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  1. It's Disney's policy to count years of service to an acquired company as Disney service -- Bob Iger for instance celebrated 45 years at "Disney" last year even though the first ~20 years were at ABC/Cap Cities ABC.
  2. Sherwood is President of Disney-ABC so he does actually directly oversee the O&Os now-- he hasn't been ABC News President in a while.
  3. The current graphics are coming up on 5 years old, the limitations of the package are becoming evident with the graphics dept coming up with new ways to animate the existing graphics to try to meet new demands... Also there are a lot of unnecessary and outdated 3D movements in the current package that aren't in style anymore, especially for DMA 1.
  4. Definitely agree- there isn't much polish on them, but based on the fact that the new opens were shot with the anchors in front of a white backdrop instead of in the studio leads me to believe that these are the general design they are going with.
  5. This package would really cut down on the over the top animations and flashes that the current package has (especially in the open). It'll be interesting to see the graphics that go along with these and if they change the cut!
  6. Does anyone have a video of the new open?

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