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  1. What would air at 2 then? Since Steve Harvey was canned.
  2. I think that’s a mistake because from what I’m reading Kelly’s show will air at 2 pm (Steve Harvey’s old time slot) Ellen will remain at 3. I doubt the 4 pm news is getting canceled.
  3. His last day is August 20th and likely won’t start at WNBC until sometime in September.
  4. Former PIX 11 morning reporter Lisa Mateo has joined CBS News as a reporter for CBS Newspath:
  5. She made the announcement on her social media pages.
  6. Unless Ginger intends on leaving GMA in the near future and Sam wants to work till he’s 80 I highly doubt he will return to GMA on a permanent basis before he retires.
  7. Option B is most likely what is going to happen with someone new taking over Rafael spot on weekend mornings.
  8. I’d say it would be a toss up between Rafael & Erica to get the Weekday morning spot.
  9. Yes if you click each of their names you’ll see all 5 accounts were created roughly the same time with all similar posts.
  10. Calm down there. David is working Stefan’s shifts while he is out on paternity leave. Jummy is filling in for Natalie this week and Stacey was on her normal shift. When Natalie goes on leave later this fall Stacey will once again fill in for Natalie at 4, 6 & 11 pm in addition to 5 pm duties. Likely a rotation of fill in anchors will co-anchor with David at 11 am while Stacey is on evening duties.
  11. Sam is pushing 60 and unless Ginger intends on leaving GMA in the next few years (which I don’t see happening) I highly doubt Sam will be going back to GMA permanently before he retires.
  12. According to this post he’s gonna be a fill-in anchor/reporter: https://newsblues.com/2019/05/17/an-anchor-resurfaces/
  13. Doubt he’s going to replace Bill Ritter at 6 & 11 as the late hours is one of the reasons he & his wife left KSHB in the first place. My guess gonna anchor at noon (replacing Shirleen who can focus on the morning shift) and reporting for the 4, 5 & 6 pm shows.
  14. Mike Marusarz who was most recently at NBC affiliate KSHB in Kansas City is joining WABC as anchor/reporter. He will go by Mike Marza a name he went by when he was at WSVN in Miami. https://www.ftvlive.com/sqsp-test/2019/5/17/bounced-kc-anchor-lands-in-the-big-apple
  15. King 5 anchor Lori Matsukawa announced today that she will be retiring after 36 years at KING. Her last day is June 14th. Morning anchor Joyce Taylor succeeds Lori as evening anchor beginning June 17th.
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