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  1. Newcomer Dianna Rocco filled in this morning from 4-6, with Shirley Chan taking over the 6-9. Have to say PIX has its share of solid fill-in anchors these days. Also Kaity announced she'll be back next weekend!
  2. Yeah I just watched the repeat on their website it was pretty weird, kala and craig couldn't be together due to lack of space in the newsroom i guess. They didn't really mention it though, and carried on as if everything was fine which is how it should be to be honest.
  3. And based off of twitter, Marissa Torres will do weather (in addition to traffic) from 4:30-6.
  4. I'll be honest Suki has a similar type personality to Juliet Huddy, and perhaps that's why they hired her, compared to someone like Theresa. I would definitely like to see Suki and Antwan as a team.
  5. It honestly makes me wonder. It seems that they do well in the AM and at 10pm; I would question why they have no desire to put their money and resources into a new set. We've said it for years it needs an update desperately!!
  6. Hmmm that is interesting. Was gonna say maybe a greenscreen but it doesn't look like it. It must be another area somewhere.
  7. Just turned on the news and guess who's finally anchoring...Shirley Chan! Her and Kori make a good team.
  8. Hmm....they do seem to be testing the waters for some new graphics and music cues....Gotta say the cuts seem a little "laid back" (and doesn't have the hard news feel)...but it would fit nice for the morning news. I guess we will see new graphics and music in the coming months with the whole revamp.
  9. I don't see them doing things like this anymore. I honestly feel like the PIX morning news used to rely on sex appeal even from its inception in 2000, I think that was part of its goal. Now they seem to be more focused on news. No more of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ADfJmjq_z2A
  10. Narmeen is on the news at ten tonight reporting on Time's 100 list.
  11. I think Elise Finch returned this morning!
  12. If anybody watched PIX this morning, they brought in Weather Channel meteorologist Bonnie Schneider to cover the storm, along with Lisa Mateo. Hopefully they hire someone soon; I bet they wish they never let Chris Knowles go.
  13. Or they could rebrand like WGN and say "this is New York's very own...PIX11 News at 5" or something like that. I honestly feel like they need to get rid of that train opening anyways and move to a slightly more serious opening and graphics package. Something simple like they had back pre-2010 would be nice.
  14. I always liked how they incorporated the statue of liberty in their 10pm preview pre-2010
  15. So apparently CBS is getting into the whole virtual weather graphics thing too...
  16. Yeah...Only took them a year and a half to get it right. First they used that godawful CGI, then 42nd street, now the skyline. I don't understand why they didn't just use the skyline shot when they got their new set last year, considering they used the skyline on the old one.
  17. Having Stacey back full time really helps fill in the gaps. Stacey is an excellent anchor, as I've followed her since she was the main anchor on News 12 Long Island. I honestly wished she would've got the 11pm like JoseRM303 said, but I guess Natilie's pretty good too. Considering that Pat Battle was passed over again signifies to me that Pat is happy on the weekends, and that must work best for her. Maybe she likes reporting out in the field too. Either way Stefan, Chuck, David, Natilie, and Stacey are really solid anchors so I think WNBC will do fine since Sibila's departure.
  18. It's clear that Amy Waldman really likes them. The next step is to get rid of her and then maybe, just maybe Tamsen and Suki won't be so comfortable in their spots. It's amazing how much they hyped up the 6:30 news as the next best thing and then canceled it. Don't understand why they would demote Kaity again, especially considering that so many people were so happy to see her on weekdays again. I said before about her soloing the 6pm, but even if she just did the 10pm I think it could really boost their image, especially with promos and stuff.
  19. Totally agree. Same with Frances Rivera. Both Jodi and Frances are WAY better for the evening spot than Tamsen. I actually think John and Frances would've been a great evening team.
  20. Watching at 10 and it seems like they scrapped the show within a show sports desk. I think Andy's best doing sports at the desk with the team.
  21. This change isn't going to put any dent in their ratings problem. Not sure why they cut John's hours and Tamsen's stayed the same. Like nynewslover said they should just put Kaity in their weeknight lineup, and hire 2 new anchors for weekends. I honestly really want to see Shirley Chan in an anchor slot, even if it's just for filling in. She anchored back at NBC CT and based on clips I've seen, she's pretty good.
  22. Yeah I find that odd too. Then there are others like Tamsen Fadal and Andy Adler who seem to get off on Christmas and that's it. Also, I found this on the job listing: https://careers3-tribune.icims.com/jobs/44522/traffic-anchor-reporter/job So based on this, it seems like Marissa isn't getting the traffic gig permanently.
  23. Well we finally know what will become of Kaitlin Monte... http://www.adweek.com/tvspy/houston-station-hires-reporter-from-new-york/173807
  24. I noticed for the past 2 nights, PIX has been going without a crawl on the 10pm newscast. I like the change, looks more professional, especially without that ugly orange thing on the bottom of the bug. It's not that I'm against crawls, PIX's crawl just looks ugly IMHO. The next thing that should be changed is the background.
  25. Was just going to say this. Nice to see him back on WCBS, even if it's just to fill in and help out.

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