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  1. Why? Were they pushing the envelope, engineering-wise?
  2. They had another one of these segments on the 11:00 p.m. newscast, 8/4/22, beginning after the 23 minute mark. The first guy complains about the theme music, the next woman thinks that people from out of state should be banned from buying lottery tickets and they keep joking about the theme music right into the commercial. Hilarious. .
  3. Yup. People love having some kind of local connection. Lazarus here used to have 10 or 12 stores in the area. Once they took the Lazarus names off the buildings and put Macy's on them, they've dwindled to three stores, soon to be two.
  4. Dumb location. You need to be closer to downtown, that's where everything happens that ends up being on the news. News out in the suburbs is pretty boring. That said, they could put a studio in the vicinity of the old Randall Park Mall. That might be entertaining.
  5. I wonder how the economics work. It's got to be pretty expensive to put up a 2,000 ft Tower in some of these places, which you need out there because you need to cover a lot of sparsely populated territory.
  6. I have mixed feelings on this. On the one hand, times have changed. Just like towns don't really need 10 newspapers anymore, do you really need three or four TV stations covering the same news with the same kind of boring newscasts? It's not like they do any investigative reporting or that there is anything interesting enough to cover on the municipal level. At the same time, having your own talent gives a station personality. Otherwise, it's just a jukebox of stuff being played from a server. If it was my checkbook and I were spending the money, I would have consolidate everything in the background, but have separate anchor teams, studios and sets just to give it the facade of being a different newscast.
  7. I It is typical because of the transition to ATSC 3.0. They are teaming up and sharing bandwidth. Here in Columbus, Sinclair operates three channels and most of them have been squeezed into two, but 53.3 is given a home on the Nexstar WCMH signal. All the Nexstar and Sinclair ATSC 3.0 signals are broadcasting from the former WWHO-TV signal on Channel 23. 1) Channel 28/Virtual 6 (WSYX) - ABC, Fox 28, This TV and another Diginet; 2) Channel 27/Virtual 28.1, 28.2 (WTTE) - TBD and Antenna TV; 3) Channel 27/Virtual 53.1, 53.2 (WWHO) - CW and Charge; 4) Channel 14/Virtual 4 (WCMH -Nexstar) - NBC plus a few other Diginets; 5) Channel 14/Virtual 53.3 (WWHO) - Comet; 6) Channel 23 - ATSC 3.0 signals from WSYX, WTTE, WCMH AND WWHO
  8. Two comments: 1) It seems like they are going about this backwards. I think you should start with local and then cut over to CBS NewsCentral. 2) What a jarring difference in picture quality between the national feed and what they have in Seattle. Is CBS really that cheap? Can't they send over a used camera from one of their other stations?
  9. No offense to anybody, but I only made it about 2 minutes before I couldn't take it anymore. The guy with the high pitched voice was annoying and Elliot Rodriguez put me to sleep. Nobody's going to dial up a station in the nose bleed section of UHF to watch another boring newscast. Entertain me. Also, how is it this any different than Sinclair's NewsCentral? And why aren't your heads all exploding like they were when Sinclair tried to do it?
  10. WLIO is also close enough given that their owners are in Toledo.
  11. Somebody posted the very slick imaging WLIO and WOHL are using on Facebook. Makes me wonder why Block didn't buy them and use some of the economies of scale they have with WLIO. What's really cool if you pay attention is that they have different tones for each of the stations right after the top of the hour ID. For WLIO it's the NBC chimes. For Fox Lima it's some kind of a bong. For ABC Lima it's the tone you used to hear on those educational film strips to advance to the next slide. For CBS Lima, it's the top of the hour network tone you used to hear back in the 1970s. https://facebook.com/groups/tvidents/permalink/2190519181105688/?m_entstream_source=group
  12. I'm personally not a fan of too much consolidation in the media if for no other reason than it's boring to have the same narrative repeated everywhere. What made this industry fun before was the fact that it wasn't as cookie cutter as it is today. The powers that be like it, though.
  13. I wonder how much that cost Soo Kim. Cox would have a nice footprint around here with the Gannett stations. WKYC, WPXI, WBNS, WHIO, WTOL, WTHR, WHAS and beyond fit like a glove.
  14. Gannett and by extension, Tegna, have a lot of allies in Washington because that's where they are based. I wonder if a lot of the employees are whispering in the ears of their buddies to kill the deal. Good for them if they are.
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