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  1. Such a shame for CBS bosses to force Andrea out of the chair, a chair that has been hers since as others mentioned, 2013. Her and Doug (and Craig) were all great together (speaking of which I would hope Craig would stay too). I was thinking recently how nice it would be for Alice Gainer to be a permanent anchor again in some capacity since she lost the news at 9 gig, and she is great whenever she fills in (especially with Dick Brennan). Either way I'm also surprised CBS is allowing both Andrea and Doug to speak the truth about the change, since that will obviously fuel anger and hate towards WCBS (and heck, if enough speak out maybe even reverse that decision)! At least I haven't seen talent shifts at other stations recently where the anchors were allowed to speak so candidly about decisions by the bosses. Either way Andrea has talent and deserves that chair; if not at WCBS she will certainly earn it somewhere else.
  2. Yes, from what I've noticed the schedule is: 4,5pm: Kendis, Arrianee and Chris Cimino 6/6:30/10: Kori, Shirley, Mr. G Previously, Chris did the 4/6 and G the 5/10. Happy that PIX has finally diversified their evening teams, from what I saw of Kendis he seems like a great fit and adaptable to the lighter fare of the 4pm, and the harder approach to the 5pm.
  3. Seems like a pretty good hire, and will hopefully make a good partner for Arrianee. My guess is the same as above (Kendis/Arrianee for 4pm and 5pm and Shirley/Kori for 6pm/6:30pm/10pm). He is also one of "New York's very own", as they say.
  4. Has it been mentioned at all where Sade Baderinwa has been? I've noticed Sandra Bookman seems to be filling in most nights with Bill. Holiday vacation is normal but it seems like she hasn't been seen in a while.
  5. It seems former WNBC reporter Lori Borondoro (who left in 2018) has re-emerged on WCBS as of today.
  6. Noticed this new promo: It seems that he was hired as a second weekday morning meteorologist alongside John (makes sense with them adding all these newscasts). Maybe this would also allow John to do more interview segments or maybe outdoor segments like he used to do on the weekends.. Craig Allen seems to be on weekend mornings still, for now.
  7. Mary is a PIX and local news legend, wishing her the best on her retirement. They had a nice tribute to her on the news at 4pm.
  8. WPHL meteorologist Monica Cryan did the weather on PIX this morning (I believe remotely). I also realized that WPHL has nearly identical graphics to WPIX.
  9. Tonight the evening team was John Muller and Katie Corrado -surprised they used 2 anchors given the holiday, but Katie is great as anchor. Byron Miranda seems to be in the running with John Elliott, doing the weather for all the broadcasts the last few days (but I think all the weather hits were pre-recorded).
  10. Here's the video John mentions this in, cut to the last part: And totally agreed. Analyzing his schedule, John is totally overworked but it seems like he requests it maybe? Just seems like a genuinely cool guy who's knowledgeable about weather but likes to work hard and will cover for anyone when needed. But yes I noticed that Lonnie and Vanessa don't work nearly as hard as he does (or at least to what's shown to the viewer of course, not counting behind the scenes prep).
  11. I had a feeling something was going on with Kaity given she was off more than 2 weekends in a row. Very lucky they caught the cancer early and hope she feels better soon!
  12. Did that show on air or just online? I know they took a network special report about 5 minutes into the 5pm news due to Zelensky's news conference. WABC (and I assume WNBC) did the same thing
  13. I think they are doing that to some extent, at least I've noticed John (and formely Elise) signs off with the anchor on the 8am/9am shows as a sort of 'cohost'. Although it would be cool to assign him to different interviews too. Also given the press release it seems the 8am will be permanently hosted by Chris and not Mary?
  14. They could give the News at noon to Cindy, so her hours would be 9am and 12pm, and Mary and Chris 4:30-8:30 (although that still is long)
  15. Just checked the guides and yes, it appears WLNY now carries news from 7-9am; as it did in the 'Live from the Couch' days.
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