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  1. She hadn’t even been at KPRC one year. I wonder if ratings were a factor. Seems like she was given a raw deal. Maybe her co-anchor needed to be changed.
  2. I think a good idea would be to run the 6pm broadcast for 1hr like WRC In DC Then run Nightly News at 7pm.
  3. KYW is becoming WGCL’s big brother with the turnover rate. It’s a shame for such a Distinguished station such as KYW. Hopefully the new leadership will turn the station around.
  4. You mean to tell me even with the “15 anchors/reporters” on GMW WJLA is pulling 0.0 ratings...color me shocked I wonder how the evening shows are doing rating wise. I remember ABC 7 won the 6pm a few books back. Sinclair has decimated WJLA.
  5. I wonder where Sharon will end up next??
  6. With Tamron Hall’s Talk show on ABC affiliates in the Top 10 markets hopefully it translates into rating success. With the ABC O&Os and now WSB carrying the show Things are starting off good for “Tamron”.
  7. Terrell did good on WNN. I can see him taking Kendis’ spot
  8. Wheel of fortune and Jeopardy are cash cows and ratings gold in many markets.
  9. She and Melissa probably worked out a deal that she’d work 12pm if Melissa would fill in at 11pm on Friday night. Another thing I noticed is that Sharrie Williams has been off all week except oddly she filled in for Monica @ 5pm on Thursday. Then was off again on Friday. Maybe a case of the anchors tryna use as much of their vacation time as possible as the year is almost finished
  10. Any numbers from NYC, Raleigh-Durham, DC, Atlanta?
  11. I think what’s working is the Combination of the Anchor teams and the on air graphic/set appearance. Hands down ‘CAU has the best news set in town. The station looks and operates as a market #4 station. *Take note CBS* When Jim Gardner retires I can see 10 overtaking 6 @ 11pm if they continue to play their cards right. Jim/Jacqueline are a good team. I’m just interested; does anyone know where KYW came in the ratings?
  12. Correct me if I’m wrong but even in the Raleigh Market WTVD the ABC o&o station is now number 1? WRAL switching to NBC seems to have lessen their powerhouse status. WRC In DC til this day is still a powerhouse NBC o&o; mainly due to the late Jim Vance & Doreen Gentzler, George Michael, Bob Ryan. WNBC (Chuck & Sue) & KNBC were powerhouse stations.
  13. WSB should’ve kept this theme longer.. it’s the signature theme for the station. In the same vain as: KABC, KTRK, WABC - eyewitness news WPVI- MCTYW
  14. They desperately need one. I actually like WCBS’ & WJZ news sets. CBS needs to start dumping a ton of money into KYW.
  15. WPVI/WCAU run a seasoned and older operation. Especially WPVI; the reason why they’re number one is because their anchors and reporters have been around forever. Even ‘PVI’s “young” talent is top notch. Same with NBC10. At KYW other than Ukee Washington and maybe Natasha Brown who there has been around longer than 5years? Talent comes and goes at that station. No real connection with the city and it’s residents. Unlike Action News where their Anchors are household names. There’s a reason why so many have abandoned ship at KYW. It’s a station you come to build your resume and add market 4 to your list of accomplishments; and then head National. This Ain’t some flyover market in Kansas. It’s a place where people should aspire to get to and WANT to stay long term. That’s how u build a successful station. By hiring people who find it an honor to be in Philadelphia. It’s a shame what has happened to CBS. Long gone are the likes of Walt Hunter, Pat C, Malcolm Poindexter, Trudy Hanes, Larry Kane, etc But that’s the business nowadays: Young, Pretty, & CHEAP.
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