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  1. Oh good Bay News9 and CFNEWS13 gets a competitor and at least other providers in Orlando and Tampa Bay can add it.
  2. Good they want to add new ones but got to first get Charge in KC area. Those 2 Scripps were to launch next month.
  3. Gives them an extra night to show programming that might have been cancelled by another network or been shelved to mid-season.
  4. Might report it on AVS Forums to. Also WDAF feed of Court TV on 631 CCI.
  5. Good to have shows already announced for next year including the ones that were to launch this year. Also more Newscast might fill spaces to.
  6. Maybe some of CBS shows will show up on like reruns of Amazing Race,Survivor and so on. Maybe Hearst will hook up with it because just has like METV,True Crime Network and on some Heroes and Icons and Estella.
  7. Jim Riek has retired from KOMU.
  8. CNBC also shows Shark Tank reruns. Their was no CFB on NBCSN on Saturday night.
  9. Accuweather other then S. Dish/Sprectrum pick it up. Weathernation S. Dish has it. Theirs also Weatherscan and Sprectrum Weather Channel.
  10. This TV/Light TV just needs to get on more providers in KC area. Also no Bryan Allen station here in KC area.
  11. Bair and Wallace will be on Fox News Channel coverage.
  12. WDAF has a Sports show on Sunday night.
  13. I second that for WDAF or even replace Judge Judy with Newscast like when Fox recently had Thursday Night Baseball and then Wheel at 6pm.
  14. Only if its replacing Sprectrum Sports TX because Sprectrumsportskc is on Comcast on becoming Sprectrumnewskc at some time.
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