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  1. Interesting! I found this work that Stephen Arnold recently did for WPIX. I wonder if it will be some variation of this theme at the beginning.
  2. In terms of space, I definitely agree it seems to be using the space to the best ability (the fact there's a weather center now is an improvement); and I'm curious to see what the interview area will look like. The 2000s set was definitely dated but still was their best set by far. The 2015 set was an improvement in terms of a serious looking set compared to the 2011 set (which was high-tech but looked like an entertainment program) but still wasted space and looked cheap as mentioned. Agreed WCBS has the best set in the NY market by far and there's no reason to believe this will surpass that. I'd say this could beat out WNYW but will have to see the final product.
  3. First look at a new weather center! And a peak at new graphics too, featuring the 75th anniversary logo that KTLA uses.
  4. Just uploading a higher resolution version; but I believe they have been using the same space/studio (2nd floor of the daily news building) for as long as I can remember. I believe the 10th floor newsroom was a new addition; with the old newsroom also being on the 2nd floor (right picture). Could be totally wrong though. I did notice the lower ceilings from the video, so it is possible they are rebuilding the studio in a new area of the floor.
  5. I'm glad they're adding a co-anchor; Cindy has more of the personality to solo anchor a show; whereas Andrea likely works best with a co-anchor. Interesting move hiring a sportscaster. Reminds me of Chris Wragge Scott Stanford, and Rob Powers' transitions. Also this move now leaves the weekend evenings as the only WCBS newscast period with a solo anchor if you don't count the 9am.
  6. Wow that looks great so far! Also that video was posted 2 weeks ago, so I'd say my prediction is not too far off that they'd start newscasts there sometime next month. I'd also wonder if they'd launch new graphics as well, considering new weather graphics.
  7. In the streaming era of today, this is a terrible move. Don't know what they were thinking. You'd get the 11pm news live before the 10pm reboradcast at 12am. Also I wonder if there's any update on the new studio...my guess is they'd want it done before February sweeps?
  8. With the CBS-mandated Next/First alert, it seems a 'yellow alert' is issued for weather that will have some form of impact on a person's routine, with a 'Red alert' as weather having a major impact on a persons routine. I would like to think that it's the meteorologist/weather producer who issues/decides these and not the ND, because otherwise they would totally overhype the yellow/red alert days for rating purposes (next thing you know there would be green alert days for good weather days ). From what I've seen so far, WCBS (at least here in NY) doesn't 'over-issue' these alert days and they do seem warranted. The 7 day then just gets colored red or yellow on that day. Hopefully people are able to recognize that a "red alert" or "yellow alert" is not an actual government warning lol. But yeah I've definitely had this thought in my head about it confusing people with actual necessary government alerts (and I definitely wonder what the NWS thinks of this new trend and if they also share this fear of confusion).
  9. I might've just never noticed before; but Dana and Kristine is the 5pm team tonight; I don't recall the last time they anchored together despite them being on different shifts every night
  10. Was also going to mention this.. was shocked to see him this morning! FWIW, Vanessa handled practically all newscasts during the Thanksgiving holiday week/weekend. I definitely feel like WCBS could use another meteorologist (like when John Marshall would fill in); I've noticed they tend to overwork one person on holidays a lot.
  11. Jennifer Bisram just popped up in a report for WCBS..so perhaps she has a joint agreement between them and News12?
  12. I noticed lately at 10pm when one anchor is off they no longer have fill-in anchors..they seem to only use fill-ins on the 5/6/6:30pm (I noticed for instance they had Shirley at 6:30pm tonight and then Kori solo at 10). Is it possible they changed contracts or don't want to overwork the early evening staff? Still tough for 1 anchor to do a full hour but I suppose Kaity Tong has been mastering it weekends for 10+ years now! Kori does a decent job under the circumstances too but it makes the broadcast seem underprepared and low priority. I've noticed they've done this some mornings at 4am with only one anchor but I would think that's a bit more acceptable assuming it is not a priority newscast like the 10pm should be. If anything they should just drop the 6:30 and make the 10pm the priority broadcast it deserves to be. For instance I contrasted it with FOX5 who had Steve and Teresa (who we all know is not permanent). Much easier broadcast to watch with 2 anchors although agreed that Teresa is the better anchor there.
