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  1. The Plain Dealer says that ownership of WJW is still up in the air. Something has been decided, but if it's going to Fox it won't be announced for a few weeks. I have a feeling it's still going to Fox, which is good. https://www.cleveland.com/entertainment/2019/09/fcc-approves-sale-of-tribune-stations-including-fox-8-to-nexstar.html If that's what happens, it makes the Wolfes look smarter every day for selling WBNS and WTHR.
  2. Looks like you replied before I was able to complete my edit. I'm not good at doing this on a phone. But yeah, that was my point--when you've used a logo for almost 35 years, maybe it's time for a change.
  3. The numbers 3 and 8 are both awkward looking. It's hard to make them look good in a logo, but my favorite one was the one from the mid-1970s. It was clean looking. Everything they've used since then looks too busy. And considering they've used variations of what is basically the same logo since the 1970s (except for the few years when they used the one you show), change is long overdue.
  4. Nah. It's pretty long in the tooth. Extremely dated, in my opinion. Helvetica Bold is so 1980s.
  5. Malmos is an actor and has a theater background and I think that shows in the work he does. He really makes the voiceovers he does sound interesting like a good actor wood, and I pay attention to that kind of stuff. Back in the old days it was common for either aspiring actors or washed up ones to be TV news anchors.
  6. I noticed WSYX replaced the extraordinary (at least according to his website) Richard Malmos and now has a wimpy sounding voiceover guy. I'm guessing that WBFF, WKEF and whoever else was using him have also changed voices since Sinclair seems to do everything in unison. I really liked his voice. Or was the problem that you would always hear him on WCMH as the voice for MeTV? http://www.richardmalmos.com/audio/06-06_RMalmos_promo.mp3
  7. I wonder if that's just an interim move until Antenna TV's deal expires with WSYX. I also wonder what's behind this. I doubt Court TVs going to be as popular as MeTV or do they even care? Is it all about who pays the most to lease the channel?
  8. Slightly off-topic: Nexstar is dropping the very popular MeTV from WCMH 4.2? What gives? Or are they going to replace with Antenna TV (which sucks)?
  9. Is she actually there at the studio or working from Indy? I always thought this was a lost opportunity for Dispatch. They should have done more sharing back and forth between the stations, if for no other reason than to just keep things interesting. I didn't get to see her on WBNS, but I like her personality. It's odd seeing a middle aged woman on TV who isn't rail thin, though. https://players.brightcove.net/5359769197001/default_default/index.html?videoId=6086325980001
  10. Just another thought about the WKYC logo. The other thing that you guys have to remember is back when computer graphics for the PC were just beginning to be widely used, that stuff was exciting and cool. Now that we are 20 years into that, there is a certain amount of sameness to everything. It's almost too perfect to the point where it's mechanical and bland. Pull out an old retail ad from the 1970s and it looks a lot better from the standpoint of how they set the type than some computer-generated ad from Target looks today. And when I look at pictures of old school hand-painted signs, I find myself appreciating that look more than the computer generated sameness of laser-cut letters. It's kind of like another chapter in the analog vs digital debate. And in this case, analog, in the form of hand set type, looks a lot better. Case in point: look at my avatar.
  11. I like it. They used to do minimalist things in a Futura font, but that borders on being kind of Euro and artsy. This one stands out because there is no art to it. In fact there being no art to it is what makes it art, if that makes any sense. I don't like that color pink I'm seeing in the graphic though, but I like the general concept. It's different and it stands out.
  12. I like it. It's different. I don't like that desk, but I do like the general look they tried to give it. The new logo is a lot better than what they had, which was very long in the tooth. Change was long overdue. I'm not sure this is what I would have changed to if I were the decision maker, but we'll see how they roll this out. It's got some potential.
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