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  1. I've always thought that a separate news reader was pointless. Matt and Savannah can do that themselves, although now I wonder what they're going to do when they're standing out on the plaza. In the end, I'm glad they're getting rid of the position, but hate to see that such a nice person like Natalie gets the butt end of it.
  2. Slightly new graphics for Nightly. Lower thirds are touched up and feature a larger font size. They also now stay on the lower third of the screen throughout the entire story; they don't dissolve away (not a fan). The peacock also now only says NBC NEWS underneath it instead of the website and like TODAY and MTP it flips between that and the show logo. Looking online, these new changes debuted yesterday. Edit: Just saw this http://www.newscaststudio.com/2016/03/08/nightly-adds-story-banners-new-bug/
  3. So what will they do with the livestream when the show is on tomorrow morning? A simulcast?
  4. WGN has replaced the W in the bug at the bottom right with a Cubs W flag. That's pretty cool and clever.
  5. I expected new graphics yesterday, but they instead debuted today. They're just an update of the 2013 look, and I love it.
  6. I feel like we will also see some new graphics whenever the new set debuts, and I'm curious as to what they may do on that end as well.
  7. I don't know about that. I still see the circular outline of it in the top picture.
  8. They started randomly using the windows from the start of the show sometime in March or April. Eventually, they used the windows more and more frequently, and now they use the windows exclusively. It never dawned on me until this very moment where I'm typing this, but I think it's a seasonal choice. Nobody wants to see out the windows in the winter when it's still dark outside at 7am, and the spring and summer months are perfect for using the windows from the get-go. I'd also like to say that the couches on the set as a backdrop never felt right, and maybe just because it was different from wh
  9. At first I thought it was one of the morning show's jabs or pranks, but then I realized they're serious about it. It's totally a shot, and I like it. Take that, Sky 5.
  10. I really like that there's no weekend anchor set in stone. I don't see it as inconsistency but as a way for NBC News to show just how deep their talent is, and it's DEEP. Anchoring the weekend edition is also a good way to get people some more time on air. People that have anchored on weekends Carl Quintanilla Peter Alexander Kate Snow Thomas Roberts Craig Melvin Erica Hill Willie Geist Savannah Guthrie sometimes ***I personally wish Harry Smith was given a few more chances***
  11. I'd expand on that and offer up "NBC NEWS NOW." It may look like a lot in print, but takes just as long to say as msnbc. It can be called "NEWS NOW" for short. The more and more I think about it, though, the more my idea for a name change becomes cliché. Another downside is that the channel won't be news all day, as there will be editorial programs in the evening. I did, for fun on a Saturday morning, come up with some awfully edited logos, but I don't know how to upload photos on here.
  12. Because this year, for the first time ever, they're on ABC and not on the mothership.
  13. Where's the space for local time and temp?
  14. Just a thought since she's behind the desk tonight: Do you guys think NBC would officially have Erica Hill pull double duty on weekends?

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