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  1. I can only fear that KCAL is next... CBS has been making some crazy moves as of late.
  2. There is no way a market like Indianapolis would even allow for Nexstar holding 4 stations, even in 2012. Big market, lots of competition, lots of households; no signs that it'll ever be allowed or happen. It's still a mystery but I assume WTTV and WNDY are the two to get sold. WTTV may be Top 4 but I don't see it having a particularly good news operation and WNDY is just... It's not bad but what value does a MNTV station have?
  3. Who in the fuck would use this shit? Probably some past their prime podcasting network in Northern California. It could be useful for twitch streamers but there are waaaayyyy cheaper options than this.
  4. Eh. The only reason why TEGNA along with Scripps have gone downhill is because they're too focused on trying to solve the issue of "how do we take our traditional newscasts and make them appeal to younger viewers". What Nextstar and Gray realize is that by making "subtle" changes, they can appeal to both the traditional and youth markets, TEGNA and Scripps don't really grasp the situation they're in. I'd go even further that all TV station groups (even the O&Os) will go downhill to the point where there is no recovery. Internet has replaced TV as the go to source for news unfortunately and there's no way of stopping it.
  5. I find it funny Dish is filing an objection seeing as how they're the worst TV satellite company in existence. HBO is understandable but Univision? You must of lost your marbles hombre.
  6. What's with these people who think that just because a certain company is going to take over, they're going to destroy it. If anything, I think WGHP along with KTLA will remain the same though I can't be sure what'll happen in the future. At least Nexstar won't be able to acquire any more stations because they'll be near that FCC mandated limit and the unintentional benefit is that there'll be opportunities for station groups to at least get something out of this. But be forewarned, the station groups of today are not like the station groups of yesteryear.
  7. It's not Nexstar's fault that Tribune went into bankruptcy, Tribune did that all to themselves.
  8. End of an era indeed. May you rest in peace 20th Century Fox (as an independent film studio).
  9. that is an eyesore... WLVI deserved better than the fate it was dealt. of course, the TV market isn't ever going to be like what it was so the best we can do is respect the dead.
  10. I know iHeart has market presence. I'm just talking about the poor management decisions that Cumulus frequently does rather than market presence. iHeart may be more successfully run but they've had bad decisions dating back to Clear Channel and if it weren't for the fact that they ran their prime stations well, they'd still be in trouble. iHeart is a joke solely because they run Hannity and the like, those kinds of radio shows that make you wonder "how the fuck did they even get the gig in the first place?".
  11. Cumulus is a fucking joke, more of a joke than iHeartMedia. I find it funny that Cumulus is selling off core properties while iHeartMedia gets to retain theirs. How the fuck is iHeartMedia still in business today?
  12. When your main reporter wears a MAGA hat. You know NewsNet is a big sham designed to make money in questionable ways.
  13. tbh, NewsNet is like watching a train accident happen in real time. If he can't even run a TV station well what makes you think he can run this?
  14. Just. Stop. We don't need this type of junk on TVNT. We don't need you to say that we're capable for speaking on our own, he was just doing a nice gesture on behalf of all of us that we're grateful for because he does a lot of work for this forum in an unofficial fashion. Stop your shick or leave. You don't have to do either but you're becoming really annoying now.
  15. 1. I'm guessing yes, since it wouldn't make sense for Amazon to promote a less available, more expensive grocery store over competition that'll make or break the deal for Amazon. 2. No. Facebook ads can be targeted locally and specifically to certain people and Google is more like spray and pray. There may be benefits but it'll be the same thing as marketing for a local TV station, in addition to them having to promote their own shows on the radio. 3. I do agree with this but we already have an industry that is consolidating itself wherever possible to save money and unfortunately there will be noise made. 4. I disagree with this. Amazon is more of a reliable programmer than Fox is and I could see them having enough programs to set up their entire television network if they wanted to. Plus you forgot about the CW which gives us 4+1 networks, 5 if the WB ever thought about programming their own TV network again.
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