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  1. A 'comedy newscast'?!? Sounds like something that would make KDAF's Newsfix seem like Masterpiece Theatre in comparison.
  2. Still hard to believe.... I figured it would be a cold-dead-hands moment before WFAA would ever be owned by another company besides Belo. (Just like it would be a hell-freezing-over moment before the Dallas Morning News would be owned by anyone but A.H. Belo)
  3. http://unclebarky.com/dfw_files/c20a608f4d5c84351e0beb9c1ccf208a-1303.html Hard to believe, but WFAA's former sister newsgatherer in Dallas, the Morning News newspaper, had its own buyout drama almost 10 years ago as more than 100 were handed not-so-golden parachutes. This included the paper's longtime TV critic, unclebarky.com blogger Ed Bark. More recently, Bark has been tallying the departures of anchors/reporters at the 4 DFW market TV news stations; they add up to more now since the beginning of 2014, but at the point of this article (http://www.unclebarky.com/dfw_files/2ff9402b1a563c2f3d76a8df5edf8ffb-3639.html), the departure count was 50 (KDFW has lost 9, KXAS - 12, WFAA - 12, KTVT - 17) from the market.
  4. Good, no more of those corny 'listen to Larry' jingles on KTVT's weather promos. >ugh<
  5. And now, an anniversary for someone not about to be kicked out the door for 'being there too long (or making too much money)', by the end of their contract..... Deborah Ferguson, morning co-anchor at KXAS, just celebrated her 25th anniversary with the station. A recent newscast included a clip-reel of several stories Ferguson either reported on or anchored over the years, plus several congrats from locals and well-knowns (and even 1 from her original morning co-anchor, Jeff Eliasoph, who has since moved onto another NBC station) from her career in north Texas. Betsy Price, mayor of Fort Worth, even issued a 'Deborah Ferguson day' in the city. http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Deborah-Ferguson-Celebrates-25-Years-at-NBC-5-369251881.html A separate clip on the same page shows Savannah Guthrie from Today adding well-wishes on behalf of the show. Hard to believe it's been 25 years...congrats Deborah!
  6. Belated congrats (from sometime over the holidays) to David Finfrock, chief meteorologist with KXAS, who has been with them 40 years. Hard to believe. He has been on in DFW longer than any of the current weather or news anchors in the market. The only previous on-air person who served longer was the late/great Harold Taft, who was chief meteorologist at WBAP/KXAS for 42 years (1949-1991) and helped to mentor Finfrock. KXAS only did a very brief on-air mention with a few clips. Happy 40th to David.
  7. Way too early, but from what I've seen, not unprecedented. I remember NBC had the rings-peacock bug going by June 1999 in advance of the 2000 Sydney Summer games.
  8. DFW news viewers have to say farewell to yet another longtime fixture, as Byron Harris, WFAA reporter for going on 41 years, is calling it a day. The linkie in the previous post (my phone was acting stupid and wouldn't let me do this text part after the link was typed) gives no last-air date or out-the-door date for Harris.
  9. www.dallasnews.com/investigations/watchdog/20151022-watchdog-farewell-to-an-in-your-face-tv-reporter.ece
  10. WBAP (pre-KXAS) had a '5'-shaped newsdesk in the late 1960s/very early 1970s. Probably the only attempt at a numbered shape desk ever in the DFW market.
  11. As long as the traditionals aren't too inflexible or stodgy, yet don't go the wannabe-MTV News route, they should be around in some amount or form. Yes, we have computers and gadgets in which to get newsbits, but there should still be some viewer demand--and station owner desire--to have a televised local news presence.
  12. I don't get it. I have tried to watch KDAF's version, and it is just a mess, completely unwatchable. And yet the concept expands to other markets? >ugh<
  13. IIRR, WFAA (pre-Gannett/Tegna) has done some over the years; I've forgotten when or what subject(s) were covered.
  14. Would be strange to hear Charlie there after their longtime voice of News 8, not only because the current announcer has voiced WFAA's newscasts for so long, but also it would be Charlie's *third* station (after KDFW and KTVT) if he were brought on at WFAA.
  15. Well, the newest DART buses have monitors with still images (looking somewhat like a Powerpoint display/presentation) but I don't know if they're ready to function with streaming or archived video (whoever a potential partner might be). The light rail cars DART has do not have monitors; I'm not sure what it would take to equip them.
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