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  1. Haven't seen this set up yet...Wonder if they will start using it for other newscasts. Looks like the space where the interview area is with the couches removed.
  2. Tonight at 6pm: Adam Kuperstein and Gilma Avalos are both in the studio... I could be wrong but, isn't this the first time since March that WNBC has had both anchors in the studio?
  3. Before WNBC, David was at WABC from 1993-2003.
  4. I've seen them do this since Monday at 4,5,6 and 11pm as well.
  5. Looks like Tina Fey is broadcasting live from studio 3K for the relief benefit special across all the local networks.
  6. Also on WNBC, Chuck Scarborough is co anchoring from his home with Natalie Pasquarella and Stefan Holt in the studio.
  7. Ok, who do we have our money on? Gilma Avalos? Jen Maxfield? Rana Novini? or someone from outside wnbc? With everything going on, they'll probably wait a little while to announce a replacement.
  8. I could see the 7pm newscast become permanent...but no way the hour long 11pm news stays...NBC is doing it to compete with ABC which temporarily moved Nightline back to 11:35.
  9. WNBC will also air a full hour at 11pm tonight since late night shows are in repeats.
  10. WNBC airing a 7pm newscast right now. Followed by another addition of Nightly News at 7:30.
  11. Another possibility could be: 11am and 5pm: David and Stacey 6pm: Chuck and Stacey 4pm, 7pm and 11pm: Stefan and Natalie
  12. Seems to me that "All Access" is probably on its way out and the other O&O's that air it will likely follow with a 7PM Newscast.
  13. I was thinking they were just doing this cause of the impeachment coverage. But if "All Access" does end, local news would be the most viable option.
  14. With the new "KidVid" rules now in effect and GMA expanding to two hours on Saturday starting Oct. 5th... When will the Today Show stop preempting parts of the Saturday broadcast and local news to accommodate Premier League Soccer?
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