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  1. I caught a bit of halftime today and to me it looks like it's in front of a green screen. That set/background looks so awful imo
  2. It's too simplistic on the scoreboard. Give me team logos or at least team colors. Otherwise I think it looks great.
  3. Lose the slant and I think you've got a great look. That's my only issue. This is isn't 2005 FOX and even that was ok because the bar went all the way to the ends of the screen kind of "offsetting" the slant.
  4. Not a huge fan of the new package right now, but they'll grow on me. BUT NBC just did a quick little olympic tease and showed an L3 of Mike Tirico's name and they used the new NBC specific olympic graphics and those look beautiful
  5. I saw in an earlier post that it was present in the bar and rewatched the beginning of the game. It was used sporadically and then it just wasn't used at all for the rest of the night based on highlights. Weird, but at least I saw that the fire lives on.
  6. I have only one issue with the box itself. The pitch speed is only shown in the strike zone box (which is perfectly executed) and no longer displayed in the same "bar" as the pitcher and pitch count. That means that if a ball is put in play and the camera cuts away quickly, you won't see the pitch speed unless you caught it for the SPLIT second it was up. It doesn't really matter, and it's so minuscule but still. Also gone are the days of the fire after a 95+mph pitch. RIP
  7. Fall of 2012 was the last time they changed at the same time. FOX debuted the horizontal version of the box for football and it appeared for the NLCS that year. It began the current FOX trend of going without team logos.
  8. I've always thought that a separate news reader was pointless. Matt and Savannah can do that themselves, although now I wonder what they're going to do when they're standing out on the plaza. In the end, I'm glad they're getting rid of the position, but hate to see that such a nice person like Natalie gets the butt end of it.
  9. Slightly new graphics for Nightly. Lower thirds are touched up and feature a larger font size. They also now stay on the lower third of the screen throughout the entire story; they don't dissolve away (not a fan). The peacock also now only says NBC NEWS underneath it instead of the website and like TODAY and MTP it flips between that and the show logo. Looking online, these new changes debuted yesterday. Edit: Just saw this http://www.newscaststudio.com/2016/03/08/nightly-adds-story-banners-new-bug/
  10. So what will they do with the livestream when the show is on tomorrow morning? A simulcast?
  11. WGN has replaced the W in the bug at the bottom right with a Cubs W flag. That's pretty cool and clever.
  12. I expected new graphics yesterday, but they instead debuted today. They're just an update of the 2013 look, and I love it.
  13. I feel like we will also see some new graphics whenever the new set debuts, and I'm curious as to what they may do on that end as well.
  14. I don't know about that. I still see the circular outline of it in the top picture.
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