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  1. If it was up to Viacom, Comcast, and Disney, they would have ended OTA broadcasting years ago... but ironically it's a pesky league called the NFL that is keeping OTA alive*. *Yes, I know that the NFL has cable, and streaming games, but at least 2 OTA stations must carry a NFL game.
  2. That is why in the shut down of NBCSN, I would suggest that CNBC, not USA, become the primary home for sports for NBCUniversal, and use USA for overflow. Most of NBC's live sporting events occur after 5:00 anyway, and it will prevent CNBC from being nothing but informercials during the weekend. FNN knew that their market was niche, that is why they set up a sports channel sharing the same space after market close.
  3. Something that people are forgetting in the speculation about Fox buying back WJZY/WMYT for NFL reasons... although they sold those stations, Fox never really left the Charlotte market. Fox Sports maintains a presence in Charlotte for primarily their NASCAR coverage, although they have done other events from there during the pandemic. Plus, although at this moment Nexstar is against the cap (although as WPIX showed, they still aren't afraid to go on Missions if needed), Nexstar is known as buyers, not sellers. The only time they sell is when they are forced to during
  4. Berkshire Hathaway helped Scripps to buy Ion, and I betcha that Scripps would gladly pawn the Ion Station in Mami on to Inyo if it meant getting WPLG from Berkshire Hathaway.
  5. Especially, with the fact that more and more people are dropping cable/satellite on a daily basis. This is why CBS, and ABC launched 24/7 OTT streams instead of a 24/7 news channel. I know that Nexstar had "Dead Space" with WGN America, but they should have launched NewsNation as an OTT product in this day an age, and sell WGN America to recoup some of their losses but at the same time Nexstar is behind the times when it comes to digital. It wouldn't shock me if the endgame for NewsNation is to become Nexstar's version of NewsCentral.
  6. I thought that keeping WEAR/WPMI separate was a condition of the FCC approving the sale of WPMI from Newport, outside of emergency situations? Especially since IIRC, Sinclair used the argument of one station targeting Mobile, and one Targeting Pensacola as grounds to convince the FCC to let Deerfield acquire the license of WPMI.
  7. They were talking about the Ion Stations, although some of the stations, at least in the early 2000's had ability to cut the feed (The Central Florida Stations carried MLB Games, and WEPX/WPXU were dual Ion/MyNetwork TV stations for a few years). If the stations are that centralized, it would take a while to decentralize them, which may be why Scripps decided to place them under the Katz division, since they already have turn-key networks available.
  8. I wonder if we've already seen the new golf graphics, and just didn't know it? The graphics introduced at the 2019 Masters fits this new package like a glove, with a tweak to the fonts, and the addition of the mini-scoreboard.
  9. A game changer on the WWE end, which may help out with the NHL Conflicts. WWE Network programming moving to Peacock The WWE Network on Peacock could be the landing spot for NXT if the NHL keeps their Wednesday slot.
  10. They are hiring people for a G4 relaunch, and have already announced at least one on-air talent, and the website mentions a 2021 launch of the network. IF they intend G4 to be a linear TV network(the website hints they do, but with Comcast pushing digital, and with it being a niche demo, IMO a TV Network will fail), and not an Peacock section, or Digital network... then that may replace NBCSN on Linear television.
  11. It appears that it's going to be produced out of San Antonio. On the WXLV website, Camilla Rambaldi is listed as the main anchor, and her social media mentions anchoring both KABB and WXLV.
  12. Plus, CNBC IS the main backup for NBC Sports outside of Business Hours, but Presidental elections is one of the few non-business major stories that CNBC breaks format on, and they were airing Biden's speech themselves.
  13. USA aired a game earlier this season due to NBC having multiple scheduled conflicts, when Fox gave them US Open Golf.
  14. I wonder if it's an effect of the sell of the duopoly to Nexstar? Looking up zip codes in Nexstar Markets, and it seems their agreement with YouTube TV only include their Big 4 affiliates, and not their CW/MyTV affiliates, regardless of duopoly status.
  15. And IIRC, that is what is currently done with WTTV and WXIN

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