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  1. #FunFact: Bob Breck's retirement as WVUE-TV Chief Meteorologist came almost a full 38 years to the day his predecessor, the late Nash Roberts, gave his final forecast on Newscene 8.
  2. Read an article on me! http://www.theadvocate.com/new_orleans/entertainment_life/movies_tv/article_93c99642-545b-11e6-8752-7308094b9cb5.html
  3. In Breck is the last remaining hire during Alec Gifford's era at WVUE to persevere at the station. My forecast: warm wishes and a sunny retirement for Bob!
  4. Ladies and gentlemen, once more the lush arrangements of Otis Conner.
  5. Stolen straight from WVUE-TV in 1979!
  6. My belated tribute to David Plank Barnes Jr....
  7. Otis Conner was also instrumental (sic!) in writing/producing the TV station package "The Best Things In Life" for TM Productions in January 1979, sometime before he parted ways with TM to form his own company.
  8. WWL-TV and KATC-TV also dabbled in usurping graphics for their newscast intros in the 1980s, being sister stations at the time (KATC was sold to Loyola, WWL's owner, in 1971). They both even used the same music jingle package: TM Productions' "The Best Things In Life" (1979). KATC-TV Action 3 News 5PM open (1983): WWL-TV Eyewitness News 4 Weekend 6PM open (1980):
  9. From the 2007 WWL-TV Celebrating 50 Years special: 1980 WWLTV - Eyewitness News Noon open [MEDIA=dailymotion]x12nm19[/MEDIA] WWLTV -1980 Eyewitness News 6PM open - edited* [MEDIA=dailymotion]x11vcuu[/MEDIA] *This was shortened in the special to exclude "Jim Henderson, with Sports...and Nash Roberts, with The Weather!" to focus on Garland and Angela. If there's anyone out there who has the full intro (preceding hurly station ID cue included), please gimme a buzz! BTW, the news theme was cut in 1979 at TM Productions in Dallas, TX as part of a TV station package enti
  10. AarHan3


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