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  1. Looks like KSHB wants in on the fun
  2. Good Christ this is horrible
  3. I do like what they’ve done on the left side of the ticker
  4. Sorry to bump this thread... Any updates as to when NBC is planning on occupying the new space? I can imagine that COVID has thrown a wrench in their original plans...
  5. Saw this on their stream a few nights ago
  6. KSHB has new weather graphics.... don’t know about news as of yet
  7. I just don't understand how KSHB has not launched yet!?! They've been airing promos for weeks and no switch yet. This rollout is damn interesting
  8. I like this layout much better for WDAF. Their previous look was too cramped.
  9. I had a chance to see parts of the new package the other day. A very sharp contrast from where they are now. Flat with a little texture. Didn’t get too see wx graphics though. Should be a good package.
  10. Hello, Want to work on a project together? I was thinking of launching a news forum with you?

  11. KCTV’s new set is currently under construction. I’m interested to see if they get this as well.

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