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  1. Loriana Hernandez former anchor at Fox owned station KBTC in Austin has been diagnosed with an aggressive from of leukemia while having blood work done as part of the process to have a second child via in-vitro : http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/former-ktbc-anchor-diagnosed-with-leukemia_b114085 Here's wishing her and her family the best and may she win this fight against this awful disease.
  2. Brandon Lee known as Brandon Rudat when he anchored at WGCL in Atlanta has joined KTVK in Phoenix. Will co-anchor the 4:30pm newscasts alongside Jaime Cerreta. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/brandon-lee-joins-ktvk-in-phoenix_b113570
  3. I missed it dang it how was he on his first day on the anchor desk?
  4. Walter Makaula made his debut on WFOR this morning : https://twitter.com/LissetteCBS4/status/423619364823519232/photo/1 Also Miami Fox Station WSVN has a new redesigned site as well : http://www.wsvn.com/
  5. Anyone know what happened with Liz Cho? She was on her normal time at 4 but then when the 6 PM show came on she wasn't there.
  6. Oops forgot about her too
  7. Kisha is what the 4th person to leave KOKH in less then a year. Liz Dueweke left in April to anchor the morning news on the ABC station in Seattle, Mark Taylor left not long after to anchor the news at some station (I forget which) in Denver, Jamie Cerreta left in August to anchor at 3TV in Phoenix now Kisha is leaving in March to join KMBC. Seems like the people at KOKH are dropping like flies.
  8. Not sure if she's doing the 11 all week. Thought it would be Liz as she was doing the 11 all week last week, then thought it would be Joe since he did the 5 but guess he's just in for her at 5. By the way anyone know when Sade is coming back on air?
  9. Diana Williams in for Sade at 11 this evening.
  10. Chris Lawrence joining WRC as weekend evening co-anchor from CNN: http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/chris-lawrence-joins-wrc-from-cnn_b112597
  11. TVspy doesn't have this story yet but Erika Tarantal joining WCVB in Boston from WNBC in New York. Last newcast at WNBC was last night, no word on what shows she will be anchoring at WCVB or if she will just be doing reporting.
  12. Wow same station former WABC weekend morning anchor Phil Lipof joined just last month. Wonder what shows she'll be anchoring.
  13. Christine Romans named new co-anchor of Early Start on CNN; Victor Blackwell and Christi Paul named co-anchors of New Day Weekend http://www.mediabistro.com/tvnewser/christine-romans-victor-blackwell-christi-paul-cnn_b209221
  14. That sucks I really liked Erika and thought she was an excellent anchor at WNBC. Thought she would at least have been permanent on noon and possibly 6 on weekdays until Sibila was brought in (Not that she isn't bad or anything) But after Sibila was brought it to me it seemed like Erika would do her normal weekend gig/weekday reporting deal, and would seldom fill in on the anchor desk during the week. Although for a few days I did notice she was filling in on the weekday versions of Today in NY. Whatever station Erika lands at in Boston I'm sure she will be a great addition.
  15. I remember Rhiannon doing that better show and Mike was I believe reporting for World News Now? Or something like that I can't recall. Wherever WFOR decides to put Rhiannon she'll be great no matter what.
  16. You know I never thought about the evening traffic part, I however was just using examples not considering the actual commute times etc. But if she did take the noon & 6 shift, at least she would be home at a reasonable hour.
  17. I read the threads but don't normally flip thru 53 pages of posts. I see Rhiannon doing the noon & 6 pm shows so it will at least mean she gets home at a decent time of the night and to at least have somewhat of the same schedule as her husbands. Currently he probably doesn't get home until after midnight and she's probably waking up for work around 2 in the morning. So if she were to do the noon & 6 her schedule would probably be 10 - 6:30, while her husbands is something like 2 - 11:30. This way with a new baby soon to be arriving for them one of them would at least be with the baby during the evening hours, while the other is at work. For the time frame that both are at work I can see them getting a sitter. If Rhiannon was do the noon & 6 her schedule would be something like this: 10a - 12:30p work 12:30p - 4:00p break 4:00p - 6:30p work so between let's say 1 & 3:30 she can be at home feeding her son relaxing researching other stories etc. 12:30 & 3:30 commute to/from home & work 6:30 commute home home by 7 If she were take the 5 & 11 PM shows then she would have an almost identical schedule to her husband 3:00p - 6:00p work 6:00p - 9:00p break 9:00p - 11:30p work between 6:30p & 8:30p at home taking care of her son, relaxing etc. 8:30p commute to work 9:00p - 11:30p work midnight back home.
  18. With Rhiannon soon to be going out on maternity leave (She's due end of January) WFOR should redo their promo for Walter and do something along the lines of "Catch Walter Makaula with Summer Knowles on CBS 4 News this morning beginning January 20th." Yes Rhiannon is the main morning anchor, but I'm guessing she'll be gone before Walter even makes his on air debut.
  19. WFOR livestreams all of their newscasts on the weekdays the 5 - 7a, the noon, the 5, 6 & 11p shows although the reception is cruddy. I believe they are the only ones who actually does.
  20. I can see that happening as that would mean Rhiannon and her husband would have at least somewhat the same schedule. Her husband is Mike Marza who currently co-anchors WSVN's 4 & 6:30 PM newscasts and reports for the 5, 6 10 & 11 newscasts.
  21. I would consider PIX11 the more fun station over like say WNBC, WABC, WCBS which are more serious stations. And who knows they are probably looking for someone. Why do they even need a sports anchor anyway just let a reporter read the sports or something.
  22. Just now noticed this, but was watching the 5 PM newscast, and Tom & Shiba were still sitting at the desk when they tossed to Chuck & Sibila who are sitting at a different desk. Is this something new for the 6 PM newscast?
  23. Well actually Rihannon isn't due until January or February of next year, and Lissette is due sometime in the spring. The only one who will be gone by christmas time is Natalia. As for filling in Summer is already there and I'm sure Marybel will fill in for Rihannon until she comes back, and someone else can do Lissettes duties when she leaves to go have her baby.
  24. Must be something in the water at the CBS stations because 3 of the ladies at WFOR the CBS station in Miami are pregnant. Rihannon Ally - Morning Anchor (5 months), Lissette Gonzalez - Morning Meteorologist (3 months) & Natalia Zea - Morning Reporter (6 months)
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