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  1. Interesting- I suppose WABC is trying to find a permanent anchor for the noon, or shift someone into that spot. I wouldn't see any issue putting Lauren in that spot if they wanted. Although the trend these days seems to be rotating anchors. WCBS does this both at noon and 8pm. Noon now rotates every other day solo between Chris and Mary and 8pm now seems to rotate solo between Maurice, Kristine, and Dick; although these are both half hour shows.
  2. Ernie Anastos joins...pix11? Well...kinda, good to see him still finding a way to work on TV post FOX5.
  3. I think Mike and Shirleen make a good pairing overall, and I think adding Sam as a 'third anchor' of sorts was a very smart move due to his credentials/name recognition. In terms of light newscasts, there seem to be quite a variety now: -CBS 2 News at 9 with Cindy Hsu (more of a 'positive' newscast; not a huge fan of the forced back and forth with weather, like when the anchor would ask a question to segue weather reports instead of just a normal weather broadcast) -New York Living (although that entire show completely changed vibes to be way lighter fare when they replaced Chris with Alex, but I will acknowledge Marysol and Alex gel very well) -GDNY 9am hour (although this is an extension of GDNY it can be viewed as a new show somewhat) But back to EWN I'm starting to think Dani is there to fill the void whenever Sam can't be, since I think* he takes off every Friday? So in that case, it makes sense to market the newscast as 4 people as opposed to 3 when 1 is consistently off on a certain day. It seems like they are slowly preparing for the new look but it will debut sometime this Fall, (sigh) hopefully.
  4. Definitely noticed the updated parts of the studio for a new look We shall see if the new graphics debut in full tomorrow
  5. Reporter Ayana Harry (who became a frequent fill-in anchor in recent years) is moving to NY1 to become political reporter. https://www.instagram.com/p/Cw5GFBvA4a0/?hl=en
  6. From the press release, it will start next Tuesday 9/12 (not Monday due to 9/11 coverage).
  7. I was recently wondering why I haven't seen him on the air in quite a while; sad to find out he was ill. Condolences to his family and CBS2 colleagues. CBS has a nice tribute here:
  8. Just watched the first newscast- was nice to have Dick back as anchor; I could honestly seem them also having a rotating team of Dick, Dana, Maurice and Kristine doing the 8pm. As I expected it is branded as "CBS 2 News at 8". I wonder if any "New York 55" branding would make its way onto news, but doesn't seem like it if they want the CBS brand on sister stations. That is very interesting. Another interesting note- I also noticed that on weekends, it seems there will be no "CBS 2 News at 8"; but on Sundays from 8pm-9:30 WLNY will air a repeat of CBS Sunday Morning!
  9. Here's the new WLNY logo to be launched soon as a part of a new standardized look. Goodbye 10/55 I guess. I am a little sad they didn't retain the 'WLNY' name, since the NY is pretty self identifiable in that. I would've went with WLNY10 or WLNY55.
  10. I suppose all will be revealed when they debut the 10AM, but it certainly seems like an unnecessarily confusing weather lineup for now. Wow, thats a blast from the past. Good for her, she was great as CBS2 traffic reporter back in the day. I actually preferred her to Alex Denis.
  11. I assume this change also means that Dani will be taking Brittany's spot on weekends? The split is not a bad idea, having 2 mets on staff for 3 broadcasts.
  12. Wow, so great to see them starting to implement the new graphics. We'll see if it makes it onto the rest of the news by the Fall book (that would be my guess). Or perhaps when the new 10am debuts. Also, caught this side by side via their website.
  13. Although I will miss the 9pm timeslot, perhaps they think the 8pm may be better so its worth trying. Still a unique slot for news in the New York market. Very glad they are not cancelling news on WLNY outright. Hoping Dick and Alice will be anchors again but time will tell. Dana/Maurice/Kristine would be fine too.
  14. That's great to see Craig Allen back at 2, obviously wish it was for better circumstances. And I must give props to John Elliott for transitioning to weekday mornings immediately. It will be nice for viewers to see someone they know and not a random CBS meteorologist sitting in Colorado or Texas, although what they did given the circumstance made sense.
  15. It seems that they plan to put Mike permanently on mornings with Shirleen, but don't want to commit to it just yet. For instance, the promo for EWN this morning & GMA features only Heather, Sam, and Shirleen as the announced anchors, however at the end they show a team shot that features Mike, so it's a subtle inclusion of him. Also thought it was pretty interesting the last few days the 6pm team has been the entirety of the weekend team (Sandra, Joe, Jeff, and Sam). The 'rule' about Liz never filling in at 11pm seems to apply to Sade never filling in at 6pm.
  16. It seems as of this week "News Now" is no longer- WLNY is running NCIS at 9pm, but guides aren't yet updated.
  17. Andrew Kozak from CBS Philly is doing the weather in-studio for Lonnie tonight.
  18. The situation for now seems to be putting John back on weekday mornings (where he was originally), with Lonnie and Vanessa in their same spots; and then farm out the weekend AM newscasts to other CBS stations for weather. John Marshall would be another good addition, but now he's over at FOX weather.
  19. Oh my, I certainly was not expecting to hear Jessica Moore announce this on the news at 6:30 tonight. Elise Finch has passed away. https://www.cbsnews.com/newyork/news/remembering-our-beloved-colleague-elise-finch/ Prayers and condolences to her whole family. WCBS will probably have more of a tribute tomorrow morning
  20. Haven't seen an official confirmation, but someone mentioned in the WCBS thread that "News Now" may be cancelled soon, with the weekend editions officially scrapped. Will local stations then just regain control of their sister stations again? Pure speculation for now, since I haven't seen any article/source to confirm yet.
  21. Very happy to hear this, hopefully WCBS just regains control of the full 9pm hour and does a traditional newscast again. Preferably reinstate Dick and Alice and the WLNY branding
  22. WCBS made another interesting anchor decision this morning- teamed 2 male anchors together (Doug Williams with Dave Carlin). I believe the only other NYC station to do this was WNYW a few years ago? Interesting how 2 women anchors are so commonplace and 2 males are incredibly rare, at least in the NY market.
  23. Thought it was interesting that Dana was off tonight, so instead of Dick solo anchoring, Jessica Moore joined him.
  24. I'm definitely surprised that the studio is expected to be ready in just a few weeks (I also haven't seen a source confirm this but I'm guessing Mary mentioned it?). Seems like a minor refresh compared to a complete overhaul (for instance WPIX's new studio took nearly 9 months to complete but that involved major construction). Also agree with some others who don't think that this is really necessary, considering WCBS had one of the nicest studios in the NYC market (I'd personally now give WPIX an edge), although the bar is pretty low with WNBC and WABC. WABC's studio is starting to look very dated, but noticed they used a liveshot behind the anchor during the haze episode, and that actually looked better than their normal background. But back to WCBS, I'm guessing this will look like a compromise between KCAL and KYW. I could see the green screen being retired as well in favor of a video wall for weather.
  25. Just found this article from Pagesix, saying Mike Marza is the likely candidate to replace Ken, but would not put much stock into this: https://pagesix.com/2023/05/23/mike-marza-poised-to-replace-fired-anchor-ken-rosato-at-wabc-7/ Either way I do think this will resolve with putting Mike in some weekday slot. Jim Rosenfield would be great in any timeslot. I could see Jim doing one or a few of the evening slots also if they wanted to put David Navarro onto mornings?
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