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  1. Sinclair needs to go back to using "WHO 53" for WWHO. I always thought that was pretty catchy.
  2. Same reason WBNS invested millions in a slick new newsroom and why Sears and Kmart were closing newly remodeled stores. You spiff it up to make it pretty to sell.
  3. Sinclair owns or controls seven stations between Columbus, Dayton and Cincinnati, and there is a lot of overlap, especially between the latter two sets of cities. The Columbus stations get their signal out to just outside of Dayton, at least theoretically. Back in the old days, the FCC cared about signal overlap. They don't care anymore if you are in separate DMA's. That said, the Federal Trade Commission and the doj might care if you have some kind of dominant market position because you own all of these stations. With WSFL, and an Ion station, that's not going to be the case, especially with all the signals in that region.
  4. Depends - abc6onyourside.com is easy to remember even though if it is a little unwieldy, because they've been using that slogan off and on for 30 years for more. They used to use wsyx6.com, which also isn't bad. (The domain for the Fox station myfox28columbus.com is not as easy but you can get there with a little guessing.) Likewise, 10tv.com, local12.com, nbc4i.com, wlwt.com, wishtv.com, wthr.com and several others are very easy to remember. What they have in common is they reinforce a station slogan or nickname, legendary call letters (after 74 years, people know WLWT) or call letters that mean something. If you live in Indianapolis, you will know the WTHR call letters because THR means Channel 13, the call letters are 45 years old and the station is top rated as opposed to being the 9th ranked UHF station. Likewise, SYX means "6" and that's easy enough. Adding "my" to the beginning also isn't bad and neither is "your." The domain for one of the LPTVs here is yourtv22.com, which isn't bad. They also have their domain name up on each of their sub channels when they flash their station ID at the top of each hour.
  5. Faux News hasn't had a good pulse on its viewership since they ran off Roger Ailes. They think the average Faux News viewer worships the ideas of Bill Krystal, the late Charles Krauthammer and the rest of the neocon/globalist contingent, but that has never been the case. Faux's viewership has more sympathies with Rush Limbaugh and Trump than any of the Washington military industrial complex. By putting their thumb on the scale to try and swing the election, they urinated off a big chunk of their viewers. I haven't watched them since the election and I don't intend to. I need Washington propaganda from the right even less than I need it from the left.
  6. But you still have to pay the bills. I'm just throwing numbers out, but let's say that internet bandwidth costs you four times as much as every cost you have to incur to get out your product out OTA. Unless the revenue is also there by being able to sell to advertisers a way to focus their advertising message more efficiently, it sounds like a shaky proposition. Maybe the revenue will be there in the future, but is it there now? And do they want to cannibalize their less costly form of delivery for something that costs them more? I've become hooked on these free video streaming services, particularly Pluto and Tubi. (That's also why I'm also down on broadcast TV.) For now, the ads are very reasonable. But because of what we've discussed, I wonder if these services are making any kind of a profit or will in the future We'll see how things shake out.
  7. I never appreciated the NewsOn app until I tried watching on a real tv. It's pretty cool. Dumping a 70 (?) year old brand name like KX for Nexstars stupid web names is like when Macy's dumped 150 year old names like Lazarus because they thought everybody was so impressed with New York City and was dying to have a New York City department store in their town I asked some radio guys whether all the infrastructure that goes into broadcasting makes sense today cost-wise given that you can access everything on the web. You've got 2000 ft towers, tower crews and an entire plant you have to maintain just to get out a signal for people to listen to mp3s. (In radio, that is.) I was told that bandwidth is far more expensive than all the overhead you have to incur to get a broadcast signal out. Since video is far more bandwidth intensive than audio, I'm wondering what the numbers are.
  8. That's true up to a point, but that Asian chick that was reporting last year from the White House was doing a pretty good job, I think. She was asking the kind of questions the mainstream media should be asking. I'm not saying that everything the mainstream media reports is propaganda and lies, but enough of it is that I just dismiss them anymore. Name any hot button subject and they're just pushing propaganda. Voter id, for example. If you're too stupid to get an id, you're too stupid to vote. That's just one example, but they take the company line on practically every hot button issue and they flog it to death. That's their worldview and that's why people like me are sick of them. Immigration is another one. Boo-hoo, look at all those cages (built by Obama but we won't mention that) Trump is shoving kids into. But Biden isn't shoving them into cages. They're just detention facilities. The national media is garbage. Local media is still pretty decent, I will say. They just don't have the interesting kind of content that you have on the national level
  9. LMAO - not at OAN, but at you guys. The point I've made other times about Sinclair still stands. So 100% of the media has to have a leftist agenda? Not even 1% is allowed to go against the grain? And don't kid yourself that the media doesn't have a leftist agenda. Except Faux News, and their agenda is neocon, which isn't any better. The national media is just the propaganda department for the US government and for woke activist groups. They suck.
  10. "Lougee mistook Hoffman for a valet, deeply offending Hoffman." So what? Everyone's not a mystic. Maybe he wasn't dressed like an executive or didn't comport himself in a way that was executive like. Maybe he doesn't speak in a way that would convey that to someone. Or when we're dealing with the cashier at Walmart do we have to now assume that we are dealing with the CEO just so that we don't offend anybody?
  11. In a way, I can understand it here in Columbus since the National Weather Service radar is 70 mi away in Wilmington, but I'm still skeptical that it's any more than a marketing gimmick. It might help, but if I were paying for it out of my own checkbook I doubt I would write the check.
  12. Why does the station need its own radar with all the technology available nowadays? The National Weather Service is going to have a far more robust radar than anything a TV station is going to have.
  13. I used to get cable just for the news channels and for college football. I barely watch the Washington propaganda posing as news anymore, but if I ever started to again, this is a positive development. I honestly don't know why CBSN hasn't gone OTA. I lost count of the number of news networks you can get while streaming. You've got ABC, CBSN, NBC, NBC LX, Euro News, Bloomberg, Russia Today, Al Jazeera, Newsnet, Fox News Now and now this? For what it's worth, what I've seen of NewsY hasn't made me stop and watch for any length of time. From what I've seen, CBSN is the best.
  14. Meh. It doesn't have any kind of a hook. Not at all snappy and too slow paced for my taste. Well-produced, though. I'll give them that.
  15. You know who should rebrand? Nexstar. It seems they think the rest of the country loves Texas so much that they want that whole star theme in their face all the time. That has to be the dumbest name and their logo is also pretty stupid too. They should have kept the Media General name.
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