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  1. 3pm KSHB Newscast starting next week.
  2. How about having Anchor from their home like KSHB is doing? When theirs Severe Weather the next couple of days best to have Weather people in Studio with one at Weather Computers,one showing the path and also one chasing.
  3. KCTV5 in new News Set but standing still.
  4. Wall Now KC Anchor besides filling in Weekday Evenings and sometimes Weekend to. Pagan Weekend Evenings/Dempesy Weekend Mornings.
  5. KSHB has filled Now KC position and KMBC Evening Anchor.
  6. https://www.rabbitears.info/market.php?request=station_search&callsign=41230#station This TV new home third of the 4 big stations in KC area and technically KCWE is part of Hearst and hasen't KSHB/KMCI but never will because a Scripps station means a Meredith station adding channels so hopefully Hearst next in KC area to.
  7. 10.18.2019 This week the FCC posted a dismissal of the application of News Press and Gazette to buy ABC affiliate KQTV in St. Joseph, without any reason listed. NPG already owns a series of low-power network affiliates and the newspaper. However, a federal appeals court recently vacated the FCC's intent to re-write or eliminate several media ownership rules, including the newspaper cross-ownership rule. KQTV's current owner is, by proxy, Heartland Media. Heartland recently announced it is selling most of its other stations to Allen Media. It's unclear what will happen to KQTV.
  8. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/9/21/nexstar-plans-expansion-of-news
  9. Maybe take it and This TV and give them to Hearst because This TV was part of Hearst before and replace them with Movies,Heroes and Icons.
  10. Should be hearing soon about Digital Sub Channels if they are keeping Antenna TV.
  11. WDAF a future Nexstar station has Wendy Williams before Mel Robbins.
  12. KSHB 2:00 PM America Says Two teams of friends and family race against the clock to fill in the blanks on questions. 2:30 PM America Says Two teams of friends and family race against the clock to fill in the blanks on questions. https://www.tvpassport.com/tv-listings/stations/kmci-38-the-spot-kansas-city-mo/2710/2019-09-16
  13. https://sites.sonypicturestelevision.com/us_dist_show_page.php?id=309 but no where to watch yet.
  14. Based on the information we have from the station, we're on KMCI from 5-6pm during the week (like you referenced) and only on KSHB on weekends. As far as we know, these are our new times. Doesn't hurt to confirm on the 9th, though, just to be sure Means something else at 2pm.
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