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  1. Sidebar: CNN’s “New Day” is in the dumps when it comes to ratings. I wonder how much longer until changes are made.
  2. No doubt the Networks saw the ratings for Thursday Night’s broadcast and decided to air Mondays hearing as well. It’ll be interesting to see the ratings for tomorrow’s coverage given the fact that it will be during the morning & a Monday AM at that. Maybe WNYW will decide to broadcast the hearings after Good Day NY
  3. Many FOX Affiliates will probably be in regular programming; although I suspect affiliates such as WTTG in Washington, D.C. may just provide their own coverage of the event.
  4. The revolving door continues at CBS 3. That station is used as a pit stop for Anchors/Reporters headed to National or NY, LA, Chicago. Not saying that’s the case with Lauren, but there are a lot of KYW alumni on National Networks.
  5. I can see that. He never looked happy while anchoring. His chemistry with his co anchor just wasn’t there. Im sure he’ll land on his feet somewhere else soon.
  6. I wish CNN would go back it’s Roots in Atlanta and back to the hard news format that made it a household name. When CNN moved majority of its shows to NY that was the beginning of the decline. It’s probably wishful thinking, But I would love to hear Live from “The CNN World Headquarters in Atlanta”
  7. I’ve felt WABC’s visual on air presentation feels very medium market. They could learn a thing or two from their sister station WPVI in Philly about in house graphic creation. KABC has the best on air visuals of any of the O&O’s Imo
  8. Give it to Kristen and or Peter and having the show based out of D.C. seems to be the easiest transition. But who knows with the Jen Psaki news today she maybe the eventual replacement for Craig.
  9. Robin would do well on a “Good Day LA” or KTLA Morning News format. She would be great at Fox 5 In NY on “Good Day NY”
  10. Wendy is definitely an institution in the DMV area. She will be sorely missed. But viewers will get one more week of laughs and personality from Wendy. Next question who’s her replacement? Shawn Yancy? Eun Yang? Im sure within the next year or two Doreen Gentzler will scale back and/or retire as well. So that will leave another opening on NBC4 weeknight newscasts.
  11. Add to that Jerricka Duncan. The times I’ve watched her on CBS Mornings she’s really good. Definitely should be in the running if/when Gail decides to leave. She, Tony, & Nate work well together. The reason Saturday Mornings on CBS does well is because of the team they have in place.
  12. WCAU studios being in the headquarters of Comcast gives them easier access to the execs. Rockefeller Plaza is no longer the center of all things NBC; therefore the prominence of ‘CAU has risen. It is the 4th largest market (Philadelphia) so that shouldn’t be surprising. Of course WNBC is the East Coast “Flagship” and KNBC is it’s West Coast Counterpart. But WCAU is definitely at the top of the NBC O&O’s food chain. The money poured into the station would definitely make it a contender for “flagship” lite.
  13. Knowing how Fox operates they normally look to promote from their other O&Os ; so it’ll be interesting to see if they pick a younger male talent from within the station group to replace Lori on GDNY. They really don’t have anyone in-house who can sit next to Rosanna.
  14. Interesting since WRC is running an ad claiming to be #1 Most Watched Local News.
  15. The DC market deserves a much better ABC Affiliate than 4th rated Sinclair’s WJLA. They’re bottom dwelling in the market. Especially considering it competes against WRC. Sad what WJLA has become since the sale.
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