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  1. Since the stay at home order I've been up super late and have been watching Seinfeld at 12:30 & 1 AM on PHL17. I've seen commercials for the PHL17 Morning News. Why do they have their own news cast for the morning but 6ABC does the 10 pm news?
  2. Wendy Davis said she was exposed to COVID-19, so she's at home. I don't know if she has it or not, though.
  3. I saw that. Interesting, to say the least.
  4. WFMZ earlier this week had Rob and Wendy far apart from each other at the desk. And, where they normally stand together to do the teasers, only one was there. Now they appear to be taking turns doing it solo. The weather people have been kept in their separate office. The news room is working from home. At 4PM, Joy Howe was in the PPL Center studio all by herself. When they use the couch set, they have been sitting on opposite ends. What makes it interesting is the example they're trying to set for everyone else.
  5. I noticed this this week also, although I haven't gotten a chance to see it. I'm not really sure why the Lehigh Valley needs 5 hours of morning news coverage... or should I say, the same 15 minutes of news repeated for 5 hours. I'm guessing they had to fill a gap left by whatever used to air at that time - not sure what it was or why it's gone.
  6. I don't think there is a thread for this anywhere, but I think it's an interesting topic. How many cable companies have their own news? Obviously Verizon just stopped producing FIOS1 News. Here in eastern PA, Blue Ridge Communications puts on News 13. They do hyper-local stories twice a night - no weekends. Here's a link to a story from last week with a video of the report: https://www.brctv13.com/news/local-news/25119-lucky-to-be-alive-slatington-man-survives-head-on-collision?fbclid=IwAR0WT4w3yuYQCagNs4WF4LhlUlv69_RPDH0hF4ZXnJ0X0pZt_rBSac39WLY Kind of low budget, although it is in HD, but the reporter just stands there staring at the camera without blinking!
  7. You should be able to adjust your DVR recording to start a few minutes early!
  8. That's the thing about Sarah. She's a great reporter AND anchor.
  9. Both Nydia and Tamala have fairly young kids (so does Sarah). So maybe their early morning / weekend hours work well for them. Sarah has at least a daughter, but she kept her noon / weekday evenight reporting duties even after having her, so maybe she's been able to make it work for her family-wise. Sarah is great and really does deserve the 5 PM slot. If I were her, I'd be pissed if one of the "newbies" got it over her (unless she didn't want it). In a situation like this, do these people have to wait for their contracts to end, possibly, before taking on a new role? Or would they just be amended.,
  10. 69 also stayed on straight through 6:45. Mark Shanaberger was at what I assume was the green screen, but he was able to press buttons on the screen and draw over the top of it -- since when can green screens do that?! WFMZ doesn't have their own radar, but the NWS radar seems to be able to do pretty much everything that 6's radar can do.
  11. I was a kid too but I still watched the news!
  12. Anita Brikman used to fill in a lot for various people. Didn't she anchor weekend mornings with Scott Palmer? And when Rick and Monica moved to 5 PM, Scott and Anita filled in for them until they got Matt and Sarah, then Tamala
  13. Wendy Davis seems to have more vacation days than any other anchor in the Delaware or Lehigh Valleys!
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