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  1. Why does MyNetworkTV even still exist? I've never understood why stations brand themselves around a two hour block of reruns. Some stations even show the programming in the middle of the night and not during primetime.
  2. Does this mean Dr. Phil is no longer in production with new shows? It seems odd that the show wouldn't even finish out the season with new shows through May. KDKA is wasting no time with a replacement.
  3. I don't care for their newscasts anymore with the flashy graphics and the longtime theme music gone. The current music just sucks. I don't know why they don't just use the Eyewitness News theme if they aren't going to use News Series 2000 Plus that they had for 21 years. It's not the same without Linda, Sylvia, Ron, Kathy, Jerry, or Mark. Alan leaving was the last of the great legends the station had. I don't know why they don't put Ravi and Karen as their lead weekday team. They are the best they've got, but they can't seem to figure out who to put in Alan's position.
  4. I was glad to read Brian Taff is replacing Jim Gardner on the 6pm newscast. He’s always been a favorite and will be great. Brian posted the news today on his Facebook page.
  5. They are now running a 24/7 Wheel of Fortune streaming channel on Pluto TV, so you'd think they'd now allow a second repeat airing of the show in syndication for stations that would be interested.
  6. I remember KCNC 4 in Denver used to be all news outside of NBC programming in the 90s. They went by KCNC--Colorado's News Channel. That changed when CBS took over the station and they added some syndicated programming to the schedule.
  7. Having at least one soap at least led viewers to NBC to see promos for other NBC shows in primetime and late night. Without Days, I won't be viewing anything on the local NBC station during the day anymore (or much at all). I'm sure many others won't be either. I have little interest in news programs and talk shows.
  8. Yes, I agree. I'd rather see our local NBC station air something else in the timeslot. I'm surprised it's not yet another hour of news with the Today Show branding...
  9. It’s the end of an era losing the last signature program of NBC’s daytime schedule. Days has aired at 1pm ET since January 1979 and on the network since 1965. I have watched Days since 2012. I’ll sure have no use for the local NBC station anymore. I barely do for their primetime shows.
  10. Frndly TV added Story TV today as well as MeTV. H&I, Decades, and Start TV will be added later in April. Frndly TV is available starting at 6.99 a month.
  11. I've never thought the two hour primetime rerun block was worth branding a whole station with the "My" designation. Some of the stations now delay the two hour block to later at night. I've never watched their programming.
  12. I think they'd do better to air the Judge Judy reruns. This just adds a fifth 4:00 newscast...
  13. It's boring with the same people on every newscast. I always liked how ABC 7 had different co-anchors on each newscast in the past years when I used to watch. All these stations have less programming and all newscasts, it's no wonder ratings are down and people don't care about watching local channels much anymore other than needing them to watch network programs in their area.
  14. Hearst stations could pick it up as a .3 channel. Most of their stations don't carry any other subchannels but MeTV on .2 currently.
  15. When does The Real return with new shows? That show always seems to have more repeats airing than new episodes, It takes long breaks in the Winter, Spring and Summer.
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