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  1. the ABC logo should be in two colors only. black and white
  2. do you think NewsNet is going to replace the news departments in every station?
  3. it's not going to collapse at all. there's more of a chance of cable collapsing entirely than streaming. cable is redundant anyways.
  4. well at least it's a viable option compared to starting a news operation from scratch.
  5. I swear the mishandling of Tribune could be it's own documentary. They had no idea what to do with WGN America (when compared to TBS which was a superstation in itself) and the only saving grace they had was that they had an image and namesake stations like WPIX/KTLA/WGN and the like. Ever since Nexstar bought Tribune, it's like Tribune's management has been poisoning the company. To me, Nexstar today feels like what would of happened had Sinclair successfully attempted to acquire Tribune, a total trainwreck that claims to care about locals but only cares about the bottom line.
  6. title may not be great, thread might get closed but looking at the number of people who left and the number of controversies that NewsNation is going through. I feel like it's worthy of a thread to discuss in detail the turmoil that's going on at NewsNation. It's amazing how in a few months, NewsNation lost a majority of it's staff and is going far to the right in defiance of it's original mission (which didn't get ratings but they could of tried harder). I'd be surprised if the network didn't shut down at the end of the year, gained a sizable audience and managed to make something
  7. If they were far left, why did they join in on the Bernie bashing started by fellow lefie MSNBC?
  8. O&O gravitas doesn't matter anymore. Nobody's buying new stations except for FOX and that's mainly to get more money out of areas where they have NFL rights. If anything, O&O's might be sold off if they're not viable anymore but I don't see Disney selling ABC or FOX selling to Disney and I'll be surprised if they do. Also any talk of WPLG as an ABC O&O is simply pure fantasy. Just because NBC & CBS own O&O's in Miami does not mean that it's an O&O market just like Boston isn't an O&O market. Think of it from a business perspective, not from a "fantasy TV
  9. Instead of doing that, we should just ban ABC selling speculation in this thread until there are actual rumors suggesting that ABC might be sold.
  10. I can safely say this with 100% certainty. Nothing radical is going to happen to Disney.
  11. I say yes. I want to see what'd happen if Weeter's plan was put to motion.
  12. yet as long as the owner keeps putting cash into the furnace, NewsNet will continue for the foreseeable future. I don't understand why people don't just give up or think about it before going into this business.
  13. damn... can't believe they couldn't get the symbols right... this really looks like some guy wanting to break into the real news business but doesn't understand that real news is not about sets or anchors but about content and reporting. Newsey > NewsNet.

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