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  1. In my experience, people don't care what you are if you're not a jerk. But if you're a jerk, they'll often use what you are against you. In other words, Scott Steele was not facing religious descrimination, he was most likely facing jerk discrimination. That is, if any of this even happened.
  2. Most likely. I like the look of the Gatehouse websites better, but I think Gannett has a more integrated system in place.
  3. Name one normal place (not the super hot areas, which are boom and bust) where you would have lost money on a home. You can take Des Moines and practically every city larger than that and practically any state capital, and you can't really lose unless you live in that area's armpit. They have all grown and they are all relatively nice. If you live in a city like Minneapolis, Madison, Kansas City, Cincinnati or Columbus, with a big university or one nearby, you can't lose. In Omaha you would have made money. Same thing with Sioux Falls. Same thing with Iowa City. Louisville, Lexington, Knoxville ditto. Ditto Birmingham and Grand Rapids. Pittsburgh had some rough years, but now it's booming. Fort Wayne looks like it's doing pretty well last time I drove through there. You're not going to lose in Northern Indianapolis either. Maybe you think twice about investing in Appalachia. New Orleans is a dump. Downstate Illinois? Youngstown? I don't know and I say that because it has nice enough suburbs surrounding it. My point being, so Charlotte's growing and maybe on its way to becoming another dump like Atlanta? So what? You couldn't pay me enough money to live there or in Austin, Texas right now. People got to live somewhere. Just because Charlotte aspires to sprawl doesn't mean everybody is going to abandon every other city to move to Charlotte.
  4. Meh. Sounds like the type of post you would see on City-Data. First of all, why would anybody want to be in a fast-growing metro area? Who wants to be in the next Atlanta (if Charlotte ever gets there)? Not me. Second, unless you are in an overlooked second-tier city (like Fort Wayne or Youngstown), which are perfectly nice for what they are, home value means nothing. If you are in one of the better areas in any major city, you'll do okay when you sell. If you live in an armpit, you won't make money anywhere. Bottom line: If you can't afford top of the line, move to a place popular with college grads, teachers and people like that and you'll do just fine with your home.
  5. I see what's going on now. It looks like it's a 4:3 transmission from the source, but it's being stretched out to 16:9 on Channel 23.2. EDIT: It looks like it's supposed to be 16:9 and WBNS is squeezing it. It may just be a glitch.
  6. Just black. But it's basically a simulcast of what's showing on 23.2, which is in full 16: 9. Weird. Does Tegna make any money from these networks? It seems like a real small niche.
  7. Yup, 10.4 is now Justice. The TV says 16:9, but they're showing it at 4:3 with the side curtains. Justice is also still on 23.2 at a full 16:9 (and better picture quality).
  8. Like I said, the media not mentioning party affiliation if a Democrat is involved is a running joke on conservative sites. Here's a sample from Instapundit: (Glenn Reynolds links stories like these frequently, but the search terms I used only picked up a sample.) 1. Not once in a ten-paragraph report did the AP find the space to mention Dukes’ party affiliation — D-Austin. 2. There was no mention of party affiliation in any of the first 9 news articles.” 3. CBS Doesn’t Mention Jesse Jackson Jr. is a Democrat in Story About His Sentencing. It’s in the Style Guide: Party affiliation of disgraced pols is only relevant if they’re Republican. 4. OCCUPY CLEVELAND PARTICIPANT PLEADS GUILTY TO BOMBING PLOT. AP leaves mention of his affiliation to the last paragraph of the story. I’m sure they’d do the same if the Tea Party were involved. . . . 5. IT’S TIME TO PLAY NAME THAT PARTY! This story in the New York Times about the sentencing of New York State Senator Carl Kruger for corruption omits any mention of his party affiliation. And, sure enough, it turns out he’s a Democrat. Thanks to reader Thaddeus Perry for pointing this out. 6. UPDATE: About a gazillion readers wonder why Rep. Ackerman’s party affiliation isn’t mentioned. Yeah, go figure. 7. They don’t mention his party affiliation anywhere, but it turns out he’s a Democrat. A.P. should try using Google next time . . . . 8. But that’s not all. Read the whole thing. And try to guess her (unmentioned) political affiliation . . . . 9. It mentions that Young is, indeed, a GOP lawmaker. 10.“The LA Times never mentions Mr. Shelley’s party affiliation. Is it safe to assume he is a Democrat?” Yes, it is. https://pjmedia.com/instapundit/?s=mention+affiliation
  9. We're on to the PC games the media plays. For a while, they weren't describing the race of a suspect if it's black. Suspected muslims either don't get their names mentioned or are referred to as being of "asian" origin. When you report on a corrupt politician, you almost always report party affiliation if it's Republican. very rarely if it's a Democrat. Do you think people don't notice this stuff? It's a running joke on conservative sites.
  10. Have they reported the name yet? When they don't report the name, that usually means it is someone from the group we suspected. (Allahu Akbar!)
  11. The Columbus Sewer Department was using a similar logo. It kind of fits in with your WC theme ... after all, CW stations kind of are a sewer.
  12. Is "The Jerry Springer Show" still as amusing as it used to be? I would occasionally watch it with, believe it or not, my late grandmother about 15 years ago. Between all the brawling and women showing their boobs on the air, it was good for a cheap laugh. (Much funnier than any network sitcom.) But that was about 15 years ago. Haven't really bothered to watch it since.
  13. They featured the WCMH Chopper 4 in a recent ad, for whatever that's worth.
  14. I bet the dollar to peso conversion rate is so favorable, these bureaus are costing them virtually nothing.
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