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  1. elfuego35

    November 2018 Sweeps Results

    Scott Jones of FTV Live reported that as of the last day of sweeps, WBTV was on track to beat WSOC
  2. elfuego35

    Hurricane Florence

    One of the times I tuned in, they mentioned they are doing Tornado Warnings old school b/c the station lost the capacity to do closed captioning.
  3. elfuego35

    Hurricane Florence

    It sounds like that until WCTI figures out what is going to happen with their studio, they will set up shop at Craven Community College. That college is home to Public Radio East, the NPR member for the market.
  4. elfuego35

    Hurricane Florence

    I think you are right . The main sign? The fact they are using the current Sinclair Graphics package. Prior to the storm, WCTI had not adopted that package, still using the graphics package from when they were owned by Bonten. Also, the reason that the station is going on, and off the air is to conserve fuel to the generator at their transmitter, as on their web-only broadcast they made a request for diesel fuel to be sent to their transmission facilities.
  5. elfuego35

    Hurricane Florence

    They haven't switched out streams let. The WCTI Stream is Listed under "National Event Stream 1" on their website. They really didn't plan contingencies for studio flooding... they are literally using 1 camera, 1 Microphone under a Tent.
  6. elfuego35

    Who's that VO?

    This guy's name is Pat Feldbelle. WITN recently posted video of their Hurricane relief fundraising tape from after Hurricane Floyd 20 years ago, and it sounds like the same voice who narrated that video also voiced that open.
  7. Here is a link for the terms of the agreement. (section 9 covers the breakup fee) And here is a link that mentioned that if it isn't approved by the 8/8 deadline, then Tribune doesn't have to pay the breakup fee. Note, I'm not a lawyer, but my interpretation is that if the deal is terminated b/c of governmental order, then Tribune doesn't have to pay the fee, unless if Sinclair terminates the deal prior to the FCC denies... which knowing them, they will... If Tribune doesn't have to pay the fee, AND is willing to honor the Fox portion of the deal, then they will get much needed cash infusion.
  8. elfuego35

    Gray/Raycom Merger Thread

    The two conferences that are listed were snatched up by ESPN for their ESPN+ Service... However, The American Athletic Conference Rights are up for grabs after 2018-19, and the commissioner is open to all options.. and looking at the footprint of the combined company, compared to the conference footprint... Only three schools* (Temple, University of Houston, and University of Connecticut) would not have a station owned by Gray Television. It would be somewhat of a coup for Raycom Sports to snag those rights (while the schools aren't flashy, they are competitive), but in this era where most companies are willing to spend on sports, while ESPN is in cost-cutting mode, anything is possible. * The Naval Academy would also not covered by a Gray Television Station, but they signed a side deal with CBS Sports Network for their home games
  9. elfuego35

    New Fox Sports graphics (2017 Edition?)

    What I *think* they are doing is recreating the scoring pylon that you get if you attend a race. All I got to say... it's better than their attempt 4 years ago
  10. elfuego35

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    I was (sorta) wrong... I totally forgot about the fact the Spectrum Auction made it where Commercial Stations can share with Non-Commercial Stations in the same market. This shows that Desperation makes strange bedfellows. The Speculators who were stuck with stations they didn't want, NBC, who needed to improve their status for their much wanted O&O... and WGBH, who as a public broadcaster is likely willing to find alternative revenue makers for the further public broadcasting cuts. That said, this is gonna to be a Neilsen nightmare (See WBMA), with confusion over who is watching on WYCN, who is watching on WBTS-LD, who's watching on WNEU-DT2, and who is watching on WMFP.
  11. elfuego35

    NFL 2017-18 Season Coverage

    The Fox Box now has the Team Records, which fills up some of the empty space in the Graphics
  12. elfuego35

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    I agree. If there was ANY Interest by WGBH to sell, they would have sold off one of their signals in the incentive Auction, and channel share on which of the two wasn't sold back to the FCC.
  13. elfuego35

    2017-2018 DMA Rankings (For real this time)

    Perhaps...but with the Bay Area being Silicon Valley, and the Mountainous terrain of the market making it dificult to bring in OTA television, I'd imagine their are people who chose to get their TV only via Online sources, which Nelsen doesn't count as TV Viewership yet.
  14. elfuego35

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NCqitsJBlVv--fUQqk322SSPy7Rf0bBVVWs3ztwr6Qo/edit The Google doc I linked to above is the "Television Makes Strange Bedfellows" portion of Raymie's New World @ 20 series written for the 20th anniversary of the New World-Fox announcement. That document explains how, and why each network chose their partner in New England at the time, and the factors in how WHDH became the NBC station
  15. elfuego35

    WBTS - Home of NBC Boston?

    No interest for either station for NBC back in 1994. Back in 1994, while the Celtics DID own WFXT, they were about to sell, and Fox had first option to purchase the station, which they exercised (which is what started this IMO, if Fox didn't, then it's likely WHDH would be the Fox station). WSBK was owned by Viacom, who at this point in time was only interested in having UPN O&O's. Ditto with Tribune, and The WB (WGNO/WGNX were the only exceptions). Thus, unless they wanted to do a CBS in Detroit, and wind up on a channel in the 50's-60's, or ABC in Birmingham, with two sticks broadcasting the same signal, then WHDH was NBC's only option.

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