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  1. Is this the right time to do this? Thoughts and Prayers David Smith
  2. Since Sinclair is buying KTVI and KDNL. Do this mean that the duopoly between KTVI and KPLR will be breaking up? Did we have any duopoly that has been broken up before?
  3. The weirest part of this deal is The Simpsons predicted this 10 or 9 years ago
  4. I think they KSDK have been doing that for a while now. So I don't think it wasn't last week . It was earlier than that.
  5. What! When since Sharon Reed leave KMOV?
  6. As the new GM comes does that makes a possibility that KMOV will get a new set with the CBS o&o graphics.
  7. Sorry about the confusion with my post. My post is this: With this is happening. According to the cities that have conflicts. We will see a duopoly in Birmingham. Do Birmingham have enough stations to have a legal duopoly. Triopolies in Green Bay, Mobile, Savannah. Most of these need shells. Does MG have shells
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