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  1. That's the thing... Viacom is hoping CBS could make their combined company better by including their assets with their poorer assets... and then using the better assets to improve the poorer assets. I know that CBS' properties will do well but I'm hoping that the merger will at least better Viacom properties... I know Paramount Pictures could use it.
  2. Didn't you hear. One of the personalities toxified the internet back in 2008 with his viewpoints on politics, religion and sexism, thus leading to the world we live in today. And the other personalities didn't even fare so well... I don't hear any of their names when it comes to today's times. And it wasn't ahead of it's time, it was just a bunch of people pretending to know about computers and giving away misinformation. Enough off-topic stuff, I made my points known.
  3. I can't believe I finally found one person who remembers TechTV. The network that destroyed society with it's "personalities" and "toxicity", you and the people who worship the network make me sick.
  4. It looks great, this is a nicely designed set. I would care more if CNN was news instead of just "entertainment disguised as news".
  5. I never knew how much CBS News was a joke until after reading this thread. There has been no other news division with this much turmoil, I mean ABC/NBC had 2 anchor changes with their nightly news programs and that's it. CBS has had 4 anchor changes. That's right, FOUR! I'm beginning to think CBS is doomed. They have nothing recent with no-lasting appeal; as soon as the Big Bang Theory and the NCIS spinoffs are done I'm guessing it's lights out for the dear eye. Unless Viacom can repurchase it and bring it back to its former glory.
  6. Damn... When MSNBC has higher ratings than CNN you know CNN has failed.
  7. I miss the Old Fox already. 21st Century Fox > Fox Corporation.
  8. Actually, I would like for all cable news networks to go away... They serve no logistical purpose other than to pollute the mainstream cycles with garbage and to blatantly grab for ratings. There is zero integrity with any of the news channels. MSNBC if they can convert to the NBC News Channel maybe, but yeah; I said what I said.
  9. I'd be damned if this eventually turns out to the the "Trump News Network" that people have feared. I know we got Fox News and ANN but Fox News has doubters in it's staff and ANN is Fox News circa 2008. Eric Wolita is dangerous imo.
  10. Here's a trip down memory lane of the failures that came after Dan Rather. Out of the two, I liked them both equally. Couric was not really good unless they took the show back to Walter Cronkite roots. I liked Pelly's goodbye as he knows that he is fearful for the future of the Evening News... and all of his fear payed off as we got the worst anchor to grace the Evening News. Jeff Glor.
  11. I'm going to miss the old theme. the new theme sucks imo.
  12. Anybody remember the time when the XFL had a dream sequence about a ladies locker room? Boy I sure hope they don't repeat that again! XFL is only getting a second chance because of the Trump era, it's going to be style over substance all over again. McMahn won't learn his lesson.
  13. Wait... Did ESPN just take a chance on a fake sport that failed in 1999? WTF?
  14. I know they may be perfect to own them but why does Sinclair have to own everything? I don't like supporting Trump businesses.
  15. I expect this to be if "The Root" had a TV station. Better than CNN, MSNBC but with the same biased, malicious slant as the two. Fox News you know who you are.
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