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  1. It would probably continue. Since ESPN owns and operates it, they probably wouldn't have any problem finding a new sponsor.
  2. WUTB is channel-sharing with WBFF, according to Rabbitears, but apparently it no longer airs MyNetworkTV. According to WUTB's Q1 Children's TV Report, it currently airs TBD. Section 73.1201(b) of the FCC rules, which deals with station identification, has this part about the content of station IDs: So "WBFF 45.2 Baltimore" would be a compliant ID, but "WBFF.2 Baltimore" is not.
  3. There are a few LPTVs in Valdosta, but it might be better for Gray to acquire an LPTV in Albany (of which there are several), because Valdosta is technically in the Tallahassee market (even though WSWG serves as the CBS affiliate for Albany), and it already gets a strong signal from WCTV.
  4. 1. KGMB and KHNL may both be in the top four, requiring a divestiture. KGMB swapped licenses with KFVE (which wasn't in the top four) in 2009 to form the duopoly with KHNL. Gray shareholders will control 89 percent of the merged company, causing the merger (for the purposes of the Raycom stations) to be classified as a "substantial" (50 percent or greater) of control under FCC rules, requiring a reevaluation of compliance with ownership rules. 2. That may raise an issue with the DOJ, since it would result in an increase in Gray's market share and they have control over three out of the fo
  5. IIRC, WMTW is still in 16:9 SD as well. There may also be a few other Hearst stations still not in HD.
  6. Comcast would become one of the world's most indebted companies if it is successful in buying 21st Century Fox. http://money.cnn.com/2018/06/18/media/comcast-fox-debt-disney/index.html
  7. They'll probably just use WDLI for Ion Life, just like WLWC.
  8. In a rare move, The FCC has extended the deadline for filing petitions to deny the application to July 9th.
  9. For ads run by candidates themselves, FCC rules require stations to accept those ads if they make time available to at least one candidate in the election. If it was a third-party ad (like a Super PAC ad), the station could decline to air it, but in this case they have to accept it. If a station fails to comply with the rules for candidate-run ads, the candidate could file a complaint with the FCC and they could issue a ruling requiring the station to run the ad or the station could get fined.
  10. Gray is buying KDLT from Red River Broadcasting for $32.5 million. This will give them a duopoly with KSFY in Sioux Falls. http://www.tvnewscheck.com/mobile/index/article/id/113255
  11. Might be a mistake since the FCC website says there was an amendment to the application submitted on the 26th, after it was supposedly granted. They might have approved it sometime this week but put the wrong date somehow.
  12. KLAS could probably get by with its current URL, since LasVegasNow.com has at least some tie-in with the "8 News Now" branding.
  13. WNVC and WNVT are going to be channel-sharing with WHTJ and WCVE, respectively.
  14. They also changed the website URL to CBS17.com, instead of one of Nexstar's portal-style URLs.
  15. Not quite. They still have to transfer the Raleigh and Providence stations to NBC, which they have to enter into channel-sharing agreements for. After that though, ZGS will be officially gone.
  16. UPDATE: The FCC has officially issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (NAL) to Sinclair.
  17. They could. For example, a few years ago CBS went after a radio station with the callsign WWBZ and referred to itself as "WBZ" on air.
  18. The FCC is planning to fine Sinclair $13.3 million for failing to disclose that "news stories" about the Huntsman Cancer Institute were actually paid advertisements. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-sinclair-fcc-exclusive/exclusive-fcc-plans-to-fine-sinclair-13-3-million-over-undisclosed-commercials-idUSKBN1E92C7
  19. It was originally posted by an IP address editor, so it may be false.
  20. The purchase agreement says that the sale does not include WPME's existing programming contracts and that Ion will have to change WPME's call sign, so it seems that MyNetworkTV will be moving to a WPXT subchannel. Interestingly, there's also an SSA in which Ironwood will continue to provide Technical services to WPME after the sale. EDIT: According to Wikipedia, WPME is already carrying Ion on 35.2, so that will probably just move to 35.1 after the sale.
  21. Sinclair didn't file a channel-sharing agreement for WCGV by the November 24th deadline, nor did it file for a Legal STA to extend the deadline. If WCGV does still use 24.1 after it begins Broadcasting on WVTV's spectrum, it would be similar to a situation in Louisville, where WBKI sold its spectrum and went off air, with The CW now on a WMYO subchannel that maps to WBKI's former 34.1.
  22. Sinclair plans to surrender WCGV's license completely due to the Tribune acquisition so it can retain WITI along with WVTV.
  23. Actually, those could be separated for since the newscasts are separately branded, just like many other duopolies with separate newscasts have separate websites. As I mentioned previously, Nexstar already has a similar situation in Little Rock with KLRT having a separate website.
  24. The CNBC article says it would include the RSNs, which I find surprising because I think the DOJ would be very concerned about a large amount of sports rights being in the hands of one company.
  25. According to the FCC Database, the KVIQ calls have been moved to an LPTV formerly known as K10FS.

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