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  1. You see, this is where the media has changed. They used to at least try to speak truth to power and tried to expose wrongs committed by "the man." Now the national media is in bed with "the man." Flynn was railroaded. Back in the old days, the media would have caused a stink about railroading people. But I guess now that they are the PR department of Government, Inc. they're not allowed to do that anymore. This is the worst part about media consolidation. Fewer voices = more of this uniparty garbage.
  2. When two three-star generals spend over an hour explaining what happened, you listen. Or at least you also present their side of the story. You don't embargo that information because it might prop up your unpreferred candidate. I will address this matter again in a few weeks after the fake news (which I don't even watch anymore) has more egg on its face. But back to the subject of Sinclair. So everybody has the right to present their slant to a story so long as it's left leaning and comports with official propaganda, is that correct? God forbid that someone have an alternative opin
  3. MSM doesn't push agendas? LOL! What's the old saying about whenever there's a vacuum, something will always go in to fill it? The vacuum is relevant, accurate, unbiased news. Very few places to find it, if any. (And no, I don't mean Faux News, which is neocon central, not to mention boring.) The national news media is the PR department of the largest employer in their company town (the federal government). When you see who is going to be president for the next four years and you see what the MSM has been deliberately hiding from you, it will be the MSM's final nail in the coffin and good ridda
  4. WTOL still has the old handheld device layout. It sucks, but I see both WBNS and WKYC have a new layout for handheld devices and that seems to look fine. WTHR still has their old page.
  5. My cousin told me the Cincinnati stations had wall-to-wall coverage three nights straight. I didn't watch Friday night, but I didn't see anything on the Columbus stations on Saturday night or Sunday. That could mean the riots weren't bad in Columbus. But then again, Columbus has a tendency to keep things close to the vest so I also wouldn't be surprised if the media was told to stand down so they wouldn't throw more fuel on the fire. That seems to be the Columbus way of doing things.
  6. The WBNS website looks fine on my desktop screen from what I've seen of it. I still like the old website better. Complaint: The Reds, Bengals, Browns, Indians and Cavaliers are defacto local teams of interest (and arguably the Steelers). Shouldn't they also have links on the menu? How hard is it to link to WKYC stories for Cleveland teams? WKYC does include links for Ohio State Sports.
  7. Yup, people forget about the Badgers. Big Ten football also makes the cash register ring for Fox.
  8. I don't mind the graphics for the most part, some of them I actually like. 1. Their choice of color is is awful, however. Especially that purple and I typically like purple. It just doesn't look right the way they use it. I think it looks a lot better with orange and bright colors. 2. I don't like the L3's and how it changes between someone's identity to being whited out and listing something akin to a headline. That white on the bottom of the screen is pretty ugly. 3. Their weather Graphics are another area that is suspect. I was watching last night and I s
  9. Why do you keep pushing for a sale? What does a financier have to offer anybody in the broadcast industry? Anytime there's a sale, companies are forced to take on debt. When they take on more debt, usually the employees suffer the brunt of it. But that's beside the point. If somebody comes up to you and demands to buy your house, you're under no obligation to sell it to him. What makes Kim so special? The other shareholders see what his agenda is. They're not going to sell if they don't want to.
  10. Local media does a much better job than the national in terms of being balanced and not trying to push baldface propaganda, so I agree. But then again, I don't know that local media is any better than the national at pushing local politicians, either. Maybe it's just that the politicians at the local and state level are inferior at the art of propaganda compared to the people at the federal level.
  11. I like the idea of a contrarian newscast with kind of a Paul Harvey sensibility. If I were designing such a newscast, I would take propaganda from all the usual suspects and poke holes in it. Skewer the Democrats, the left, the neocons, Republicans, the banksters, the globalists, etc. Skewer anybody trying to push obvious BS. It would be a breath of fresh air.
  12. Any national based news operation is the pits. You might as well read press releases--it's quicker than watching propaganda hour on any of the networks. Maybe having a news operation based in Chicago and getting decision-makers outside the Washington and New York bubble is what the doctor ordered. Didn't work in Atlanta, but if at first you don't succeed ...
  13. Boy did the Wolfe's sell out at the right right time!
  14. The Dispatch stations were supposedly going to be paid for out of earnings. When you do things that way, it's almost the same way the Wolfe's did things. You're just farming money.
  15. Let me tell you a little secret. Coronageddon will be over on Good Friday.

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