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  1. From FTVLive Looks like things just got interesting if the FCC acts on this letter. *popcorn gif*
  2. Are the owners of the company on crack? This is getting ridiculous now.
  3. thought that was Alex Leavy for a second.
  4. guessing they're trying to get their CW station on YouTube TV due to Nexstar's method for negotiation with CW affiliates.
  5. visual effects could be better. the set is the best it can possibly be, don't change the set, i am a fan of it.
  6. they should change their name to the history channel. also no worries.
  7. i think he means it's similar to the Disney mandates of recent.
  8. so is Saudi Arabia money dirty or not? you make it sound like the SG/TEGNA deal's dirty money mattered and this doesn't.
  9. i felt like ever since LIV Golf proved it could put on a good presentation it was only a matter of time. this is the worst moment for sports in a long time.
  10. are they encrypting every channel? if so, then that makes my blood boil.
  11. how will the independents perform in this type of market? that's what I'm curious about.
  12. is Gutfeld gonna make all the late night shows obsolete by taking advantage of that? lord forbid.
  13. i thought about making this thread but didn't think it would fit the topic of TV News. still sad to see it come to this though
  14. isn't a transmitter transmitting from a master feed? if so you can take that, pipe it into ffmpeg and bam a HLS stream. I only know the basics though, for subtitles it's going to be way harder to get that to work.
  15. The Incredible Hulk rights and everything else Disney wants says hi.
  16. @Weeterssince Bob Iger is back. what would you title this thread now and for the future?
  17. man they should just sell 33% to Fox Corp. and call it a day. much easier than offloading an investment you spent millions of dollars on.
  18. I loved @midnight, I hope to be a part of it's new incarnation as a guest.
  19. that or have a warning post pinned, punish those who are speculating and push the thread on topic. which is about WANF, not WUPA
  20. around the same time Sinclair started to move some affiliations to their primary channels ahead of a theoretical crackdown on shell ownership.
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