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  1. Sam is pushing 60 and unless Ginger intends on leaving GMA in the next few years (which I don’t see happening) I highly doubt Sam will be going back to GMA permanently before he retires.
  2. According to this post he’s gonna be a fill-in anchor/reporter: https://newsblues.com/2019/05/17/an-anchor-resurfaces/
  3. Doubt he’s going to replace Bill Ritter at 6 & 11 as the late hours is one of the reasons he & his wife left KSHB in the first place. My guess gonna anchor at noon (replacing Shirleen who can focus on the morning shift) and reporting for the 4, 5 & 6 pm shows.
  4. Mike Marusarz who was most recently at NBC affiliate KSHB in Kansas City is joining WABC as anchor/reporter. He will go by Mike Marza a name he went by when he was at WSVN in Miami. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/5/17/bounced-kc-anchor-lands-in-the-big-apple
  5. King 5 anchor Lori Matsukawa announced today that she will be retiring after 36 years at KING. Her last day is June 14th. Morning anchor Joyce Taylor succeeds Lori as evening anchor beginning June 17th.
  6. Jummy Olabanji leaving WNBC heading to WRC: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/wnbc-reporter-and-anchor-heads-home-to-d-c/214243/
  7. FTVlive is saying Shon Gables is likely to get Sharon’s spot and that Tracye Hutchins would remain on mornings.
  8. I’m pretty sure it was their choice to leave. Doing 3 shows a night and I doubt they had a dinner break with enough time to go home and see their kids probably weighed on them. If they do find another gig I imagine it will be reasonable hours
  9. Married KSHB co-anchors Rhiannon Ally & Mike Marusarz stepping down from anchor desk; Christa Dubill & Kevin Holmes to replace them: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/married-co-anchors-mike-marusarz-and-rhiannon-ally-step-down-from-kshb-replacements-names/213809
  10. WPLG evening anchor Laurie Jennings stepping down from anchor desk next month: https://www.local10.com/station/local-10-s-laurie-jennings-to-step-down-from-anchor-desk-in-may
  11. He’s not replacing nobody. He’s an anchor from the alert desk so breaking news, information just coming in type of stories. Roxanne and Sheli are still the Main morning anchors.
  12. Dan Bowens named 6 & 10 pm weekend anchor effective immediately: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/hes-been-reporting-since-2010-now-dan-bowens-will-anchor-at-wnyw/213152
  13. Amanda isn’t returning to Boston. She and her family are staying in Seattle.
  14. King 5 7, 9 & 10 pm weeknight anchor Amanda Grace posted on Facebook that tonight is her last night at King 5. Says she’s stepping away from local television for a new opportunity.
  15. Shaina Humphries is joining WXTF as 6 & 11 pm anchor: https://www.adweek.com/tvspy/philly-newest-main-anchor-comes-from-iowa/211946
  16. Travis is Chief meteorologist while David is chief weathercaster as to why 2 chiefs who knows perhaps for severe weather etc they can tag team.
  17. David Tillman of KTRK moves from weekends to weekdays at 11 & 4 and is given title of Chief weathercaster. Rachel Briers presumably takes his weekend spot.
  18. They recently hired Rachel Briers who joined last month from last KWES. I had originally thought Collin would take over Elita’s old schedule of 11a, 3 & 4p until I saw his FB post. So wonder if Rachel will do 11a & 4p M-F and add the 3p on Monday’s & Tuesday’s? Or perhaps she takes David’s weekend slot and David is moved to weekdays?
  19. Collin posted on his fb that he will be doing the 3 pm show Wednesday thru Friday and continue to do weekend mornings. So Monday and Tuesday will be someone else.
  20. Kaity posted on FB that she will be back on the anchor desk this Saturday.
  21. Kala had her baby on Sunday a boy named Luca Jagger DiLorenzo
  22. Betty will probably be back Monday so likely she'll fill in for Kala from 4:30-6 in addition to her normal 6-9 schedule. Pretty much what Kala did when Betty was out did her normal 4:30-6 then filled in for Betty from 6-9.
  23. Behind a paywall but FTVlive is reporting that main anchor Jessica Dean is leaving the station and an announcement could be as soon as today.
  24. Per a Facebook video post Jessob Reisbeck is joining WJLA in Washington, DC as weekday morning co-anchor. He was most recently the morning anchor at WITI the Fox affiliate in Milwaukee.
  25. Not sure about Greg but Mark is definitely permanent at 11.
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