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  1. It definitely makes sense they are expanding into the old 2nd floor newsroom, as I believe that space was not expanded upon much (if at all) during the last 2015 renovation and hasn't been used since the Jodi Applegate era. I could be wrong though. Their main studio + that space could make for a large studio space for both PIX and NewsNation. It seems like the temporary set will be around for a while. My guess would be this debuts September at the earliest? But sometime during the Fall.
  2. I tried tuning in from CBS News New York (which is in the newscast name, mind you) and couldn't obtain the feed. And to hear it was not even produced in New York with the local anchors? It seems like they're trying to make it a standardized national newscast for local news. After I typed that sentence, I even realized how wrong that sounds.
  3. Agreed; I definitely see an anchor or network role for her in the future! Additionally, despite the return of a more TV-friendly newscast, there's basically been no mention of 'WLNY TV 10/55' on the 9pm newscast since 2020 (aside from the bug) so I don't view 'CBS News New York Now' as that big of a downgrade. Maybe they'll return to the old CBSN studio?
  4. I'm sure these graphics will be a big improvement from the current look once they roll out! Also I wonder if they will be in the works for a new studio- it is starting to look dated compared to many other stations ; I wonder if the new "remote studio" Bill was in a while back is part of a plan to upgrade the main studio...
  5. I believe he said Ayanna Harry would host it. I think she also filled in for Kirstin last Sunday.
  6. Seems like it will be a cool show; and also give Dan and Hazel a slight break. Would be interesting if the new studio debuted Monday for the show, but doubt it will be done that quickly.
  7. Yeah I figured based on lighting that was not the final result haha; for a temporary set that looks great aside from the lighting issue! Excited to see the new one when its revealed; Dan called it a "big renovation". Makes sense since their current studio always looked a bit dated and traditional, although that was a look they needed at the time to re-establish themselves as a serious contender. Seems like they're on the 10th floor newsroom instead of the 2nd floor now. https://www.instagram.com/p/Ce0qBeeOlsD/
  8. It's pretty common for them to bring in the 'A' team during award shows (tonys, emmys, grammys). I was surprised they stuck with Jessica/Vanessa during the grammys recently and added in Dick Brennan instead of Maurice/Kristine/Lonnie/Otis, but it could have just been vacation time/availability issues
  9. Definitely seems like they're updating the main area of the studio; we shall see if they keep using the current area of the studio or switch to a temporary set at some point. I remember last time they renovated they moved the desk to the same area a few days before moving to a temporary set
  10. Noticed the WLNY News at 9 is back to being a full-hour broadcast and not repeated twice; not sure when the change happened.
  11. Hmm I wonder why they moved the main desk? Studio work?
  12. Apparently since February 5th is when I first noticed it
  13. My guess would be related to new COVID restrictions Nexstar is implementing... but I don't know why they can't just social distance at the desk as before; so maybe it is studio work? It was a similar split screen at 5pm
  14. Yeah I noticed that as well; she's still in the remote studio for the 11PM. I noticed that they also went back (once again) to social distancing protocols at the desk as of last week sometime.
  15. Tuned in at 9pm- Kristine seems to be off; Maurice is live from the subway scene; and interestingly Cindy Hsu and Dana are co-anchoring in studio. Assuming they will go a full hour and the 11pm will have this team
  16. WCBS brought in Dick Brennan to anchor with Jessica Moore before the grammys. I'm guessing Maurice/Kristine/Lonnie will pop up after as per tradition
  17. I agree that dropping Kaity and Brenda from weekdays in 2016 was the first mistake; PIX needs a harder presence in the evenings. Hazel Sanchez I feel would actually bring that (in addition to Shirley) but I doubt they'd make that change given she just started on mornings. Second mistake was dropping Betty Nguyen but we still don't know the full story on that. Best news is the addition of weekends with Kirsten and Craig; so I hope they keep that! Also I agree with the time suggestions proposed; another thought is simulcasting newsnation on PIX at 6:30 to promote it as an alternative to the networks (I don't know if that would be allowed). It would also be interesting to see if they use their feed for breaking national news similar to FOX5 simulcasting Fox news channel at times.
  18. According to the guide it starts Monday, titled "PIX11 Evening News"
  19. PIX definitely needs to expand their team beyond Tamsen and Kori if they want to expand. Personally not a fan of the new 4pm anchor either. I could see Shirley Chan given a permanent anchor role soon given she fills in a lot. Either way don't see it lasting long as others mentioned
  20. or Dick Brennan who's already on their roster. Dana and Dick anchored at 5 today. They should split it Maurice/Kristine 5 and 11 and Dana/Dick 6 and 9pm (which only totals to 1 hour given the 9 stays a half hour).
  21. Meteorologist Tim Drawbridge from sister station WTEN did the weather this morning...
  22. WCBS is back to the non-social distancing setup as of this morning
  23. Yeah was interesting to see Byron doing weather... my guess is that they'll have the current weather team rotate for weekend AMs until they hire someone new. Another thought is to just have Chris do weekends and Byron do all weekdays like Mike Woods but I don't see them going that route.
  24. I read the description -it seems to mention News nation "based in our new New York studios" ; so it seems like this is where News Nation will be broadcasting from? I don't know if this will translate to PIX...
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