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  1. I can see why the Disney brand has to stay clean, I just can't see why 20th Century Fox is any different than DreamWorks and whatever other brand names they have ownership of. If I were Disney, I would want to keep my product separate from the more visible Fox network. Especially since I own ABC. Like I said, you don't go to the movie theater to watch a movie just because it was mady by Sony. You make that decision on a movie by movie basis based on what the movie is about, the reviews and who the stars are. I don't see it working in the long run.
  2. Why? I can see the value of using that brand for a TV network, but do you really care what company makes a movie you're watching? Especially some movies where they flash logos for four or five different production companies at the beginning. DreamWorks, Fox, Sony, Columbia ... None of them really mean anything, in my opinion. Maybe the Fox branding is valuable for the cable channels they inherited, but I don't think it matters what they call the movie studio.
  3. It'll be interesting to see how long Disney keeps using the Fox brand.
  4. What does this mean? Are they ranking by work environment or news product?
  5. I can't say this with 100% certainty, but the music bed during the sports highlights on WBNS tonight sure sounded a lot like C-Clarity to me.
  6. She's got ugly Fred Flintstone feet. She should be wearing shoes.
  7. Studios with tall ceilings going out of style? I don't like that cramped look.
  8. Eyewitness News is so 1970s. What about "USA Go" or "USA News"
  9. Remember, when Media General merged with LIN, one of the big reasons they kept the CBS affiliate instead of WVTM in Birmingham was because of SEC football. Or at least that's what I remember hearing.
  10. If you have a Fox or ABC station in a place where people care about Michigan State, Penn State, Ohio State, Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska and Iowa, you're getting some pretty good ratings and making some pretty good money on these games. Same goes for certain Big 12 and SEC markets. People who live in pro football cities don't understand how big college football is in non pro-football cities in these three conferences. I prefer college football because that's what I grew up with, and when I go to a game and pay $7 for a Diet Coke, at least the money is going to the university and not into some billionaire's pocket.
  11. More bottom-feeding than Nexstar?
  12. Ohio State football kills it in Columbus, Cleveland and Dayton for big games and bowl games. It also does pretty well in Toledo, Cincinnati and Huntington-Charleston. Rutgers may not do well, but if you are a big university and you win consistently, the stations that have those games make big money.
  13. Tell that to the Wolfe family. If you remember, they sold their radio stations for $35 million dollars. Before that, a comparably rated station went for $10 million. Big Ten college football makes good coin for stations. If you have Ohio State or Alabama, or even that A-/B+ tier of teams like Wisconsin and Michigan State, I would rather have that fan base than an NFL fan base.
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