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  1. "Lougee mistook Hoffman for a valet, deeply offending Hoffman." So what? Everyone's not a mystic. Maybe he wasn't dressed like an executive or didn't comport himself in a way that was executive like. Maybe he doesn't speak in a way that would convey that to someone. Or when we're dealing with the cashier at Walmart do we have to now assume that we are dealing with the CEO just so that we don't offend anybody?
  2. In a way, I can understand it here in Columbus since the National Weather Service radar is 70 mi away in Wilmington, but I'm still skeptical that it's any more than a marketing gimmick. It might help, but if I were paying for it out of my own checkbook I doubt I would write the check.
  3. This may be off topic, but it is juicy enough that you news junkies should be interested in it. It's coming from The Daily Mail and it's going to be interesting to see if the American propaganda media is going to give it the same kind of coverage. I'm posting this just for your edification. If you want to check out some juicy things from the coming Hunter Biden scandal, go to Neon Revolts thread on gab. I guess there are actual pictures of him boinking his niece on the laptop. They aren't showing those pictures, but good teasers have been dropped. I will up
  4. Why does the station need its own radar with all the technology available nowadays? The National Weather Service is going to have a far more robust radar than anything a TV station is going to have.
  5. I used to get cable just for the news channels and for college football. I barely watch the Washington propaganda posing as news anymore, but if I ever started to again, this is a positive development. I honestly don't know why CBSN hasn't gone OTA. I lost count of the number of news networks you can get while streaming. You've got ABC, CBSN, NBC, NBC LX, Euro News, Bloomberg, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Newsnet, Fox News Now and now this? For what it's worth, what I've seen of NewsY hasn't made me stop and watch for any length of time. From what I've seen,
  6. Meh. It doesn't have any kind of a hook. Not at all snappy and too slow paced for my taste. Well-produced, though. I'll give them that.
  7. You know who should rebrand? Nexstar. It seems they think the rest of the country loves Texas so much that they want that whole star theme in their face all the time. That has to be the dumbest name and their logo is also pretty stupid too. They should have kept the Media General name.
  8. Arguably, your peak years are in your 40s. It's all downhill after that. There are exceptions, but Shep isn't one of them.
  9. I was curious about this whole digital phenomenon. It seems to me this whole infrastructure of building 1000 ft towers and lifting 20,000 lb antennas into place is very expensive and I wonder if the cost is sustainable given that I can broadcast with my smartphone if I wanted to. I asked some guys in radio about it and they still said it's cheaper to do it the conventional way than it is to go through the web using bandwidth. If this is true, I wonder how long all of these free video services are going to last given that video is more intensive than audio, bandwidth-wise.
  10. I like Shep when he was in his prime on Fox during the 7:00 show. But now, Shepherd Smith is old and haggard looking. He's got that rode hard look these days. And then there is his severe case of TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) that probably turned off most of his fans. It's too bad, because he was very good at one point.
  11. Well Mrschimpf, I don't watch much local news, but I tend to like their newscast here in Columbus. It is easily the least boring of the three. Their gay guy weatherman helps lighten things up a lot and I think Kendrick is the best anchor in town. I don't know how good of a weatherman Marshall is, but you can't help but like the guy. Considering that the former Columbus GM who put a lot of what they have now together was running WJLA, I would hope they got a similar infusion. Don't discount Sinclair being a boogieman in Lefty and establishment circles. Washington DC is
  12. Could it be more of an issue of prejudice and bias instead of anything Sinclair is doing or not doing? After all, DC votes 90% Democrat.
  13. I don't like any of the white and blue. I've been watching a handful of the stations through NewsOn (neat with a Roku, by the way), and most of them start to open with that blue and white. I just don't like that color combination or that look at all. It would look a lot better if they were using two deeper shades of blue. Although I don't hate their music as much as I did when it first came out, it's still not Sinclair. The snappier Stephen Arnold stuff they had before was a lot better.

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