  13. Teresa absolutely deserved it and would be a more 'comfortable' choice given viewers familiarity with her, but not surprised they pass her up once again. We shall see how Natasha works out in the evenings.
  14. It seems like WCBS is listening to us lol Dick and Dana (same with Alice) always made a great team so this is exciting! Also definitely makes room for a possible expansion to 4pm in the near future....
  15. Tamsen would be fine in smaller doses (not literally every evening broadcast)...everytime I see Kaity on the weekends (although I'm grateful she's still on the schedule at all) I think of how she was back on weekdays in 2016 only to be dropped within 6 months or so. Even if they just gave the "evening news" (6:30pm) program to her or the 6pm it would draw in many viewers and give competition to the Dana Tyler/Chuck Scarborough/Bill Ritter (and formerly Lori Stokes) fans. PIX has definitely gotten worse with the constant morning changes too (why switch Craig to weekends only to switch him back to weekdays and completely demote John; the Betty Ngueyn story etc etc); I frankly given up understanding their logic for it. Dan has been the only real constant since Suki left. It's nice they're getting a new studio but I really hope they get to improving their broadcasts and stop changing talent (particularly in the AMs) constantly; I feel like the more you move talent around like that the more likely they are to just leave all together.
  16. I noticed on the guide here in NYC and thought it was interesting that Fox Weather was being carried by WWOR (my9) today from 10am-12pm..not sure if this would be a permanent addition to the lineup or was because of Ian?
  17. This video appears to have the full open which seems similar to the leaked video. This also makes me wonder why it took so long for WCBS to have a Sunday morning politics/public affairs show. I guess they did briefly with Exit 10/55 on WLNY many years ago. WABC has Up Close/Here and Now, WPIX had PIX News closeup and now PIX on politics, however I think WNBC lacks a Sunday AM politics show as does WNYW.
  18. Wow good luck to Lori; what a huge loss for NY News. Teresa is the natural choice since she's been filling in a lot more frequently lately. She's definitely main-anchor material despite (as someone pointed out) being demoted unreasonably. They could of course try to look externally too; i'm sure there will be an announcement soon
  19. Shame on them, really speaks to the poor quality that News12 has become.
  20. Something tells me they may bring John along to do feature reports on certain weekdays; sort of like how Vanessa or any other weekend anchor will do reporting on a few weekdays when not working weekends. We shall see!
  21. I find mornings on PIX to be more solid than evenings at least in anchor diversity. (now technically 3 anchor teams if you count NY living). I've given up understanding having Kori & Tamsen anchor 4 separate newscasts, and Tamsen anchoring 5 lol. I also feel that Arrianee LeBeau is also not a great fit outside the 4pm despite how often she'll fill in (she actually makes Tamsen look like a stronger anchor, so perhaps that was the point). I'd like to see someone like Ayana Harry or Katie Corrado fill in more often weeknights
  22. For a while I thought they dropped Kirstin as anchor in favor of Ayana Harry (she anchored for almost the whole summer) with Craig Treadway, but they brought Kirstin back last weekend. It could also be that Star was indicating that he was joining the weekends for the first time but not on a permanent basis. So we shall see; either way Kirstin and Craig vs. Kirstin and John will not make much of a difference to me, both are solid pairs with lots of experience Also wondering if the new studio will debut soon- my bets would be on the end of the month/start of October?
  23. It was a great send-off for Cindy, nice to see them all come together for it! Very glad Andrea will be Cindy's successor; I still don't quite understand why she was dropped from the chair during the pandemic but it was likely due to protocol (hence why they couldn't do in-person segments at the broadcast center until basically today). It will be nice to see Cindy's presence on the weekdays more
  24. At least they'll have one original newscast on WLNY (somewhat) now that the news at 9 has gone to the network; In my opinion this is what should have been airing in place of "Live from the Couch" when that first debuted.
  25. She said that the main studio will be ready in a couple of months, and the current area they are in will be used for segments. She also said News12 Westchester will be broadcasting from there as well. Definitely seems like an upgrade from their old studios. It seems like this was in the works since 2018, and likely got delayed with the pandemic considering construction is still ongoing. https://libn.com/2018/09/13/new-studios-for-news-12/
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