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  1. CNBC also shows Shark Tank reruns. Their was no CFB on NBCSN on Saturday night.
  2. Weathernation,Accuweather were to have 24/7 National channels but no providers other then S. Dish pick them up. Theirs also Weatherscwn and Sprectrum Weather Channel.
  3. This TV/Light TV just needs to get on more providers in KC area. Also no Bryan Allen station here in KC area.
  4. Bair and Wallace will be on Fox News Channel coverage.
  5. WDAF has a Sports show on Sunday night.
  6. I second that for WDAF or even replace Judge Judy with Newscast like when Fox recently had Thursday Night Baseball and then Wheel at 6pm.
  7. Only if its replacing Sprectrum Sports TX because Sprectrumsportskc is on Comcast on becoming Sprectrumnewskc at some time.
  8. Tampa Bay had a Soccer Team. Charlotte has the Knights. New Orelans or OKC or Jacksonville Soccer Team. Orlando WNBA Team back or MLB/NFL Team or NHL.
  9. http://kcradio.robzerwekh.com/ This weekend is Jonathan McCall's last weekend at WDAF-TV. The weekend anchor is moving to KRON-TV in San Francisco, where he will also be weekend anchor and part of the anchor team on KRON's digital steaming channel. McCall spent a little less than a year in Kansas City.
  10. It was never on in KC. Cannon and Barrymore KCWE if get rid of Springer repeats. Also KCWE goes to 10am know with 25 Worlds or Less on hitaus/reruns.
  11. 3pm KSHB Newscast starting next week.
  12. How about having Anchor from their home like KSHB is doing? When theirs Severe Weather the next couple of days best to have Weather people in Studio with one at Weather Computers,one showing the path and also one chasing.
  13. KCTV5 in new News Set but standing still.
  14. Wall Now KC Anchor besides filling in Weekday Evenings and sometimes Weekend to. Pagan Weekend Evenings/Dempesy Weekend Mornings.
  15. KSHB has filled Now KC position and KMBC Evening Anchor.

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