations, Fox never really left the Charlotte market. Fox Sports maintains a presence in Charlotte for primarily their NASCAR coverage, although they have done other events from there during the pandemic. Plus, although at this moment Nexstar is against the cap (although as WPIX showed, they still aren't afraid to go on Missions if needed), Nexstar is known as buyers, not sellers. The only time they sell is when they are forced to during purchases to either 1) stay under the cap, or 2) b/c they already own a station in that market. Final Point, owners typically slash budgets when they want to sell , not invest more money into the operation.
  16. Especially, with the fact that more and more people are dropping cable/satellite on a daily basis. This is why CBS, and ABC launched 24/7 OTT streams instead of a 24/7 news channel. I know that Nexstar had "Dead Space" with WGN America, but they should have launched NewsNation as an OTT product in this day an age, and sell WGN America to recoup some of their losses but at the same time Nexstar is behind the times when it comes to digital. It wouldn't shock me if the endgame for NewsNation is to become Nexstar's version of NewsCentral.
  17. I thought that keeping WEAR/WPMI separate was a condition of the FCC approving the sale of WPMI from Newport, outside of emergency situations? Especially since IIRC, Sinclair used the argument of one station targeting Mobile, and one Targeting Pensacola as grounds to convince the FCC to let Deerfield acquire the license of WPMI.
  18. They were talking about the Ion Stations, although some of the stations, at least in the early 2000's had ability to cut the feed (The Central Florida Stations carried MLB Games, and WEPX/WPXU were dual Ion/MyNetwork TV stations for a few years). If the stations are that centralized, it would take a while to decentralize them, which may be why Scripps decided to place them under the Katz division, since they already have turn-key networks available.
  19. I wonder if it's an effect of the sell of the duopoly to Nexstar? Looking up zip codes in Nexstar Markets, and it seems their agreement with YouTube TV only include their Big 4 affiliates, and not their CW/MyTV affiliates, regardless of duopoly status.
  20. And IIRC, that is what is currently done with WTTV and WXIN
  21. The only way that the GMA 3rd Hour will work is if they trade the 9:00 hour for the 1:00 Hour, regardless of who hosts it. Not going to happen because of Live with Kelly and whoever is co-hosting now occupies that slot* * I know that it's an Syndicated show, but it's syndicated by ABC, and airs on ABC O&O's
  22. Yep. Although on the app perspective... They already separated them out. Fox Sports Go is for the RSN's, while the Fox Sports App is for the properties retained by Fox
  23. It depended. Most of the time, FS1/Fox produced the telecasts. However, if Fox had more than 3 games to produce, and if one of the two teams on the FS1 game was on an FSN station, then they simulcasted the FSN feed over FS1. Not to be confused with Fox hiring a local broadcast team to call a game to be produced by Fox.
  24. The other parts of the package? Imagine if Sky Sports was in America, and imported their graphics. Not that I'm complaining.
  25. It appears that WXLV is in the beginning stages of relaunching their in-house news department. Looking at the Sinclair Jobs page, they have openings for nearly every position.
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