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  1. Does anyone know what Hoda's new role is? Seems she's on more with Matt and Savannah in 7&8 hours.
  2. I really like Erica Hill, but everything she does is a disaster. Her morning show got cancelled and then she got fired from its replacement. Her current job is definitely a demotion.
  3. You're right! I think he was there last night.
  4. Lester Holt will anchor an hour long edition of NBC Nightly News to cover the tremendous amount of news making headlines today.
  5. On twitter, they have been teasing that tomorrow they will make changes/rededicate the #TODAYPlaza. The Major of NYC is coming to "cut the ribbon" (and to talk about his twitter fight w. Al)
  6. Really like this. Was getting tired of standard F. Hope it translates into newscasts/other markets.
  7. Does anyone else think the 7 logo does not go with the new(ish) ABC logo? I see this with so many stations across the country now. Why don't they do something like this? (please excuse my poor photoshop abilities)
  8. Looks so nice! Love the look ABC is going for with the O&Os. Makes us DC people jealous to get sub-par WJLA.
  9. localnewswatch

    WRC-TV Set refresh August 2013

    Replaced washed out rear projector with the "Window on Washington" as they call it. Looks WNBCish, no?
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