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  1. I've noticed for the last 5-6 weeks that Adam Kuperstein has been off on Fridays and Gilma Avalos has been filling in while Adam still co anchors with Gilma on Saturdays. I wonder what the long term plan is.
  2. Also, Part of Phil's twitter bio says..."News Anchor/Reporter, working at WNBC in NYC.'
  3. Adam Kuperstein is anchoring with Gilma Avalos tonight.
  4. I'm assuming Phil is going to anchor weekend evenings. I wonder if it will be with Gilma or if they will move her to weekdays with Adam once Phil starts.
  5. Today is Stefan Holt's last day with WNBC
  6. Since David hasn't had a co anchor since Stacey Bell left back in March, I'm thinking that they may wait until the pandemic dies down a bit to announce a co anchor? Or if it's Gilma, they may leave her on weekends for now to hold down the broadcasts until they can hire a new anchor for weekends before they move her. It is strange they would announce only Adam and not a co a co anchor
  7. I wonder why they don't just build a bigger desk.
  8. Good for David! It's about time. Now that means 11am and 5pm are wide open. Wonder who it'll be. Maybe Adam and Gilma? Stay tuned.
  9. What's not to understand? He is a well liked anchor who has hinted he might like to return to NY. Was he "dumped?" I have not seen anyone say whether or not he was let go or left on his own. Since WNBC has an opening at 11pm, maybe he would consider it if David Ushery didn't want it and he was looking to return to NY and stay in the NBC family. Or maybe all of that is wrong. Just fun speculation, that's all.
  10. Interesting...Everyone thinking that Phil might return to WABC but I wonder if he left NBC10 Boston in part because NBC knew Stefan would be leaving? However I agree that while Phil would be a very good fit at 11pm, there's no reason the 11pm slot shouldn't go to David Ushery unless of course David doesn't want to work late nights, which I'd understand.
  11. I agree, this is shocking, especially how it seems to come out of nowhere. Wonder if this was partly Rob's decision? Also, you're right, how have they not hired a co-anchor for mornings yet?
  12. I'm surprised as well...I was thinking they were setting Stefan up to be the future of the station, but like you said it's a personal decision. With that being said here's the lineup I think wnbc should have/might have in the fall... 11am: Adam Kuperstein and Gilma Avalos 4pm: Natalie Pasquarella and Adam Kuperstein 5pm: David Ushery and Gilma Avalos 6pm: Chuck Scarborough and Natalie Pasquarella 11pm: David Ushery and Natalie Pasquarella ...and of course a new anchor(s) will have to be hired for weekend evenings. It's ti
  13. https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/tv/ct-ent-nbc-chicago-stefan-holt-returns-20200819-eyozln45dvcobbn4rjit7rmura-story.html
  14. https://www.chicagotribune.com/entertainment/tv/ct-ent-nbc-chicago-stefan-holt-returns-20200819-eyozln45dvcobbn4rjit7rmura-story.html

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