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    Citadel is selling most of their stations...sans WLNE, KLKN and a low-powered station in Sarasota to Nexstar...and Stainless is selling their Binghamton stations to Mission...


    This will make it even more interesting if Nexstar buys Granite, because all five major network affiliations in Binghamton would be controlled by one company, similar to what would happen in Peoria.

  2. New M&A Tonight. This time it involves NBC.


    NBC appears to be buying Rio Grande's Telemundo affiliate KTLM from Larry Patrick's Sunbelt Multimedia for $8.5M.

    This sale makes sense in a way, since this station has been in receivership for over a year and the Rio Grande Valley has a large hispanic population. But most Telemundo O&O's are located in top 50 markets, and the networks have been divesting smaller-market stations in recent years, so i'm not sure why NBC would want a station in such a small market.


    I think WSYR went with Aerial* by Stephen Arnold Music for their newscast and WIVT on another hand needs an serious overhaul on its graphics because they were made in the late 1990's.

    *indicated Aerial is being used by Kansas First News in Topeka, Kansas.


    They'll probably update the graphics once they reach a deal to acquire the Granite stations and they consolidate WIVT's operations into the WBNG facility.

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