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  1. I'm sure he has weasel language in all the contracts about what happens if the FCC doesn't approve the sale. If anything, he's trying to avoid the breakup fee which I think is a couple hundred million dollars. I'd take him to court over it just to teach the next bankster who tries to pull something like this a lesson.
  2. Somewhat related. This guy cut commercials to 5 minutes per hour at his Fresno radio stations. He says he can do that because he doesn't have any debt, unlike Cumulus and iHeart. The Wolfes used to say that having no debt was an important part of their success at WBNS and WTHR. Standard General will have debt, lots of it. Thus, a race to the bottom as they try to stay afloat. Soo Kim can pound salt. https://radioink.com/2023/03/22/john-ostlund-five-minute-stopsets/
  3. Back in the 1970s, WTVN TV used to open with the camera showing their cheapo news set, playing James Bond music.
  4. What losses? They and their partners put less than a billion down. The banks are stuck with the loss. Unlike you and me, the big boys don't have to pay. I'm sure they got a non-recourse loan.
  5. Where the cable companies get you here, they'll advertise $79.99 for cable. Then at the end of the bill they check on $22 for OTA TV and another seven bucks for sports. And nothing special when it comes to sports, just regular ESPN, Bally's and Fox channels.
  6. Is that the full price or do they tack on local TV surcharges and taxes at the end?
  7. You have a point. It doesn't matter which country or state your business charter is in, it matters where your ownership and management are located. Nevertheless, Apollo still benefits from two sets of stations in certain cities, so I would tell them to pound salt. If they still get the profit from both WSB and WXIA, something still seems wrong about that.
  8. LNL is a stupid acronym and their bug looks stupid. Not impressed with the boring graphics either. It sounds like an insurance company, Lincoln National Life. I said the same thing when Sinclair went to Curves that I'm going to say here. Sinclair has that overly serious sounding music. That's not who they are. The old Stephen Arnold upbeat theme songs fit them much better. Same thing going on here. Gray is a second or third rate broadcaster. Stay in your lane. This is not an insult, it's just who they are. Have something that better fits you and your viewership.
  9. I totally agree that they've got the bigger problem of not having anything anybody wants to watch anymore and not having a clue how to create things people want to watch.
  10. I don't care who's fault it is, I care about the damage to my wallet. I dropped cable when retrain and sports fees got tacked on to the bottom of the bill to the tune of $30. My cable and internet bill was roughly $165 and that was 2 years ago. I got rid of the cable and just do internet now and I'm perfectly happy with it. In fact, at the time, the cable company was encouraging us to do this so that they didn't have to fool around with these wars with the TV providers anymore either.
  11. My argument is that this is just like a retail store. If they're not open when you need them, and you're forced to go somewhere else, sooner or later you get out of the habit of going there. So if Kroger closes at 9:00, but Meijer's is open until midnight, you're going to get into the habit of going to Meijer's and Kroger's fades away for you. Radio tried that. The argument is that they have so few listeners after 7:00 p.m. that it's not worth it to have live talent. You can see how relevant radio is everywhere except for the car anymore.
  12. They killed the golden goose and are now in the process of killing the bronze goose. I'm not paying your stinking retransmission fees. If the online providers start with that garbage, I'm dropping them too, just like I dropped the cable company. And if they figure out a way to make me pay over the air using ATSC 3.0, I can live without TV.
  13. Yeah, this is not a WHIZ situation where they have a healthy population with OTA. This really is a small market.
  14. That news person isn't all that tiny either.
  15. Very few people have sympathy for the banksters in these deals. I certainly don't. They ruin practically everything they touch. Yes, there is such a thing as attribution in the law. I believe even the FCC uses attribution when it comes to family members owning media properties. It should be the same thing here. If you've got capital in both companies, you're benefiting from both companies. That should not be allowed. And even if you don't control day to day operations, if you threaten to pull your money out if you don't like something, that's control.
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