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  1. i feel bad for situations like these. drama can hit anybody at any second and the fallout is immense and hard to deal with. i feel for sanewsguy but feel like he could of done more to show his remorse and I feel like the staff could of involved everyone in this discussion. if they did, none of this drama would be happening right now.
  2. WJZ Jerry Turner clean ID from 1987 https://youtu.be/ylUdyImZCDA
  3. I have a feeling they did Wendy Williams' talk show dirty.
  4. this is a joke to those who valued their integrity over the cold hard cash.
  5. I get that not everybody likes what Tegna is doing but I doubt Standard General is going to do a good job at "bringing journalism back" or "making the stations great again", I don't have inside info but I'm on the side of "this is a bad deal" and that Bryon Allen should of gotten these stations. It would of been much more of a story than another hedge fund taking TV stations down a notch. How is WLNE doing anyways?
  6. why did they turn down Bryon Allen, that's what I want to know.
  7. I have and it works for it's audience, CNN may have needed change but not one that damaged it's credibility. in terms of modern news people, I'm looking for someone like Lester Holt not Jeff Zucker.
  8. Zucker is a money orientated, overrated, hypocritical and undisciplined "executive" who failed at every job he was given. Anybody remember when NBC was last place? it was Jeff Zucker's fault. nuff said.
  9. Jeff Zucker going to be facing one of the most torturous parts of his life.
  10. the ABC logo should be in two colors only. black and white
  11. do you think NewsNet is going to replace the news departments in every station?
  12. it's not going to collapse at all. there's more of a chance of cable collapsing entirely than streaming. cable is redundant anyways.
  13. well at least it's a viable option compared to starting a news operation from scratch.
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