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  1. Has anyone noticed that Weekend Today has been using a 3 anchor format? Could we possibly see this on the weekday after Natalie leaves?
  2. Here's the question of the day: has anyone thought about Micheal Strahan becoming the sports anchor of GMA or even going back to the 3 co-anchor days?
  3. Here is our first look at some more graphics and set. Can't wait for the launch tomorrow morning!
  4. Okay come on now people. Were acting like this is a big deal. It's like the red cup...we all have different views of subjects. We need to learn to accept other's opinions even if we don't agree with them.
  5. Update is bright and white! Looks great!
  6. https://amp.twimg.com/v/0d56d693-7cf3-480e-b359-4c19e1c438e4
  7. If you look closely at that pic Don posted, you can see the new floor that resembles linoleum. It also appears that the touch screen monitor is on some sort of stand now too
  8. http://www.newscaststudio.com/2015/09/03/today-ep-posts-photo-of-the-not-quite-so-orange-room/
  9. http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/nbcs-new-today-show-studio-will-be-less-orange/270240 New update!!! Next Tuesday, can't wait!!
  10. Basically what we've been saying on here. I've been emailing them updates for days
  11. They will be more in line with the new opening that debuted in May most likely
  12. I feel as if the 2013 update was a nod towards New Day and CBS This Morning. I'd expect less wood in the design this time, as well as more modern furnsihings.
  13. I can't figure out what is meant by new wall panels? Less wood maybe?
  14. I'm pretty sure they're having issues with the floor. When they redid the studio in 2013, they built the floor up about a foot. So they probably working out the issues with the floor
  15. New confirmation of updates from same source as pictures I posted yesterday: "The changes are wide-ranging in scope. The basic layout will be the same as it is now. Changes include new wall panels, a complete new floor, etc. bit the biggest change will be to the Orange Room, making it bigger and including a new monitor wall. Expect to see the 'improved' Today set Monday or Tuesday of next week."
  16. "The studio is undergoing some renovations. Starting Friday August 21, 2015, the floor is being cleared of furniture and standing set pieces in order to replace the flooring. Other improvements to the set are to be done as well over a two week period. During renovations, the Today Show will originate from the Plaza outside and from the ‘Satellite Studio’ on the 2nd floor...The Orange Room is expected to see many alterations." ^^posted on Flickr by Dennis Degan, a video editor at NBC, over the years he has posted great pics of renovations and studios at NBC. I'd expect great pics from him in the coming weeks in reference to the Today Show.
  17. Jeff Rossen just tweeted this. Doesn't help much but...
  18. Savannah replied to tweets mentioning a new desk and new couch
  19. Really? Where did you hear this? Wonder why they're replacing the floor...maybe the lazy Susan is messed up. Orange room is going to become more like social square likely. Its an interesting theory. I saw tweets from Savannah saying a new desk and couch is coming. I really want to know what to expect and actually see it!
  20. By the looks of this tweet...no debut tomorrow. Seems like it maybe more of an overhaul. Oh geez. Something fun? Ideas? Stay tuned
  21. I'm posting again sorry, huge Today Show fan, but what changes do y'all think would need to be made downstairs? I do hope we see new graphics to match the new opening thought
  22. They've also made a makeshift orange room...complete with jars of oranges behind Dylan. Doesn't really answer the question as to why they were upstairs, but I thought it to be cool shot from make up artist Deborah Bells. Someone did comment asking her why they were up there (she hasn't responded to them). None of my sources seem to want to answer my emails and messages...I'm really excited for a cool change downstairs (fingers crossed)
  23. http://www.adweek.com/tvnewser/msnbc-shakeup-the-cycle-now-with-alex-wagner-and-the-ed-show-canceled/268627
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