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  1. According to this video, they still used the Enforcer cut as a close:
  2. Appears the new graphics launched at noon today. Lots of changes in NY news as WPIX debuted their look only 3 days ago!
  3. Yes, Chris is permanently on nights for now. Also new is that Justin Walters has joined the AM team as morning sports anchor (similar to Duke Castiglione); making room for the nexstar CEOs son Perry Sook to be main field sports reporter
  4. On another note, I believe Ojinika Obiekwe is out as entertainment reporter (her bio is no longer on the website). I believe Dan and Hazel have been handling entertainment reports. Marysol or Ben would probably be the best replacement?
  5. Had to look back- but it looks like John started weekend AMs in September 2022. And thats true- during his entire PIX run John has anchored the main AM (with Suki, Lynne), 5pm, 6pm, 10pm, early AM , and now weekend AM slot. I must say him and Kirstin work really well together.
  6. Looks great to me! Personally I like the graphics and music much better than the old; and the set (in what we've seen so far) is beautiful on air. I'd still give it an edge to WNYW, WNBC and WABC; but don't think it beats WCBS as I expected. The skyline shot they are using is also very WCBS-like. The subway tile is a great addition.
  7. Kirstin said it was the last morning on the temp. set; so I'd guess that the new set/graphics debut today at 5pm as a soft launch.
  8. The background in that video looks pretty nice! Excited to see it on air and the new graphics/music.
  9. Here's a full link to the story: https://www.newsday.com/entertainment/tv/doug-geed-danielle-campbell-news-12-nt71t5wb With that, Doug and Danielle might be the last surviving true veterans of News12. I also found this part interesting. I'm guessing this clause wasn't in place for the people who were let go earlier (Eileen Lehpamer wound up a PIX pretty quickly after):
  10. I believe this has been airing for a few months now; but I haven't been able to catch the broadcast. I wonder if they still use the WLNY bug on the TV airing or just the CBS News New York bug. It seems like they started this in response to the 9pm being taken away from local control ( and I think they were streaming 7-8am anyways).
  11. Also, Star Harvey announced that news today: she's replacing Stacy Ann on weekend evenings, while still doing weekend mornings. I'm guessing this means Stacy Ann takes Chris's old slot from 4-6am weekdays? PS : also that new breaking news graphic looks pretty nice! https://www.facebook.com/photo/?fbid=656877486440523&set=a.459614339500173
  12. This seems to indicate they won't be broadcasting Yankees games anymore and haven't since 2021: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_New_York_Yankees_broadcasters So much for the whole "two teams, one station" branding. Also explained on WPIX wiki page: "In 2015, the Yankees returned to WPIX after a 17-year absence, having picked up YES Network's package of over-the-air Yankees broadcasts, replacing WWOR-TV. These games co-existed with WPIX's existing Mets broadcasts (produced by SportsNet New York).[88] In 2022, these games left WPIX for Amazon Prime Video.[89]"
  13. Hmm this is interesting news.. makes me wonder if Mr. G requested less hours or just a simple management decision... I could see a situation in which Star Harvey or Alex Lee replaces him on NY Living. They could also just have Byron do the entire 4-10am hour; so I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens. I could definitely see Chris as an eventual successor to Mr. G (probably more so than Byron). He's definitely well known and respected in the NY market from his long time at TINY. On another note, I'll now guess with 60% confidence the studio debuts next Monday lol.
  14. Wait if this is correct; it debuts tomorrow?
  15. I'm guessing this will likely debut not next week but the week after? I also haven't seen the weekday teams rehearsing there yet (unless they just haven't posted it yet) so we'll see if that happens this week.
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