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  1. Yeah, the NPRM that CircleSeven linked to above talks about some of KYES' problems, including that they currently use a repurposed analog antenna that the previous owner built himself! If you want an even better idea of what their current facilities are like, just check out this DTV Transition Report that was filed back in 2008 (especially Exhibit 2!). As for full-power stations sharing with Class A stations, full-power stations that sold spectrum and choose to share with a Class A station keep all of the benefits of a full-power license (including must-carry), except that they will be li
  2. And because of this, WWTO will be changing its community of license to Naperville, IL, and WTBY will be changing its community of license to Jersey City, NJ.
  3. In section 5.1(b) of the asset purchase agreement, it says they plan to seek a waiver. As for what Gray will do with WFXU, they'll probably use it for WCTV's MNTV subchannel. They really don't have any other option since WTXL certainly will stay with ABC, and WTWC and WTLF are probably bundled in with Sinclair's other Fox, NBC and CW affiliates.
  4. Looking at the repack map on RabbitEars, a move of WUNI to the CBS Tower could be possible. The only stations that WUNI could possibly interfere with are NHPTV's WEKW (moving to 18) and WBZ (moving to 20). In fact, it might actually be a better arrangement than WUNI remaining at its current site because it would be co-located with WBZ, virtually eliminating the interference between them, and it would reduce the interference between WUNI and WEKW because it would be moving farther away from them. The closest channel 19 station would be Ion's WYPX in Albany, which wouldn't even come close to int
  5. Yes, since WMUR is the only station primarily covering New Hampshire.
  6. Actually, they aren't going to lose that much coverage, since WIFR currently operates at 100 kw, which provides a coverage area not that much larger than a 15 kw LPTV. In fact, here's a RabbitEars map showing the coverage areas of WIFR and what will presumably become WIFR-LD. As you can see, WIFR will only lose coverage in the outlying areas of the market.
  7. Some news out of North Carolina. Lockwood sold WCWG's spectrum in the auction and it has now been revealed that it will share with WXII, and from looking at the agreement, it looks like they are also entering into an SSA with Hearst.
  8. It also gave AT&T and Time Warner a way to avoid an FCC review of their merger because WPCH was the only significant FCC license held by Time Warner.
  9. WBIN isn't completely shutting down. The reverse auction winning bids list says that WBIN indicated an intent to channel-share, apparently with WUTF.
  10. It's probably just speculation based on this article.
  11. Some spectrum auction news out of California. LocusPoint and the San Mateo County Community College District, the owner of KCSM in San Mateo, have filed lawsuits against each other over the failed sale of KCSM in the auction. http://current.org/2017/04/kcsm-licensee-and-spectrum-speculator-trade-lawsuits-over-failed-fcc-auction-bid/
  12. It's due to the technical constraints the FCC has for the repack, in particular the protection of co-channel and adjacent channel stations.
  13. They could, but it might require changing the RF channel because WWDP is sandwiched in-between many co-channel and adjacent channel stations, most notably WTNH (RF 10).
  14. I think NBC would be better off buying WBPX than WWDP, because WWDP has probably the worst signal of any full power station in Boston, with only 5kw on VHF 10, and it has a transmitter is located farther south than the other Boston stations. WBPX, on the other hand, has strong UHF signal that is co-located with the other Boston stations.
  15. Some stations finalized channel-share agreements prior to the auction, but others did not, and will have to enter into agreements prior to the deadline for stations that elected to channel-share to vacate their pre-auction channels. If they don't, they would have to turn in their license.
  16. At least one will be sharing its channel. KOCE sold it's spectrum in the auctiuon and will share on NRJ's KSCI.
  17. WFMZ's owner is in the process of acquiring KJWP, but that deal has been pending at the FCC for over a year now (probably because the deal is contingent on the incentive auction). EDIT: TVNewsCheck has an article about NBC selling the spectrum of WNBC, WSNS and WWSI. NBC said that WNJU, WMAQ and WCAU provide "superior coverage".
  18. Yes, if they channel-share, WIVB and WNLO would continue to be separately licensed stations and would continue to map to 4 and 23, respectively. But they would both broadcast on WNLO's RF channel.
  19. KOFY is actually channel-sharing. If a station that is listed as going off-air is listed with "Yes" in the "Post-Auction CSA" column, that means it is channel-sharing, and not leaving the air. Same goes for the ex-Media General stations, the NBC & Telemundo O&Os, the TBN stations and most other stations that were sold.
  20. TVNewsCheck reports that Max Media is selling WNKY to Marquee Broadcasting.
  21. Yeah, after the clearing cost (the total amount the FCC pays to the stations that sell their spectrum) was $86 Billion in Stage 1 of the auction, the clearing cost in Stage 4 of the auction is only $10 Billion. So Nexstar is probably better off keeping KRON, since they aren't going to get as much money as they originally thought.
  22. BREAKING: The FCC has approved the Nexstar/Media General merger.
  23. NBC elected retransmission consent for WNEU on Charter's systems, so Charter is not required to carry it. Also, even if they elected must-carry, it only applies to a station's primary channel (in WNEU's case, 60.1). They could require carriage of NBC Boston as part of a retransmission consent agreement for carriage of other NBC O&O's and NBC's cable channels, but that would only happen after NBC's current agreement with Charter expires.
  24. It is apparently mapping to 60, according to the RadioInsight forums.
  25. KNPG-LD is currently the Telemundo affiliate for St. Joseph, but channel 21, the channel the article says the new NBC affiliate will be on, is currently KBJO-LD with The CW. This must mean they will move the KNPG-LD callsign over to channel 21.

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