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  1. The set gods have blessed us!
  2. Ok so the graphics not fit well in Denver but when is WDAF going to get rid of these horrendous graphics! They are terrible and I would welcome the tribune package HOPEFULLY sooner rather than later!!
  3. This set is way to "California"... not really a New York looking like all the other ones are...
  4. It's rather sad how much they have taken away from FOX 16. Back in the day, I considered them to be the best in town. The news operation should've moved to FOX16's (former) space on Colonal Glenn Road. The space is still on the market. They would've had way more space and a better setup as well.
  5. KLRT operates out of the other half of the KARK studio. When the stations merged KARK lost some of its set's elements and KLRT got a much smaller set. This is also why the station only has newscasts when KARK does not... EDIT: Via Facebook live: FOX 16 set will be updated this time next summer
  6. Does this mean FOX 16 gets a new set as well? Dare I say separate studios??
  7. I would agree that the current Nightly set has aged well but it is showing it's age
  8. Just saw the Promo during olympics coverage. Looks very nice and it seems that they are going with a new slogan. Gone is "breaking news leader" and in is "clear complete coverage" or something like that. In my opinion I'm glad BNL is out it was getting old and tired. Hopefully they debut a new color scheme when their graphics return from their Olympic placeholder ones.
  9. This makes me really uncomfortable for some reason... Also I would like to see them mix up the 3 (Mike, Rhiannon, Christa) or at least see christa on the 10pm broadcast.
  10. This is a bit random but who designs Nexstar's sets?
  11. Speaking of graphics FOX 4 in KC is looking like they are in the process of switching to Tribune gfx. Their Coming up tonight graphic resembels that of Tribune but no sign on their website.
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