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  1. 2 questions.


    1. Why would KGMB or KHNL be sold? Gray owns no other stations in the market, so why would a station be spun? If Gray get's legally absorbed into into Raycom, doesn't the legal standing (I assume the duopoly of KGMB and KHNL was developed under a failing station waiver) still abide?


    2. Couldn't WSWG's new owner, like Nexstar, just develop an SSA to keep WALB and WSWG under the same roof with WCTV and continue the larger CBS EWN brand across multiple markets? Why develop new news and sales infrastructure costs when you don't have to?


    1. KGMB and KHNL may both be in the top four, requiring a divestiture. KGMB swapped licenses with KFVE (which wasn't in the top four) in 2009 to form the duopoly with KHNL. Gray shareholders will control 89 percent of the merged company, causing the merger (for the purposes of the Raycom stations) to be classified as a "substantial" (50 percent or greater) of control under FCC rules, requiring a reevaluation of compliance with ownership rules.


    2. That may raise an issue with the DOJ, since it would result in an increase in Gray's market share and they have control over three out of the four major network affiliations in Albany.

  2. Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't WPTZ the only Hearst-owned station that's still in that 16:9 widescreen format?


    IIRC, WMTW is still in 16:9 SD as well. There may also be a few other Hearst stations still not in HD.

  3. At least with WDLI, this means that they're going away for good. Ion is getting the license and the ability to take back WVPX to themselves, essentially.....unless they want to air even MORE Ion subchannels on zombie station WDLI!?!?!?!?


    Had the auction not happened, I bet WDLI and other TBN's would have sold out, eventually. The only beneficiary of the proceeds is the bankrupt owners of TBN probably throwing the money at their debtors.....


    They'll probably just use WDLI for Ion Life, just like WLWC.

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  4. Could KFOR had chosen to decline the request to air the ad and if so what would be the consequences from the FCC for not airing the ad?


    For ads run by candidates themselves, FCC rules require stations to accept those ads if they make time available to at least one candidate in the election. If it was a third-party ad (like a Super PAC ad), the station could decline to air it, but in this case they have to accept it.


    If a station fails to comply with the rules for candidate-run ads, the candidate could file a complaint with the FCC and they could issue a ruling requiring the station to run the ad or the station could get fined.

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  5. The deal was greenlighted on a SUNDAY?!!! (4/22).


    Might be a mistake since the FCC website says there was an amendment to the application submitted on the 26th, after it was supposedly granted. They might have approved it sometime this week but put the wrong date somehow.

  6. I'm getting back on-topic now...


    WNVC and WNVT Channel 30 are scheduled to go off-air April 1st. MHz Worldview will remain on cable in D.C., but the OTA signals and the international news networks carried on the subchannels are scheduled to go off air as well.




    WNVC and WNVT are going to be channel-sharing with WHTJ and WCVE, respectively.

  7. As reported, Telemundo completed its acquisition of all ZGS Communications' TV properties.



    Now with ZGS finally sold its only radio property:



    you can officially say



    Not quite. They still have to transfer the Raleigh and Providence stations to NBC, which they have to enter into channel-sharing agreements for. After that though, ZGS will be officially gone.

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  8. The FCC is planning to fine Sinclair $13.3 million for failing to disclose that "news stories" about the Huntsman Cancer Institute were actually paid advertisements.




    UPDATE: The FCC has officially issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) to Sinclair.

  9. Is that even legal? Could Hearst sue them for trademark laws?


    They could. For example, a few years ago CBS went after a radio station with the callsign WWBZ and referred to itself as "WBZ" on air.

  10. As per WPXT’s Wikipedia page, Ironwood is in the process of selling WPXT to Sincair, which would pair it up with WGME & WPFO, but there was no citation or other sources.


    It was originally posted by an IP address editor, so it may be false.

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  11. Is WPXT going with it? Or is WPME going alone?


    More importantly, if its the latter then what happens? Does My Network simply go to a WPXT subchannel?


    The purchase agreement says that the sale does not include WPME's existing programming contracts and that Ion will have to change WPME's call sign, so it seems that MyNetworkTV will be moving to a WPXT subchannel. Interestingly, there's also an SSA in which Ironwood will continue to provide Technical services to WPME after the sale.


    EDIT: According to Wikipedia, WPME is already carrying Ion on 35.2, so that will probably just move to 35.1 after the sale.

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  12. Are you sure that what they're going to do? Because WCGV said their VC will be 24.1 post-frequency switch.



    It was pretty clear when they first said it on the paperwork back in the summer. But right now, I'm not sure if they'll follow through with it. If WCGV keep their 24.1 VC, then that would constitute as two licenses on one frequency, assuming they'll share with 18. And who knows, DOJ might tell them to divest one station in Milwaukee. You may never know.


    Sinclair didn't file a channel-sharing agreement for WCGV by the November 24th deadline, nor did it file for a Legal STA to extend the deadline.


    If WCGV does still use 24.1 after it begins Broadcasting on WVTV's spectrum, it would be similar to a situation in Louisville, where WBKI sold its spectrum and went off air, with The CW now on a WMYO subchannel that maps to WBKI's former 34.1.

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  13. I would think it would keep the 24.1 VC, as it is a separate license. As a separate license, they can require must carry or perhaps better retans consent, vs. a secondary channel on a separate license...




    Sinclair plans to surrender WCGV's license completely due to the Tribune acquisition so it can retain WITI along with WVTV.

  14. The Nexstar website names will always live on stations with consolidated news departments.


    BigCountryHomepage.com for KTAB and KRBC.


    There's no way they could be separated.


    Actually, those could be separated for since the newscasts are separately branded, just like many other duopolies with separate newscasts have separate websites. As I mentioned previously, Nexstar already has a similar situation in Little Rock with KLRT having a separate website.

  15. Most reports say Disney (or Comcast if they end up winning) will only get movie and TV production studios, FX and NG channels, Fox share of Sky TV and Star Channel in India (not sure about rest of Asia). No mention of the regional sports stations are included, and considering they would keep their O&Os, I doubt it. Considering the sports stations have been sold over and over several times whether it be sportschannel to fox, or Yes etc, who knows what will happen. They regionals were originally established as a means to get national reach to compete with ESPN, before they converted Speed Channel to FS1 (which isn't very good).


    The CNBC article says it would include the RSNs, which I find surprising because I think the DOJ would be very concerned about a large amount of sports rights being in the hands of one company.

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  16. The KIEM deal was closed on Friday. And KVIQ has changed its calls to KJRW.


    Not sure where Brady will place the KVIQ calls, since they did acquire some LPs with the KIEM purchase.


    According to the FCC Database, the KVIQ calls have been moved to an LPTV formerly known as K10FS.

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  17. Maybe someone at Nexstar finally realized giving their stations' websites random names that don't really connect with the station itself is stupid, and are now "finally" trying to fix that mistake. Hopefully this means the end is nigh for sites like arkansasmatters.com and ozarksfirst.com.


    In Little Rock, they already have a separate website for KLRT at fox16.com carried over from Newport. So hopefully at some point they'll change arkansasmatters.com to KARK.com or something tied to KARK.

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  18. Are Sinclair must runs insterted into newscasts that are produced by 3rd parties ? (Like WRLH, KSAS, WDKY, etc)


    I don't think they have any during the newscasts themselves, although they might still have to air the Mark Hyman commentaries either during a commercial break or following the newscasts. For example, according to Wikipedia WSMH, after having its newscasts taken over by WNEM in 2006 (WEYI took it over two years ago), continued to air The Point after the newscasts until it was discontinued.

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