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  1. There are still a few Nexstar stations that don't have in-house news departments, among them: KSVI/KHMT WNTZ KASW WCWJ KWKT (Although Nexstar has announced plans to launch a news department) WLAX/WEUX
  2. WTGS will be starting its own news operation this June. https://changingnewscasts.wordpress.com/2016/04/04/wtgs-starting-own-news-operation-thanks-sinclair/
  3. The FCC approved TEGNA's purchase of the Sander stations yesterday.
  4. It's because under the rules, Sinclair can only provide up to 15% of WPMI's and WJTC's programming without being deemed to hold an "attributable" interest in WPMI and WJTC. If Sinclair held an "attributable" interest in them, they would exceed the ownership cap due to already owning WEAR and WFGX. However, the Wikipedia article is incorrect in saying that there is a limit on how much news a company can air in a market because it's really a limit on how much programming Sinclair can provide to WPMI and WJTC.
  5. The interesting thing is, WDSI and WFLI weren't even included in Sinclair's original deal to acquire the other New Age Media stations.
  6. Gray also owns two other LPTVs in Casper, K16JI-D and K18JQ-D. I wonder if a deal for KGWC would involve KTWO and KFNB as well, since KGWC's owner has close ties to the owners of KTWO and KFNB and KGWC operates out of KTWO's studios. In Rapid City, KNBN seems like the most likely to be bought by Gray and moved to KIVN. A deal for KNBN would also get them KWBH-LP (CW), and MyNetworkTV on KNBN's third subchannel. KNBN's owner also has KKRA-LP, which had aired MyNetworkTV until it began simulcasting KNBN in 2009, and K40GS-D, which simulcasts KNBN to the Lead area. As for Augusta, they
  7. WABC has also done this on weekends since 2012.
  8. The FCC actually does count foreign stations for ownership rule purposes if Nielsen lists any as being in the market. For instance, Scripps was allowed to buy WMYD to form a duopoly with with WXYZ because the CBC's CBET was listed as being in the Detroit market and provided the 8th station that Scripps needed to form a duopoly.
  9. If you scroll down to the bottom of the page, there's a logo that's different from the one they currently use. Maybe a sign of things to come? I'm sure Sinclair is working on something for them right now.
  10. KLAS has gotten a new website at LasVegasNow.com
  11. Big changes are coming to two former ComCorp stations July 1st. In Lafayette, KLAF will become an NBC Affiliate, while MyNetworkTV will move to the DT3 subchannel of KADN. KLAF will also have local news by early 2016. And in Waco, KYLE will split off from KWKT and become a MyNetworkTV affiliate.
  12. It looks like this is the new Nexstar website design, as discussed here a few months ago. Congratulations Nexstar, you actually made a decent looking website for once!
  13. It looks like WHAM and WUHF have also switched to the new graphics package.
  14. They couldn't. Even if the WEVV sale had gone through and it and WEHT shut down (which would have been the most likely scenario, since WTVW has the strongest signal of the three (1000 kW, UHF 28)), there is no way they could have put ABC, CBS, FOX, The CW, and Bounce TV on one signal without a big loss in picture quality. They could maybe do one 720p channel, but otherwise it would have to be crappy standard-def. WEVV does have a repeater in Evansville that broadcasts its FOX subchannel in HD, but as with any LPTV signal, it takes a good antenna to pick it up outside the immediate Ev
  15. Deborah Collura has been named the general manager of Gannett's WCNC Charlotte. Collura was previously vice president of news at KPRC Houston. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/deborah-collura-named-gm-of-wcnc_b120361
  16. Raycom has cancelled "America Now" after four seasons. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/74216/raycom-says-no-more-america-now
  17. Fox has cancelled "The X Factor" after three seasons. http://www.deadline.com/2014/02/x-factor-cancelled-fox-simon-cowell/
  18. Chrys Peterson is leaving WTOL after 20 years. Her final newscast will be February 28th. http://www.mediabistro.com/tvspy/chrys-peterson-signs-off-from-wtol_b112310
  19. TVNewsCheck is reporting that Nexstar has agreed to purchase the two stations in Panama City and Grand Junction that are being spun off by Gray in the Hoak deal.
  20. CNBC is reporting that Comcast is exploring a bid for Time Warner Cable should TWC choose to sell.
  21. TVNewsCheck is reporting that Excalibur Broadcasting has agreed to purchase WQCW in Charleston, WV from Lockwood Broadcasting and will enter into an SSA with Gray's WSAZ. Maybe Gray can produce a decent newscast on WQCW,
  22. ABC has signed an affiliation agreement with Gray to make KGNS-DT2 the ABC affiliate for Laredo, TX beginning in February 2014. No word yet on what happens to The CW, which currently occupies KGNS-DT2. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/71776/gray-to-air-abc-on-kgns-subchannel
  23. Tom Wheeler has been confirmed as the new chairman of the FCC. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/article/71597/tom-wheeler-confirmed-as-next-fcc-chair
  24. One other thing to note is that Palm Springs is in close proximity to Los Angeles which results in all of the stations in the market except KESQ and KMIR being low-power to avoid interfering with the LA stations. And that, combined with the area's mountainous terrain, results in Palm Springs having a relatively high cable penetration (80.5% according to Wikipedia). So one other possibility is NPG decides to join the party and sells KESQ and its sister stations to a speculator and Palm Springs gets merged into the LA market. But then again, we'll have to see what happens to KMIR post-auction.
  25. Broadcasting & Cable is reporting that Michael Dell's OTA Broadcasting has agreed to buy Journal's KMIR and KPSE in Palm Springs. Not sure what this means for its future, since OTA Broadcasting is believed to be a spectrum speculator. And KPSE, as a low-power station, isn't allowed to participate in the incentive auctions.

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