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  1. That will be the first CW affiliate for Gannett, before the Belo deal.
  2. Cowles could actually purchase Beartooth NBC outright, since the Max Media station in Helena is a low-powered station.
  3. Max Media also operates WPFO in Portland, Maine and WMEI in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. Those two stations are owned by Corporate Media Consultants Group, which is 49% owned by Max Media. If Max Media wants to sell it's remaining properties, here are my predictions: WNKY: Excalibur Broadcasting (the new shell formed by Gray for KJCT). WPFO: Cunningham Broadcasting or Deerfield Media (since Sinclair's WGME already produces newscasts for WPFO). WMEI: Unsure, maybe a speculator (Puerto Rico does have a lot of stations, so it could definitely free up some space on the airwaves for the wir
  4. The FCC has released a shutdown plan in case the House and Senate remain deadlocked on the budget and the government is forced to shut down.
  5. The Santa Maria Times reports that Cowles will retain KCOY for now but that there will be a shared services agreement.
  6. Fox has renewed MyNetworkTV through 2016. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/70539/fox-stations-reup-mnt-through-2016
  7. This will make it even more interesting if Nexstar buys Granite, because all five major network affiliations in Binghamton would be controlled by one company, similar to what would happen in Peoria.
  8. This sale makes sense in a way, since this station has been in receivership for over a year and the Rio Grande Valley has a large hispanic population. But most Telemundo O&O's are located in top 50 markets, and the networks have been divesting smaller-market stations in recent years, so i'm not sure why NBC would want a station in such a small market.
  9. Lockwood appears to be starting to make some changes at WSKY, even though it hasn't completed the sale yet. It has named John Cochrane as general manager. He was previously the general sales manager at WCSC in Charleston, SC and director of sales at WAVY and WVBT in Hampton Roads, VA. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/70350/john-cochrane-named-gm-of-wsky
  10. They have also granted the KGWN/KSTF application.
  11. She will be a morning anchor at KMGH. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/kellie-patterson-to-join-kmgh-in-denver-as-morning-anchor_b102714
  12. They'll probably update the graphics once they reach a deal to acquire the Granite stations and they consolidate WIVT's operations into the WBNG facility.

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