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  1. Jamie Stover posted on Facebook that she is leaving on Monday, but she is staying in the area. Just trying something new. Wonder what it is?
  2. Dan Skeldon has become one of my favorite people on 69 News. He handled over an hour of tornado warnings yesterday with ease and kept calm, yet kind of excited in a way, with clear explanations of what we're seeing on the radar and also what a warning means vs. a watch. Also, and maybe this is a weird way to judge people, but I know he did the weather in South Jersey for so long, but he's learned the geography of the Lehigh Valley really well in naming various locations on maps even when they're not labeled. I think I like him better than I ever did Ed Hanna!
  3. I thought Rick and Sarah were doing the noon a while ago? When did Matt and Tamala stop anchoring the noon?
  4. Back in the day, Scott Palmer and Anita Brikman did Saturday and Sunday mornings ... or were Saturdays just solo? I seem to remember them both being there. Then, when Lisa Thomas Laury left and Monica and Rick did BOTH 5am and 5pm, Scott & Anita would sometimes fill in in the morning for them. I remember random times of Walter and Sarah then, Matt and Sarah, then Tamala was brought in from nowhere - I always thought Matt & Sarah should have gotten the mornings together. I also remember during that time that Michelle McCormack and David Henry would fill in on weekend mornings.
  5. He's on again at 11, too. Wonder who will be in for him in the morning? I'm on summer break now as a teacher so I won't see the early edition for a few months
  6. This has to be the dumbest promo I've ever seen! Why do they say the times in such a weird order????
  7. Comcast dominates in Philadelphia, Allentown and the Lehigh Valley are dominated by Service Electric, a local provider (who actually invented cable in the 40s) with RCN as an overbuilder.
  8. I haven't watched weekday GMA in years. This set is horrible, what's with the random squares above Robin's head? It's funny, as I watched this, I was thinking, "What was wrong with set with Diane and Charlie?" Or even before then - a simple desk with the city as the background and some potted plants here and there - homey! And the living room as well!
  9. A few weeks ago Dan was doing noon-6 PM and Clayton was doing 10 & 10:30 PM. Kathy Craine posted on Facebook she is currently working from home and Dan has been filling in for her - guess they didn't feel like trying to have her do the forecast from home?
  10. This is an interesting move... at least he's staying local!
  11. Karen Rogers was on during the GMA cut-ins. Maybe Chris got in for the 10 PM show, then stayed up until the morning shows, then went home?
  12. She will be missed!!! Always loved her forecasts and her personality!
  13. But ABC has pretty bad prime time also, especially at 10 PM... but people are obviously tuning to 6 at 11.
  14. I was about to post the same thing. I was in my kitchen making dinner at looked at the oven clock at 6:46 and thought, wow! There hasn't been a commercial yet. I actually like the long intro thing. It gives enough details that if I don't want to keep watching, I don't have to, but leaves out some details. Lately this has been the kind of thing I turn on after my local news (on an independent station) ends and I start messing around with dinner in the kitchen. I can still see the screen from there and if I hear something interesting that I missed, I rewind the DVR

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