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  1. https://abc6onyourside.com/station/people Somehow I ended up on the WSYX talent page. I count 35 people. I know at least one of them is a Sinclair reporter, but is their news department really this large?
  2. How about TEGHA since WTHR and WBNS are going to be related to GateHouse? (GH for GateHouse instead of GN for Gannett.)
  3. That has to be the world's ugliest TV station logo. Why don't they just use a Circle 7 like everybody else?
  4. If WBNS had to go to someone, who else would you have it go to that is going to be a survivor in the consolidation wars? Maybe Hearst is a better company, but it doesn't look like they're buying. Cox/Terrier - the jury is still out on that one. They could end up flipping everything in a couple of years. The way I see it, Tegna is still the best option. My only complaint about WSYX is that they have too many reporters who are wet behind the ears--They don't have enough of a polished look. But I have no problem with their anchor people, they are my favorite in town. And Sinclair always takes care of Channel 6. We are going to be one of the first 19 markets where ATSC 3.0 gets implemented. It's the next best thing to being locally owned.
  5. Looks cramped in there. Do they have the same problem with studio space that their former sister station WCMH had?
  6. Those squiggly lines on the backdrop are reminiscent of a Media General set. But I thought their set was done in-house. Was it ever upgraded after that? Or is this a new Sinclair set?
  7. Tech heads I have talked to say that low band VHF will perform a lot better under ATSC 3.0.
  8. Wasn't that the name of the General Petraeus book after he got caught having an affair?
  9. Yes, many use hair straightener/relaxer depending on the hairstyle. Rob needs gallons and gallons of it and a good tutor. I'm too old and too sick and tired of the PC police to change my vocabulary anymore. For me it's black, but I changed it to "black colleagues" because it reads better.
  10. Gatehouse does their artwork from their graphics hub in Austin. Gatehouse already bought the Cox papers in Palm Beach and Austin from Cox, so they already have a working relationship. To me these newspaper chains are the same as the TV chains. There isn't too much difference between them. What do you have a choice between Gatehouse and Gannett and a couple others, it's not a huge difference.
  11. I can't say I've watched them all that much, but here is my take on things from somebody who used to be in Cincinnati fairly frequently. Dierking is dry, but she's got the MILF thing going on. You have to be impressed with somebody who is almost 60 and keeps themselves in shape like that. As much charisma as Rob Braun's dad used to have, I'm surprised he is so dry. Bob Braun was a genuinely funny, funny guy. Rob may be a riot in person, but on TV he is pretty boring. Plus there is that hair. One of his black colleagues at the station need to teach him how to use some hair straightener. I say that as a person with curly hair myself, but it just doesn't look right on the guy! Okay, enough for the superficiality. Spare me the sanctimony about the Sinclair spot. It was just a locally tailored promotion. Every chain store does that and TV stations are no different than chain stores these days in my opinion. A Sears in Cincinnati has Bengals jerseys they advertise. A Sears in Detroit has Lions jerseys and they probably use the same ad, too. Same difference if Cincinnati anchors and Columbus anchors and Dayton anchors are all cutting a promo reading the same script.
  12. Rob Braun is okay, but he's no Nick Clooney. If he were that level of talent, he might have been able to get a gig in one of the cities where The Bob Braun Show used to air. That would create some buzz. He could have been Columbus' next Doug Adair. But like I said, he's no Nick Clooney (or Doug Adair). Does he end up at one of the other stations in town or is he too old for another gig?
  13. Atlanta Journal-Constitution to GateHouse Media?
  14. I was just thinking, maybe it's a gimmick to cut down on the retransmission fees they have to pay. Carve up NBC viewership into more pie pieces (WCAU, WRC, WBAL, WRDE) and that's less money that has to go outside the company.
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