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  1. Same here… the OG Rock Center, not the bastardized later version
  2. I’ll be honest, I completely forgot about “The Doctors”. Does anyone know if there was correlation between the pandemic and viewership?
  3. Looks like KSHB wants in on the fun
  4. Good Christ this is horrible
  5. I do like what they’ve done on the left side of the ticker
  6. Sorry to bump this thread... Any updates as to when NBC is planning on occupying the new space? I can imagine that COVID has thrown a wrench in their original plans...
  7. Saw this on their stream a few nights ago
  8. KSHB has new weather graphics.... don’t know about news as of yet
  9. I just don't understand how KSHB has not launched yet!?! They've been airing promos for weeks and no switch yet. This rollout is damn interesting
  10. I like this layout much better for WDAF. Their previous look was too cramped.
  11. Hello, Want to work on a project together? I was thinking of launching a news forum with you?

  12. Just saw the Promo during olympics coverage. Looks very nice and it seems that they are going with a new slogan. Gone is "breaking news leader" and in is "clear complete coverage" or something like that. In my opinion I'm glad BNL is out it was getting old and tired. Hopefully they debut a new color scheme when their graphics return from their Olympic placeholder ones.
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