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  1. A Chattanooga icon is dead this morning... Former WRCB anchor Bill Markham has passed away at the age of 76, shortly after revealing he was battling ALS. More from the station: https://www.wrcbtv.com/story/40307237/remembering-bill-markham-19422019
  2. Incorrect, that is In-Sink - V.1 to be specific.
  3. An extremely rare treat: KCPM's 24 Reports from Christmas Day 1989! Material of any sort from this market and era is rare as hens' teeth.
  4. ...oooookay then. I don't know what it is they're smoking over there now, but I'd definitely like some. They're not even using edits appropriate for the length of their headlines after the open (not even getting into the sin of teasing stories before and after said open). C'mon guys, take a walk through your CDs here. Even I could do better than this.
  5. Oh, I can do you one better than 1992...how about 1996?
  6. A 1975 close from CFCF's Pulse, using the Tar Sequence:
  7. Ow, that is one cheap look for 1997...then again it is Park. The MG standardization was one heck of an upgrade for several of his stations...
  8. Not quite...it's Ballet 'Homage to the Athletes,' Rock Movement from the '76 Summer Olympics, as used by the CTV National News (and several other American stations).
  9. Not a huge surprise. Having paid semi-regular attention to The Late Feed since coming here, the article isn't kidding about him getting pushed out recently in favor of Ron Jones...
  10. The singers give me a very Dallas-esque vibe, almost like a JAM piece - which I suppose could be another point for Conner as well.
  11. Double post, but I already found it thanks to a tip on the Channel video I'd overlooked. It appears to be a KPM track, Superstar Fanfare (or just Superstar depending on the version). Oddly enough, while the logo sounds right, I couldn't seem to find the version KATU seems to have used. I did, however, find one that ...
  12. That would be me who commented. Compare the melody in the KATU theme with this ident's: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=id=aTa3-a5YTRE;t=20 They're a dead-on match to my ears. I have a weird sense it might be DeWolfe...?
  13. You're welcome for being the one to talk them into uploading the news as well! The open in general seems like it takes a cue or three from .
  14. Okay, this is totally out of left field. I think my thoughts have been echoed by pretty much everyone here...I'm at a loss for any sort of reasoning to do this. Guess we get to sit back and hope they think the offers through...
  15. Ah ha, I was wondering if anyone would ever notice that! Arnold has a history of (apparently) buying cues from freelancers and integrating them into his packages. There is a theme - "East to West" - in the Lifestyles I library from Toby Arnold that turns up in Global Village as well. Also, speaking in the know, the AM theme was indeed completely unaltered in the redo - that's not an NMN error or anything. There are five main themes now, as seen in these videos: - the primary theme everyone knows - same as News A but different vamp - the other primary theme everyone k
  16. Man, I don't know what was going on at WAVY in the late 70s/up to this, but it sure seems like they wound up in a timewarp for a while. I mean, comparing the seemingly near-zero budget of a lot of this look with - to quote a promo from the era, it's "the difference between night and day".
  17. It's both interesting and not very surprising that they're breaking up WCTV and WSWG. 44 is more or less useless in its current form - from a quick check of the FCC contours, WCTV's digital stick puts a better signal into Albany proper than the satellite designed to do just that. The question is what they're going to do with it...
  18. No opens or anything like that, but a rare treat just the same: bits and pieces of WSFA news from January 1961.
  19. That 90s montage there is a pretty awesome one there! Lots of goodies. The KQTV theme strikes me as being a Network track - and with a really good look for the market and time at that. And holy crap, it's KTVO and WGEM anything!
  20. That's from early October 1984 going by the World Series mention...and lo and behold, in the bumper after the open, it's that weird Telesound NBC music that's mushed in with Tuesday9 on the NMSA, alongside music we know is Telesound, from a known Telesound client... Hmm...
  21. It's possible it may have debuted at the very tail end of the year - KHOU at least seemed to be starting to drift away from the unified look by that time. Whatever the case, I believe I'm reading "10-07-84" on the control room monitors you reference, so it was at least in use towards the end of that year (by which time KHOU, KXTV, et al. had all firmly gone their own ways).
  22. Now there's a Hampton Roads dream pairing...awesome find!
  23. Thank you so much for encoding/uploading in 60 FPS. It makes a huge difference!
  24. And suddenly all those promos and raw graphics in the NA3 reels come to life...

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