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  1. It may still make possible sense to buy a station, though.
  2. Maybe this is already posted on here, but this is a more rare arrangement of the 1981 "Our Pride Is Showing" campaign for NBC (localized by KGW-8 from Portland, Oregon). https://youtu.be/zIcpigDKEvc?t=29
  3. CapsGM, I don't remember seeing you here in a while!
  4. I remember it recently done on "America's Funniest Home Videos".
  5. I always thought he did an interesting VO work. Too bad, I also prefer the more traditional VO style.
  6. Oh man, I would long and trade with someone to have lived and grown up during those days. I'd like to trade the uptightness today for whatever passed as that back then.
  7. If I did, I'd rather buy an existing station than start one from scratch.
  8. I actually thought that one was more funny.
  9. Well, I guess that is market #161 for you.
  10. I don't think it looks that bad at all.
  11. It was almost a year, but I kind of felt like the thread deserved a video. This video is a special program (part 1) about JET's 50th Anniversary, Jones himself even makes one of his last appearances some point during the video.
  12. Why have we lost so many voiceover artists in the last ten years?
  13. This guy also did the voiceovers for WSEE in Erie during the 90s until his passing.

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