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  1. I wonder if it's an effect of the sell of the duopoly to Nexstar? Looking up zip codes in Nexstar Markets, and it seems their agreement with YouTube TV only include their Big 4 affiliates, and not their CW/MyTV affiliates, regardless of duopoly status.
  2. And IIRC, that is what is currently done with WTTV and WXIN
  3. They got a huge huddle to overcome. Yes, their has been a shake up top in ratings in the past year, but both WSOC and WBTV have brand recognition in the community, with WCNC behind. (WCCB smartly only does a 10:00). The only way WJZY will gain traction in the market? If the new owners at both WSOC and WBTV cut the on air talent. Plus, the "All Local" marketing will not work, since WBTV has no non-local programming beyond their network affirmation.
  4. According to a source at WBTV, their plan is to go all local outside of Network Programming. What they are doing different is they are producing local lifestyle programming instead of all news.
  5. The only way that the GMA 3rd Hour will work is if they trade the 9:00 hour for the 1:00 Hour, regardless of who hosts it. Not going to happen because of Live with Kelly and whoever is co-hosting now occupies that slot* * I know that it's an Syndicated show, but it's syndicated by ABC, and airs on ABC O&O's
  6. Yep. Although on the app perspective... They already separated them out. Fox Sports Go is for the RSN's, while the Fox Sports App is for the properties retained by Fox
  7. It depended. Most of the time, FS1/Fox produced the telecasts. However, if Fox had more than 3 games to produce, and if one of the two teams on the FS1 game was on an FSN station, then they simulcasted the FSN feed over FS1. Not to be confused with Fox hiring a local broadcast team to call a game to be produced by Fox.
  8. The other parts of the package? Imagine if Sky Sports was in America, and imported their graphics. Not that I'm complaining.
  9. It appears that WXLV is in the beginning stages of relaunching their in-house news department. Looking at the Sinclair Jobs page, they have openings for nearly every position.
  10. Scott Jones of FTV Live reported that as of the last day of sweeps, WBTV was on track to beat WSOC
  11. One of the times I tuned in, they mentioned they are doing Tornado Warnings old school b/c the station lost the capacity to do closed captioning.
  12. It sounds like that until WCTI figures out what is going to happen with their studio, they will set up shop at Craven Community College. That college is home to Public Radio East, the NPR member for the market.
  13. I think you are right . The main sign? The fact they are using the current Sinclair Graphics package. Prior to the storm, WCTI had not adopted that package, still using the graphics package from when they were owned by Bonten. Also, the reason that the station is going on, and off the air is to conserve fuel to the generator at their transmitter, as on their web-only broadcast they made a request for diesel fuel to be sent to their transmission facilities.
  14. They haven't switched out streams let. The WCTI Stream is Listed under "National Event Stream 1" on their website. They really didn't plan contingencies for studio flooding... they are literally using 1 camera, 1 Microphone under a Tent.
  15. This guy's name is Pat Feldbelle. WITN recently posted video of their Hurricane relief fundraising tape from after Hurricane Floyd 20 years ago, and it sounds like the same voice who narrated that video also voiced that open.
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